Indonesia Gap Year Trips

Indonesia has plenty of exciting adventures await you on your Indonesia gap year.  The Hotspots Include Bali and the Gili Islands. Explore these tropical locations on the sublime 10 day EPIC Bali. A great combination with our awesome Bali Fitness Bootcamp.
Thirst for more adventure? Check out our surf tours in Bali and beyond! Nusa LLembonganand Lombok.
extreme?  Check out our Xtreme Bali experience which will immerse you in the local culture, and give you an incredible insight into the fascinating history and mindset of Indonesia's people.

Indonesia – An introduction

From the pearly white beaches of the Nusa Tengarra, to Java’s wet, gecko-echoing jungles and volcanic slopes, the surf-spray swells of board-rider heaven Bali, to the untouched, unmanned wild lands of Flores and Sumbawa beyond, scattered over more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is one of the world’s most curious fusions of nature, humanity and culture, with a unique and startling character that has successfully kept travellers coming back for more.

This geographical concoction of more than 700 languages, nearly 250 million people (it’s the fourth most populous country in the world), 130 active volcanoes, and a myriad of religious faiths, from Islam, to eastern mysticism, to Balinese Hinduism, makes Indonesia one of the most attractive destinations on the Southeast Asian circuit and perfect place to spend some of your gap year.

As with most things Indonesian, diversity is word when it comes to cuisine. Travellers will enjoy fresh mangos and soft avocadoes (when in season) and a menu of rich, spicy and dangerously tasty dishes – from the vegetarian’s dream, peanut tempeh satay, to the traditional egg fried nasi goering rice, and a hodgepodge of other recipes extracted from the variety of cultural influences at work on this archipelago.

While not the cheapest in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is still astoundingly value for money and expect to get a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you learn to haggle like a local! Expect to pay between 10,000 and 30,000 Rupiah (around $3) for a meal – street style – and upwards of 120,000 for a cheap bed – with haggling. The national beer is Bintang, and tastes just great in the sun, but there’s a host of ‘local’ spirits and drinks to enjoy that can be a cheaper and more adventurous option, from the infamous Arak rice wine, to locally brewed versions of western drinks.

Most international flights will fly into the capital, Jakarta, a sprawling metropolis of over 23 million people that fuses western and eastern architecture on the top Western tip of Indonesia’s most central and the world’s most populous island, Java. Despite being scattered across so many islands, it’s deceptively easy to find transport in the country; the presence of railways highlight the colonial influence of this archipelago, while there are always eager tourist services willing to do special journeys to most destinations if the price is right.

So, wherever you land, the whole of Indo is your oyster; hop on a train to Yogyakarta to revel in the rich and historical Javanese art, get low-cost connections to Bali and be surfing legendary reef breaks before bed, scour the Jumanji-esque ‘Monkey Jungle’ of Ubud for historical architecture now claimed by a more simian population, go dragon spotting in Komodo, diving in the Gilis, or grab a Bintang and just soak it up – sun, beach, jungle, city, or sea, in Indonesia, the choices really are endless.

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