About Us

The Xtreme Dream Team.

We have some of the most knowledgeable travel experts in the industry ready to help you plan the perfect trip.

At Xtreme Gap Year we pride ourselves on being able to offer first-hand, up-to-date tailored personalised advice for you to get the most out of your trip. All of our travel experts are highly travelled and have lived and worked abroad for a minimum of two years.

You Are In Great Hands.

Our team consists of multilingual qualified dive instructors and dive professionals, work and travel experts, with members of the team having a passion for surfing, kite surfing, languages and above all travel. They have experienced many of our trips first-hand and can give you all of the advice and help you need prior to travel.

Our team really know what they’re talking about.

Because they stay with the company for a long time. Where the average staff turnover in travel agencies is six months to one year, our team have been with us for an average of six years. It’s this experience of handling thousands of clients dream trips, the can really make the difference when booking with Xtreme Gap Year

Xtreme Gap Year offers you the chance to join exciting trips run by very adventurous travel experts! We believe incredible travel experiences create better travel memories.

We believe this because we know it. We have been there we have done it.

With us you will do things you just cannot do at home, you will tell your friends and colleagues about your experiences but they probably won’t believe you.

With us you will not be treated like a sheep, lead from place to place chucked in the revolving door of pre-manufactured travel. You will be taken to some amazing places to do some amazing things with equally adventurous people all the really experiencing travel.

Many of our trips are unique, handcrafted by us through our own experiences not sold to you off the back of the brochure. We are about helping travellers do mind-blowing things, ideal if you are inexperienced in travelling, or you want a genuinely different adventure holiday.

We are passionate about your travel experiences as they are our experiences, and we know our stuff as well. If you take a look at who is involved in Xtreme Gap Year you will see a ridiculously overqualified group of people who have lived away in different countries and still do live all over the world creating unforgettable adventures for you.


The Xtreme Gap Story

Xtreme Gap was founded in 2008 ago by 2 passionate globetrotters, Debby and Oliver,  who wanted to share their awesome travel experiences. It took £50 and a kitchen table and a really crappy website. But it was enough because their passion and enthusiasm were infectious.

"We wanted like-minded travellers to benefit from us having searched the world and researched the worlds best wonders."

Every year since then we've gone from strength to strength sending away thousands of travellers to enjoy and experience some of the best things the world has to offer and now have an amazing team of well travelled individuals working at Xtreme Gap.

All of XG experiences offer something unique, and most of our trips you will not find with any other travel company. Whether you are looking to learn a new language, develop a new skill, blow your mind, push your limits or just experience a whole new culture, XG has something just right for you- what's more, it's tried and tested and ready to go!

The staff at XG are well-seasoned travellers (see their profiles below) and on the whole have been on or created the XG trips themselves, they don't have plush offices so have minimal overheads so the savings come straight back to you... Which means more cash for partying! XG customers come back and time again and recommend XG to their mates because XG take cares of the fuss so you can maximise the fun!

So, if you're up for a challenge check out the XG trips, get some trip notes and check out the blog and feel inspired to push yourself, after all anyone can sit on the beach and get drunk but when the hangover fades you're left with nothing.. so do something remarkable with XG this year.

What is travelling with us about?

Adrenaline travel to us is not just about doing scary stuff or extreme sports. Adrenaline travel is about experiencing some of the most amazing adventures the world has to offer, we talking about the things that get the butterflies going in your stomach, and make your mates back home get incredibly jealous when they see your adventures on Facebook.

We are talking about the kind of activities that blow you away, challenging your comfort zone and ultimately giving you an incredible sense of achievement and adventure. We know this to be true, because being a smaller gap year company we can research all the trips properly, and genuinely care about how good are adventures are.

We also know that planning a big trip is rarely something that you do with someone else, in fact, 80% of travellers are solo travellers so our group trips are the perfect remedy to shake off the boredom back home and meet new people was sharing new adventures….

Our company mission

We are ambitious small gap year travel company who are passionate about creating amazing experiences for you to enjoy on your time off, whether that be a career break gap year or even short trip abroad. It all started with bull sharks. The directors of xtreme gap year Oliver and Debby met whilst doing a dive master course in Thailand. Every morning before breakfast they would dive with bull sharks hovering around the dive site in Koh Tao. The buzz of seeing these incredible creatures and the whole feeling of freedom and adventure was so good that they both agreed more people should experience life like this. Xtreme gap year was born out of a desire to share these incredible travel experiences, so our mission is to find new and exciting experiences and make them available to all.

How we help our customers to make the most of their travels:

  • We offer a broad range of trips so that there is something for most people, we recognize that some of our trips are better suited to certain people and we endeavor to ensure that you are correctly matched to the right program, so you get the most out of your time away.
  • We constantly look for new programmes and partners to work with to provide incredible travel experiences.
  • We listen to our customers feedback, and take all their concerns and recommendations seriously to constantly improve what we do
  • We aim to give the best advice on all aspects of your travels, from first-hand experiences and current up-to-date information.
  • We aim to support you 100% pre-and post-departure with in country support and all the information you need to make the most of your trip, and we are available 24 seven emergencies or issues that need to be addressed.
  • With us you are not a number it's about personal attention and getting the most out of your trip. We are always available to speak with you and guide you to creating your perfect adventure.

What we love:

  • Ethical travel, To some it is a buzzword to us it is exactly how we operate. Which is why you will not find any  volunteering projects on our site.
  • We believe in sustainability and work to ensure that our partners adhere to sustainable business practices
  • We are passionate believers that if you travel the right way it will expand your mind, broaden your horizons and genuinely benefit you. Anyone can get drunk sit on a beach but when the sun tan fades and the hangover is gone you are left with nothing. Do an Xtreme Gap Year annual really make the most of your travels.


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