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Some would say Freediving allows you to achieve what most consider impossible. Overcoming that perception is one of the main reasons to try it.But actually the real reason is because it is an amazing thing to do.  Once you are into free diving it will open up a whole new world to you.  It’s hard to comprehend what it is about until you have tried it.  But just imagine practising their sport every day, that opens you up to a completely new environment and something that you will continuously get better at.  How extreme you want to go well that’s up to you, but living on a tropical island interacting with Marine life and getting amazing free diving skills well that’s worth spending some time on.


On our Thailand Freediving course you will learn how to overcome your fears and decent down to 30 to 40 metres holding your breath. Advanced techniques are taught by highly experienced instructors, allowing you to experience the amazing underwater world of Koh Tao. If you are on a short break go for the beginner and advanced course, if you want to spend some decent time here, become a freedive Master.

Was this trip might not be right for everyone if you do like the water then you can take your snorkelling experience to the next level you would genuinely be amazed by how capable you can be under the water.


Freediving beginner


Freediving advanced


Freediving Master

Freediving Course Thailand: Trip Highlights

  • Ideal for a short holiday or cool activity to add to your gap year
  • Totally unique programme, feel free
  • 1 week    for a beginner course.
  • 2 weeks for a beginner & advanced course.
  • 6 weeks to become a master!
  • Freediving up to 20 meters within 2 days
  • For the more advanced: freediving up to 40 meters!
  • No dive equipment needed
  • See turtles, tropical fish and more!
  • Experience the stunning under water world
  • Accommodation on the beautiful Thai island Koh Tao
  • Stay one day and night in a luxury hotel in the buzzing backpackers area of Bangkok upon arrival

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A 30 second walk from the Muay Thai training camp you will find your beautiful new, safe and clean home from home.

Our accommodation is one of the few places on the island with a swimming pool, which in 30 degrees heat is a god send after training. Your room, big and comfortable, will have an en-suite and there is a maid service. There is a laundry service (approx €1 per big bag load) as well. Linen and towels are provided.



1 Week - Advanced Course & Accommodation

USD 599

1 Week - Beginner Course & Accommodation

USD 629

2 Week - Beginner & Advanced Course & Standard Fan Accommodation

USD 999

2 Week - Beginner & Advanced Course & Comfort Fan Accommodation

USD 1129

2 Week - Beginner & Advanced Course & Aircon Accommodation

USD 1219

6 Week - Master Course ( Zero to-hero) Standard Fan

USD 2499

6 Week - Master Course ( Zero to-hero) Comfort Room

USD 2849

6 Week - Master Course ( Zero to-hero) Aircon Room

USD 2899

What's Included?

  • Detailed information pack before departure
  • Luxury hotel in Bangkok on the night before leaving for paradise
  • Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao (one way)
  • Taxi pick up from the pier, and transfer to your accommodation
  • 1, 2 or 6 weeks accommodation at a beautiful resort
  • Island introduction by our own rep!
  • Freediving Course (Max 20 meters) /Advanced Free Diver Course (Max 40 meters) /Master Freediving Course (6 week course only)
  • Use of freedive equipment
  • Dedicated world class AIDA & F.R.E.E. free dive instructors
  • Freediving Qualification certificates (following the F.R.E.E. discipline)
  • Discounts of retail prices for all free diving equipment

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals and drinks
  • Diving insurance
  • Transfer ticket back from Koh Tao to Bangkok. Our rep can help you sorting this out once you are on the island. (About 30 GBP)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The freediving school is located on a tropical island in Thailand, named Koh Tao. So when you are not exploring the sea bed, you will be living your life in paradise! Xtreme Gap has partnered with the regions leading freediving school, which is an independent organization established in 2004 by internationally recognized freediving instructors. The team has vast experience in training and participating in worldwide freediving competitions. Their qualifications include dives deeper than 80 meters and static breath-holds of over 7.5 minutes.

    • In summary a freediver enjoys the following:
    •  No decompression limits.
    • No heavy cumbersome and slow equipment.
    • No costs of hiring expensive equipment to go diving.
    • No restrictions on flying.
    • No bubbles to scare the fish.

    • Freediving is popular because:
    • It is a low cost sport.
    • It pushes your limits giving you a great sense of achievement on a good dive.
    • It is extremely good for fitness and cardio levels.
    • If you like the sea it gives you total freedom and flexibility – no scary bubbles (fish don ´t like bubbles) not nitrogen build up, and plenty of fun gliding through the water.

  • Freediving is diving under the water without assistance from a scuba tank filled with oxygen. It comes in many different forms:

    •  Static Apnea
    • Constant weight
    • Free Imersion
    • CNF (Constant Weight No Fins)

    Read More about Freediving on our blog.

  • One of the benefits of booking your trip on Koh Tao with Xtreme Gap Year is not only do you get to do this awesome activity, but you will become part of the Xtreme gap family on Koh Tao. We will pick you up from the pier and give you a warm welcome at our stunning resort. On your first night our resident representative will take you out for a gorgeous Thai meal annual get to know all of the other members of the group. When you are booking a trip with us it is not just about the activity so please bear this in mind if you are comparing prices to other companies. No other company has such a big presence in Koh Tao, runs groups of like-minded travellers so booking a trip with us is as much about the friends you make as well as the experiences you will have.

Freediving Course Thailand Trip Dates

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