Thailand Gap Year Trips

Tropical beaches?  Island paradises with group travellers?  Amazing adventures? Welcome to the trip of a lifetime! The ultimate destination for your bucket list!

If you love beaches, nature, adventure and a healthy dose of partying, then these are the trips you NEED in your life.

Amazing value, and perfect for first-time or solo travellers, you´ll instantly make a bunch of new friends in your travel group who will share amazing travel experiences with you.

Experienced traveller?  Then get ready to experience the only way to travel.  From the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, to the remote hidden beaches and islands made famous by legend and movies our trips really deliver the best experiences with out blowing your travel budget.

Our Thailand trips are perfect combine with other journeys in Laos, Bali Cambodia and Vietnam so ask us to put together a custom itinerary for you.


What could you do in the Land of Smiles?

We absolutely love Thailand and rate it as one of our personal favourite destinations, so we wanted to get you as excited about Thailand as we are.

Whether it’s world-famous beaches and islands, sacred temples and rich culture or epic nightlife that you’re searching for, you’ll find it all here in Thailand, the land of smiles! It really is the ultimate travel destination on every adventurers’ bucket-list! Thailand is what gap-year dreams are made of!

Beach Perfection

Dig your toes into the white sand, feel the tropical heat on your skin and sip on a fresh coconut in your own personal paradise. Thailand’s incredible beaches are beyond stunning! See for yourself with these amazing pictures!

World-Famous Nightlife

Thumping Bangkok nightclubs, small island beach parties and awesome Full Moon madness; you’ll never be stuck for nightly entertainment in the world capital of FUN! Get the low-down on the night-time craziness here!

Mouth-Watering Food

Who doesn’t love Thai food? Live every foodies dream with cheap eats, tasty market grub and awesome restaurants to suit every budget! Check out this first-hand account, straight from the center of a Bangkok market!

Markets, Monks & Mystery

Thailand’s fascinating culture blends a rich religious tradition with beautiful, ancient customs and a peaceful energy. Find out how you can become part of the intriguing culture here!

Want to find out how else you can spend your time in Thailand? Take a look at these inspiring reviews from other travelers to Thailand!

Amazing experiences in Thailand!

Thailand is full of amazing opportunities for fun, adventure and learning. Not only can you explore one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in the world, but you can do it while learning a new skill, like Muay Thai or FreeDiving! For something more relaxing, discover the gorgeous beaches or explore the islands on bike, boat, or even by elephant! Thailand is synonymous with adventure and life-changing experiences. Find out which one is awaiting you…

Can’t decide which ones for you? Then go all in with an Xtreme Thailand Experience!

Where can you go?

Nestled comfortably between Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Burma, Thailand is in the perfect location for extending your travels to other countries. Following the famous South East Asia backpacker trail through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam is a true right of passage for many gap-year travelers!

Don’t forget you can easily connect to hundreds of other countries from Bangkok’s International Airport so the world is your oyster!

Live your travel dreams on your Thailand gap year

Traveling to Thailand is the perfect way to make your personal travel dreams come true! Thailand blends the perfect mix of exoticism, with that welcoming vibe that people love so much! In Thailand, you can see the world from another perspective, without feeling like you are so far away from home! No matter what type of adventure you choose, you’ll make tons of new friends, have life-changing experiences and make your travel dreams come true in the land of smiles!

What could you be doing on your Thailand gap year right now

Thailand can be so much more than white sand beaches and palm trees, though they’re pretty awesome too!

Did you know you can learn a new skill, do a course or earn money while in Thailand? How would you like to become a qualified diver, take part in an intense fitness bootcamp, teach English or become an underwater filmmaker, all while living in a tropical paradise?

Get the most out of your trip with these amazing experiences and learn new skills to last a lifetime!

Check out the full list of amazing activities and adventures that you could be part of on your trip to Thailand:

  • Explore the underwater world and get certified with our Divemaster courses.
  • Keep active and learn new, exciting Sports while you’re there.
  • Let us guide you to the best spots in Thailand with our Xplorer Trip.
  • Learn & Develop new skills like surfing, rock-climbing or martial arts.
  • Thailand is famous for its Epic Parties, so join the fun now!
  • Group Gap Travel is a great way to make new friends and have fun.
  • Go Diving in one of the best diving locations in the world.
  • Amazing Adventure Travel awaits with these epic adventures
  • Visit Thailand as part of your adverture Around the World!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie (like us!), looking for a fun challenge or you want to help make a difference in Thailand through conservation projects, then Xtreme Gap Year can sort you out!

You can choose from an amazing range of diving activities, like becoming a PADI certified diving instructor or a paid underwater filmmaker!

Help save Thailand’s elephants by volunteering in one of the most beautiful parts of the country or share your knowledge with the youth of the country by teaching English.

Fancy yourself as the next fighting champion? Why not step into the ring during your trip with an intense Muay Thai training course, or get your body bikini-ready with our awesome health and fitness bootcamps!

There’s so much that you can do during your trip to Thailand to make it extra memorable, enjoyable and fun! But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg…

Interesting Fact: Did you know 85% of our travellers travel solo? 

Don’t let not having a travel buddy put you off! You’ll meet loads of friends in our group trips and you can even get to know each other before leaving in our online buddy chat system!

Do you have a question about your trip to Thailand? There’s a simple way to make sure you have all the information you need before booking your trip – simply ask us!

Whether you’ve got a question about money, visas, accommodation, insurance or safety, we have all the answers! We’ve been all over the world and created all of our trips from experience, so we can provide you with all the details and insider tips!

No question is too big or small, silly or serious, just try us!

In the meantime, check out our blog and our Youtube channel to get a sense of what it’s like to travel with Xtreme Gap Year! You can even check this awesome video from one of our Thailands trips!


Click here to see more videos about what is on offer in Thailand


Thailand Adrenaline Travel.

Adrenaline travel in a group, stunning beaches or sublime culture, Thailand has something for you. Join the adventure with our amazing Xtreme Thailand Experience, with its action packed weeks: or go a little bit more sedate (only a little) on the Thailand adventure.

Short on time? No problem. For a whirlwind tour round Thailand to see the best the country has to offer check out our Thailand Tours. Then we have plenty of Xtreme activities from rock climbing to free diving diving and martial arts. There’s nothing like getting active on a paradise island to have a mind blowing travel experience.

Finally if you really want to experience travelling long term how about a call gap year job like becoming a Divemaster or even paid videography internship? We have loads of ideas and first-hand experience of all of our destinations so get in touch today with your questions. Finally take two seconds to hit the like button, we frequently give away free trips and experiences exclusive to people who like our Facebook page.

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