Learn, Earn & Dream Qualifications

People travel for different reasons, for some it is to take an extended period of time to get to know other countries and try out a new lifestyle, for others it's an opportunity to give them time to earn dream qualifications so that they can genuinely change their lifestyle.

That's why at xtreme gap year, we have an extensive selection of awesome qualifications that you can complete during your trip abroad, and work and travel packages that will help you to find jobs whilst you travel (which can be kinder handy if you are on a big trip and want to make it last longer).

Dream qualifications for your gap year or career break:

Bali Surf Instructor Course - From USD 4619

This is the ultimate gap year or career break experience combines amazing surf and fulfilling cultural experiences. Join us for 8-12 weeks on the Bali surf instructor course, meet people from all over the world, enjoy our villa and amazing lifestyle while training to become a surf instructor... Only the best job ever!

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Caribbean Island Divemaster – Utila - From USD 3159

Join us for your Divemaster Padi qualification in the Carribean. You will discover some of the most beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and tropical island sunsets in the world. With over 100 different dive sites to choose from, including caves and wrecks. Here scuba diving is always interesting and never crowded. You can join us from any level!

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Personal Fitness Trainer Development Course - From USD 5019

To develop your career in Personal Training, one of the fastest growing professions in the health and fitness industry, it is important to have both practical and theoretical experience. We include both theoretical and practical skills to enable you to provide professional 1-on-1 or small-group training. You will learn to design and instruct personalized training programmes for clients of all levels and goals – enabling you to gain your qualifications with Europe Active and work as a PT any where in the world.

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Become a Divemaster Koh Tao Thailand - From USD 3219

The Koh Tao Divemaster course is an 8 or 12-week experience giving you plenty of opportunity to dive with whale sharks and thousands of tropical fish, like Nemo! Set on a tropical island paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, this is the world’s number one spot to do your Divemaster. You will discover one of the most amazing lifestyles and gain a professional level qualification enabling you to work in the scuba diving industry all over the world.

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Surf Instructor Course Australia - From USD 0

The Surf Instructor Course in Australia enables you to live the dream! Experience summer beach parties, make new heaps of new friends from all over the world, relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand while learning how to become a surf instructor. The programme takes place about a two hour drive from Byron Bay. Here you find the secluded beaches and the surf camp where you will eat, breathe and live surf! You will develop your surfing abilities, train your ability to teach others and then we qualify you to work in the industry.

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Australia Divemaster - From USD 4705

Become a Divemaster in Byron Bay! Living the life as a Divemaster in Australia in one of the coolest towns in Australia, Byron Bay! Diving everyday at Julian rocks, one of the best dive sites in Australia. You will be living in the thick of the action as you discover why Byron Bay is one of the most fun towns in Australia.

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Spain Kitesurf Legend - From USD 1059

Spend a weeks kite surfing and SUPing every day in a dream location. Living right by the sea, spend your days out on the water, perfecting an amazing sport! Beaches, kiting, good food & good times with consisten thermal wind! Runs July and August and September.

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USA Horse Ranch Internship - From USD 1188

If you’re passionate about horse riding, fancy experiencing the real American West, including 3 weeks of riding, wrangling and ranching look no further. You will experience life on a working ranch near the world-renowned Yellowstone National Park. You do not need any prior horse riding experience to enjoy this unique experience, as all abilities are catered for.

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Australia Surf Dude Surf Development Course - From USD 2369

Doing the surf development course is an amazing experience. You will spend a couple of months developing your surf skills on some great Australia breaks. Everybody at the camp is so enthusiastic that you will have a good time and enjoy the surfers life style. Our professional surf instructors help you to push your surf abilities and you will become a real surf dude. Together with beach parties, BBQ's, sun and your new friends, this will be an awesome experience!

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Whitsundays Sailing Crew Jobs Course Australia - From USD 2779

Whitsundays sailing course Australia Want to get paid to do a job you love? Sailing on luxury yachts over the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays in Australia? This is the ultimate Australia gap year programme training you to qualify as a salty sea dog, and work on boats all over the world. After this 23 day internship you have exceptionally good chances of being paid up to $500 a week too!

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Kung Fu Master in China - From USD 999

Learn kung fu in China in a 2000 year old temple. Training under grandmasters, this is the ultimate Kung Fu in China experience. Our Western run academy with deep links to the Shaolin Temple, provides you with an incredible opportunity to develop serious kung fu skills. Whether it's one month or one year you will be amazed by what your body is capable of. Train from a few weeks up to a year!

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Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving - From USD 2119

Train as a professional Divemaster in one of East Africa's most beautiful beach front settings, with the Indian Ocean providing the backdrop for an incredible couple of months living the life diving with manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks everyday! Tofo, has one of the highest populations with juvenile whale sharks in the world.

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Divemaster in Costa Rica - From USD 4499

Complete your Divemaster training in Costa Rica, in a paradise setting on the Pacific coast. Days spent diving beautiful sites and evenings chilling out listening to sounds of the jungle surrounded by rainforests filled with monkeys and exotic birds. The local underwater environment is just as stunning, with mind blowing volcanic formations and a multitude of tropical fish.

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Field Guide Course South Africa 4 Weeks or 1 Year - From USD 21990

Xtreme Gap offers courses designed to supply the South Africa safari Industry with high caliber professional Field Guides. But these courses are not only available to people wishing to enter the industry as field guides, but for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the African Bush. So whether you have chosen a professional career linked to wildlife or nature or just finished school and are on a gap year, or if you have possibly taken a career break or are a regular traveller to the bush, this course is for you. Including work experience as a real guide!

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Learn To Dive In Koh Tao - From USD 449

Learn to dive in Koh Tao on your gap year! Getting your PADI qualifications in Thailand is one of the must do activities when you go backpacking in Asia or as part of a round the world trip. Koh Tao is famous for diving, low prices and great experiences, and maybe even meet the Whale shark, the biggest and most amazing fish in the sea! Come join us and have a great time on Koh Tao.

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Safari Guide Training 28 Days South Africa - From USD 4599

If you want to get under the skin of the African jungle, and really find out what it's like to live in the South African bush surrounded by all the wild animals nature, whilst living in an unfenced camp in the Kruger National Park then this is for you. 100% pure adventure and one unforgettable month.

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Shark Divemaster Malapascua Philippines - From USD 3299

Malapascua in the Philippines is the only place in the world where you can see the Thresher Shark on a regular basis. Although this shark is harmless to humans. This is pretty cool in itself, but then throw in Manta Rays, Hammerhead Sharks and really good macro diving and you have some great reasons to take your Divemaster in the Philippines. The other reason is that you will be living on a tropical island with warm waters, white beaches and lovely people!

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Thailand IDC Scuba Instructor Course - From USD 3329

Few things can change your life so drastically like a PADI scuba diving qualification, specifically PADI dive instructor. As a diving instructor you have a license to earn money in some of the most beautiful tropical destinations, and live a life of eternal fun, socialising and awesomeness of diving every day and doing something fun for a living. You will completely escape the rat race and have a smug sense of satisfaction that life really is awesome.

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Dream Qualifications

Our exciting qualifications enable you to learn and earn on your gap year (or career break). Courses range from working as a surf instructor, crewing on boats, becoming a Dive instructor or Divemaster, even working as a Field guide in Africa!

Okay so the dream qualifications tend to cost quite a lot of money, but most of the time they are real life changes, and you can work abroad with the newfound qualification to extend your travels.

Don’t have the money to splash out on one of these? Then you can still do some work and travel with working holiday packages in Australia and New Zealand. These are great if you want to pick up casual work in Bars and service jobs while you travel to top up your funds, and really help you get set up for a working holiday trip, but if you really want to do some unbelievable stuff check out the following qualifications.

Diving Qualifications

Work in the diving industry all over the world. This unfortunately means your office will most likely become a beach on a tropical island and we are sorry to say that it is really fun lifestyle choice, bDivemaster coursesut hey someone has to do it, might as well be you.
The best place to start is with your divemaster qualification, and if you really want to make a new lifestyle out of it go the full hog and become a diving instructor! You don’t have to go all the way to instructor or even dive master to earn money whilst you travel: The popular option is the underwater videography course, where you learn to become a moviemaker in Koh Tao and get paid in the process.

Surfing Qualifications

Become a Surf Instructor in Australia or Morrocco! This is another lifestyle choice, that make people wonder why they hell they did not persue it before. The course can take 2-3 months and is seriously fun hanging out on beaches, surfing, BBQ ´s and parties with really good job prospects at the end.

Whitsundays Competent Crew Qualifications

Whitsundays Sailing course Xtreme Gap Year (37)This one is a real gem. We can train you to crew on boats, which is a paid position by the way, so that you spend your gap year sailing around one of the most stunning marine parks in Australia. You literally live on the barrier reef on megayachts! And because your food and accommodation is provided with your job, you save a packet.

Field Guide In Africa

This is not a job you do for the money, but it is certainly an incredible life experience, the 28 day course is enough to get you qualified to work in the industry, but for the full experience go for the one year course including 6 months of work experience- Its not cheap though, but not bad considering in take a year and costs under a grand a month.

Ski or Snowboard Instructor

Living the ultimate lifestyle in the mountains with Level 2 instructor qualifications in Canada. Our 12 week course (longer than most) includes more qualifications to get you into a job quicker too.

Go Be A Cow Boy

Finally if you want to do something really out of the ordinary, and you’re heading to Australia then why not try your hand at being a cowboy (or cowgirl) with our outback ranch course designed to give you all the skills you need to find a job in the booming industry that is Australian agriculture. It’s tough work, but a lot of fun and as these positions are generally including accommodation and food it’s a great way to have a laugh try something new and meet new people.


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