Ultimate Australia

The ultimate way to do the east coast of Australia!

This is your ultimate road trip. One action packed backpacker trip you will never forget, taking in the very best of Australia. Surfing, skydiving, and diving as you head up the Australian coast in search of good times and incredible adventures. Everything is arranged for you: arrival, transport and awesome activities with new mates! It is flexible too, so you can spend up to 6 months completing it, and even include some work travel too.

Ultimate Australia: Trip Highlights


Hands down the most excitement you can cram into any Australia trip! You will love it because you do everything, without worrying about running out of money on your travels,because all of the essential East Coast activities and experiences are included.

Starting out with a superb arrival package Sydney, you travel the East coast. It is flexible so you can set your own pace allowing you to find a job or just stop off in places for longer.  It is a great laugh meeting loads of people on your travels and sharing insanely awesome adventures all along the East coast of Australia. We will take you from Sydney to Cairns. This really is the trip of a lifetime and one that we think is a life changer. You might leave home a nervous, first-time traveller, but you´ll return a daring adventurer with more friends than you could have imagined!


We get it; you are nervous! But with your first 3 nights in Sydney arranged,including lots of activities, and a 6  day surf trip (1 over night transfer day) with a big group of other travellers followed by 1 night in Byron Bay… you will wonder why you were nervous. By this time you will have already made friends for life, it´s easy!

Remember 85% of people on the trip are solo travellers, so everyone is up for making new friends, but also everyone picks their own pace. After a few amazing days in Sydney, you get on the flexible backpacker bus and you can hop on and hop off where ever you like. People tend to travel together for a few days or weeks and then meet others again. As you might have 6 weeks and someone else has 5 months to travel and maybe also work in Australia. That is the deal with backpacking. It´s about meeting people, doing amazing stuff together and move on… but have memories for life!

As there are lots of activities included, a 6-day surf trip, a trip on Fraser island, where you go camping with a group on a stunning sand island and get a chance to drive the jeep too! An optional skydive which gives you an adrenaline shot you won’t believe, sailing on the great barrier reef in Cairns.

Here are just some of the main highlights (Click here for an overview of each activity):

To kick-off the Ultimate Australia package we start you out with a great fun arrival package in Sydney. You get to spend a couple of days checking out the sites and doing fun activities. Located in a funky downtown hostel in Sydney, representatives are on hand to help sort you out with anything you need to know and settle you in.


  • Pre-paid airport transfer ( 24 h)
  • 3nts dorm accommodation
  • Free activity schedule ( Activities vary at our hostel in Sydney)
  • Breakfast daily
  • 48 hours free Wi-fi


Getting around after the intro in Sydney is a breeze as we include a flexible bus pass to take you from Byron Bay to Cairns and everywhere in between.


Immediately after your Sydney arrival package its time to hit the road and checkouts beaches on an amazing surf tour. We will put you together in a big group and take you up the East coast on comfortable transport, stopping off at our amazing surf camp. The purpose-built surf camp is right on the beach… Here you’ll learn to surf on our great learner friendly surf beaches. You do not have to be up to surf just be up to having a great time which we guarantee you will have!


  • Transfers – Overnight Train
  • 5 nts dorm accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • 6 amazing days of surf, sun, parties, great food and even better people
  • A lot more activities available at our camp: kayaking, volleyball, kangaroo golf, rock pool swimming, dolphin and whale spotting… The list goes on and is for you to discover!


Then it is onto the cool town of Byron Bay where you have a night included in the Nomads Flashpackers and a final night out with the surfari group in the legendary cheeky monkeys!

Optional SKYDIVING in Cairns!

Have you ever wanted to do a skydive? Well now is your big chance! You can opt to jump from one of four locations all along the East Coast, from Byron Bay to mission beach over Sydney or over the barrier Reef you choose which option you would prefer and this also means there should be no problems with the weather getting in the way. Our jump partners offer Australia’s higher skydive and have a 100% safety record spanning over 30 years.

You can choose to jump in one of 4 locations: Amazing!


The Whitsunday islands make up part of a stunning Marine Park, home to the world famous Whitehaven beach, probably the most beautiful beach in the entire world. Gorgeous white sands bordering Great Barrier Reef with lush tropical jungles make this one of the highlights of the trip.


Frazer Island is one big adventure playground. It is the world’s largest sand bar island stretching over 100 miles and is the only place in the world where a rainforest grows directly out of the sand. It’s a big place so you need wheels to get around. You will join a self-drive group and you will be equipped with a 4×4, like a land cruiser or Land Rover and then you’re off to go camping on the island for a couple of days. There is so much to see and do here, plenty of fresh water lakes to cool off in, with lots of interesting wildlife all around you including plenty of dingoes (Australian wild dogs). As Frazer island is quintessentially one big beach is the ultimate place to get suntanned there are plenty of places you want to check out along the way like the Moreno shipwreck, big sand dunes and Lake McKenzie.

Ultimate Australia Photos



As you come in to land at Sydney Airport you can gaze in awe as you see the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House for the first time. Your excitement levels will go through the roof as you think about the possibilities and excitement that await you in this vibrant city!

To help you get over the dreaded jet lag we have organized a fantastic three-night arrival pack , where you can settle in straight away at one of the coolest hostels in Sydney, right in the heart of the backpacker district, think comfy beds. Wild nights out with new friends and all the essentials you need, such as internet access and daily breakfast . You don´t need to worry about a thing!


With three full days to explore the city, you can join in on the free hostel activities. These vary, just check with reception when you check in, so you won´ t miss out.

What else? Stroll around the many colourful markets, people-watch on famous Bondi Beach and visit the gorgeous little islands scattered around Port Jackson.


By now jetlag should be a distant memory, but after three action-packed days and nights in Sydney you´ll probably be glad to have a break from the big city lights and lie on a gorgeous beach instead. Well, tough luck because you´re going surfing! You´ll be picked upsuper close to the hostel, to embark on an amazing five-day surfari. Learn to catch the perfect wave by day and party by night two typical Aussie pastimes.

Thanks to the all-inclusive style of the trip the only thing you need to bring is yourself. All surf equipment, accommodation, and meals (except lunch on travelling days) is included. We even throw in that all important sun cream during the surf trip. By the time you arrive at the surf camp, you´ll already have got to know your new mates on the train, but if you are a bit shy don´t worry as there is no better icebreaker than beers and BBQ´s, not to mention falling off a surfboard!

The surfari takes you (by train or bus) to Spot X, where you can enjoy the best beach parties and improve your surf skills from the first couple of days. The expert instructors will really look after you, so there is no need to be nervous just get in there and make the most of this amazing opportunity.

We guarantee that by the end of these five days you´ll be a surf convert and what better way to impress (and annoy) your mates back in cold Blighty? The tour ends in the cool beach side town of Byron Bay, where you can continue straight on with the next part of the tour, or take some time out to lounge on the beach, go snorkeling and explore the rainforests.


A quick note here to point out that after the Surf Camp all of the sectors included in the Ultimate Australia Trip can be done at your own pace, allowing you to combine your travels with some work in-between, should you need to top up those funds.

If you wish to complete the trip all in one go then you should allow for around 5 – 7 weeks, but you can take up to 6 months, which is highly likely once you get a taste of the Aussie lifestyle!

The hop on-hop off style bus can be booked a few days in advance for each of the following sectors.


There are 19 Nights Accommodation included in the price of this trip.

  • 3 Nights in Sydney
  • Surf Trip – 6 nights
  • Arts Factory Byron Bay – 1 night
  • Fraser Island tour – 2 nights on the Island, 1 night on Noosa before and 1 night in Noosa after.
  • 2d1n Whitsunday sailing – 1 night + 1 night before and after on Airlie Beach
  •  Flexible 7 Nights Accommodation which you can redeem at the following locations:

That’s 19 nights of not having to find a bed for the night included in the price!


5 Week - Standard

USD 2999

5 Week - Boomerang Option

USD 3199

What's Included?

Arrival pack includes:

Sydney Arrival includes:

  • Pre-paid airport transfer ( 24 h)
  • 3nts dorm accommodation in central Sydney
  • Free activity schedule (Activities vary at our hostel in Sydney)
  • 48 hours free Wi-fi

6 day surf trip includes:

  • Transfer from Sydney to Byron Bay
  • Most meals including 3 x dinners, 3 x breakfast, 2 x lunch,
  • Cool surf instructors.
  • Surf Lessons: 6 lessons, 5 days surfing.
  • Equipment: Boards, wetsuits, and accessories all provided.
  • Accommodation: 5 nights and 5 days a luxury surf camp

The Fraser Island 4×4 includes:

  • Flexible starting dates
  • Matched up with a group at time of confirmation
  • Guide, but you get the opportunity to drive your self too
  • 2-night camping with equipment
  • Swim in crystal clear lakes Meet Dingo’s
  • Pre and post accommodation at Nomads in Noosa.

Whitsundays Sailing Cruise Includes:

  • The worlds most photographed beach
  • Flexible starting date
  • 1 night and 2 days on the reef
  • Meals & Accommodation included.

Other miscellaneous inclusions

  • Flexible 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Detailed pre-departure pack and guide to Australia
  • Access to Australia buddy lists to chat to other people before you leave

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Accommodation other than stated above
  • Meals other than included in the itinerary
  • Spending money

Local payments are not included as follows

  • GREAT BARRIER REEF – Reef Levy $10 per person payable on arrival directly to the operator

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes this trip starts on a Sunday. This is the day you need to arrive in Sydney.

  • Lots of Xtreme Gappers combine this trip with working in Australia. Some even do the sailing course so they can work on a sailing boat on the Whitsundays straight after. A job is 99% guaranteed and helps you save up for some extra cash before you continue your trip again!

  • “The minimum amount of time you need to complete this trip is 5 weeks, which is ideal if you only have a short amount of time before college or university, but you can take up to six months if you want to make it more of a gap year travel a bit, work a bit, etc.One thing to remember is that drives are very long, Australia is enormous and the bus might not go every day, so double check the schedules.

    If time is really tight you can FastTrack your journey by using the Greyhound (your Oz experience pass is interchangeable with this).


    Yes, there will, although you may not be travelling with exactly the same people that the entire duration of the journey. You start off with your 3 nights stay in Sydney followed by the amazing 7 day surf trip. There are normally between 20 and 40 young travellers on the surf trip. From then on you have 1 party night and accommodation in Byron Bay. In Byron you are on the Flexible bus pass, so you will be travelling with other groups as you complete the journey.

    The East coast of Australia is very social, so don’t worry you will make loads of new friends guaranteed.

  • After the surf tour you will stay one night in a flash Packers in Byron Bay, this is where you will sit down at the travel desk and collect your vouchers for your remaining activities. This is also a great place to do your skydive, although many people also opt to do this in mission beach.

  • Your first eight nights accommodation are already arranged for you, this lasts until Byron Bay at which point you are able to pre-book further accommodation or just see how you go. We recommend you play it by ear because you will talk to others, get tips, read cool stuff, find deals etc on route.

  • No, 22 nights accommodation is included but you will need to book extra

  • There is no need to take a lot of cash as there are ATM’s everywhere we stop. Payments can be done in cash or by card. during your arrival package assistance can be given the you to set up a bank account as well so you might want to transfer money into an Australian bank to save on international bank fees.The amount of money you need depends on how long you go and if you wish to go out a lot etc.

  • Here we have listed some costs (prices are an indication and may vary due to change in currency rates).

    Dorm accommodation will cost about £10 to £15.

    Meals are about £5 to £15, but you always have the possibility to cook in the big kitchens of the hostels. This is also a fun way to get to know other people. You will be cooking side to side, most people make spaghetti ?

    Drinks: a beer will be £2 and wine will be about £3 to £5. But there are always lots of backpacker bars and happy hours. We know what you like.

    Money for extra activities along the way. Out of experience we know it is better to book all you definitely want to do up front, because otherwise you spend it on drinks and you will fail to be able to do all the exiting stuff.


Ultimate Australia Trip Dates

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