Australia Gap Year Trips

Australia is one of the most popular gap year destinations for great reasons! Think world's best beaches, thriving vibrant cities, adrenaline fuelled adventures, and a huge backpacker culture meaning you can travel and explore this amazing country making new mates and having a blast the whole time. Expose yourself to the crazy wildlife, sail the barrier reef, learn to dive or come home with more money than you started with by getting a job down under with a working holiday Visa. Our gap year travellers hit Australia for a couple of weeks, a couple of months or up to 2 years it's up to you, but before you decide talk to our professional team who have loads of experience of designing packages down under! Check out our gap year programs in Australia below:

Ultimate Australia – 5 week -

Discover the most amazing locations in Aus, have heaps of fun in a group tour, create unforgettable memories and make friends for life! We’ll show you some of the very best spots along the East Coast including Byron Bay, Brisbane, Magnetic Island & Cairns! We’ll sail around the Whitsunday Islands, camp on Fraser Island, party in Surfer’s Paradise, spot Aussie wildlife, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef & more! What are you waiting for?

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Australia Melbourne ConneXion - From USD 799

An awesome way to start your gap year or travels down under in one of Australia most exciting citys. Perfect for solo travellers Looking to head down under make friends and have an awesome first week stressfree!

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Round The World Tropical Beaches -Thailand – Bali – Australia (2020) -

If you like beaches, this is YOUR trip! From island hopping in Thailand on to Bali and the Gili islands on to and awesome surf trip in Indonesia. Then Australia, all along the East Coast before rewarding yourself with some epic adventures in Cairns! Three awesome countries with loads of beachtime, activities and culture.

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Round The World Thailand & Australia (2020) - From USD 2609

Thailand & Australia offer the perfect mixture when you want to go travelling. Stopping off in Thailand you will be blown away by the culture, beaches and stunning beauty of the country. Featuring a month long Trip you can really do it all, lazy days on tropical beaches. Partying in Bangkok, temples and action. Then it's on to Australia, where you will have an amazing first week followed by an exciting adventure up the East coast.

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Surf Instructor Course Australia - From USD 0

The Surf Instructor Course in Australia enables you to live the dream! Experience summer beach parties, make new heaps of new friends from all over the world, relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand while learning how to become a surf instructor. The programme takes place about a two hour drive from Byron Bay. Here you find the secluded beaches and the surf camp where you will eat, breathe and live surf! You will develop your surfing abilities, train your ability to teach others and then we qualify you to work in the industry.

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Australia Divemaster - From USD 4705

Become a Divemaster in Byron Bay! Living the life as a Divemaster in Australia in one of the coolest towns in Australia, Byron Bay! Diving everyday at Julian rocks, one of the best dive sites in Australia. You will be living in the thick of the action as you discover why Byron Bay is one of the most fun towns in Australia.

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Australia Sydney Job ConneXion - From USD 809

This is the ultimate beginning to an epic adventure in Australia. The Sydney ConneXion is all about having an amazing first week, meeting new friends and doing some incredible adventures fully guided in one of the coolest cities in the world. Whilst you're out having fun we take care of all the hassle enabling you to get set up with a job with a 12 month membership access of the best backpacker job network in Australia. Everything is taken care for you so no worries about arriving in Australia this can turn into one of the most daunting yet exciting things you will ever do!

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Australia Surf Dude Surf Development Course - From USD 2369

Doing the surf development course is an amazing experience. You will spend a couple of months developing your surf skills on some great Australia breaks. Everybody at the camp is so enthusiastic that you will have a good time and enjoy the surfers life style. Our professional surf instructors help you to push your surf abilities and you will become a real surf dude. Together with beach parties, BBQ's, sun and your new friends, this will be an awesome experience!

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Whitsundays Sailing Crew Jobs Course Australia - From USD 2779

Whitsundays sailing course Australia Want to get paid to do a job you love? Sailing on luxury yachts over the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays in Australia? This is the ultimate Australia gap year programme training you to qualify as a salty sea dog, and work on boats all over the world. After this 23 day internship you have exceptionally good chances of being paid up to $500 a week too!

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Work in Australia For Backpackers - From USD 309

Perfect for first-time travellers, this package includes advice and practical help with everything from visas to airport transfer, accommodation to finding a job. Stay and work in Sydney or explore the country with new friends.

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14 Day Oz East Coast Adventure - From USD 3059

14 Day Oz East Coast Adventure Starting in Sydney or Cairns you travel the East Coast of Australia in the company of fellow adventurers on an tour to remember. With lots of mini adventures on the way like Fraser island and the Whitsundays there is plenty of action on this epic road trip. Perfect if you are pushed for time and want to "do" the east coast in a few weeks.

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Aussie Surf Trip - From USD 599

Do you want to live the Aussie Dream? Beaches, waves and great new mates, this is what it is all about dude. Beach parties, incredible breaks and learning to surf on some of Australias most untouched beaches. We will take you from Sydney to Byron Bay on an unforgettable 5 day surfari, all you have to do is look good on a board and enjoy Aussie BBQs and hospitality.

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Learn to Earn In The Australian Outback - From USD 839

Experience the Australian outback and get paid to work up to 12 months on a real Australian Ranch! This 2 week trips gives you the unique opportunity to experience a new way of life in the Australian Outback! Including fun activities like riding horses, motor bikes, quad bikes, 4 x 4 and tractors. So if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, sign up and start earning down under.

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Australia Gap Year Trips:

Australia is one of our most amazing destinations. If you are looking to travel we can show you the best of it. Want to work and get a job? We have you covered we can virtually guarantee you a job on our Sydney conneXion.

There is a vibrant up-and-coming energy to Australia. You notice the difference immediately when arriving. In Europe it’s doom and gloom and has been for several years. Not so in Australia it genuinely offers a better life even if it is just for a while.

If you are just passing through for a couple of weeks you can have a mind blowing experience. With so many different places of interest and things to see you never get bored.

Australians are a good laugh and it is infectious.  Some people say it’s a little bit like home but in the Sunshine. However, there is so much more to Australia than that. You can learn to dive on the barrier reef, do it all on our Ultimate Australia trip or even do professional qualifications like our surf instructor Divemaster course.


What could you do in Australia?

Australia is one of our personal favourite  Gap year destinations and we wanted to share our love for Oz with you, so you can get excited for your trip!

Travelling to Australia is almost like a rite of passage for young backpackers. The surfing, the perfect weather, the great nightlife and the amazing natural sights have kept travellers like you coming back to Oz for more and more.

Want to know why Australia is the perfect place to enjoy your gap year?

Beach Perfection

Australia is known for its incredible beaches, including great waves and hot surfers too. Make your way from world-famous, party-central Bondi Beach to the incredible sights of the Great Barrier Reef. Get your own Aussie tan by spending lazy days on the beach, or learning to surf out on the waves. See for yourself with these amazing pictures!

World-Famous Nightlife

From Sydney to Cairns, the nightlife along Australia’s east coast is unforgettable. Australia’s nightlife has something to suit everyone, from legendary city clubs to laid back hangouts along the beach. The Aussie’s are renowned for knowing how to have a good time, so why not join them and make your gap year even more fun! Get the low-down on the night-time craziness here!

Adrenaline-Fuelled Adventure

When most people think of Australia, they think of adventure! One of the best places in the world to enjoy surfing, diving and sailing, Oz is an adventure backpackers dream destination. Why not get your diving certificate or spend a few weeks learning to surf to add some extra clout to your trip! Check out this first-hand account, from another backpacker in Australia!

Nature At Its Best

You can’t visit Australia without taking a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest and most iconic stretch of coral reef in the world. If you want something a little more hard-core, you can take a trip to Uluru Rock, right in the centre of the Great Australia Outback.

Want to find out how else you can spend your time in Australia? Take a look at this inspiring review from other travelers to Australia!

Amazing experiences in Australia!

Australia is jam-packed with unique adventure, unforgettable fun and amazing opportunities to experience new things. Make the most of your gap year in Australia by learning a new skill, such as surfingsailing or scuba diving. What better way to spend your time in Oz than fully immersing yourself into the popular water-sports culture that exists in the country?

If you’d rather stay moving, you can backpack along the Eastern Coast of the country, following the iconic backpacker trail. Or why not get away from the city with an amazing experience on an Australian Ranch in the outback.

You can even work in Australia, so you can extend your stay up to 12 months, earn money and meet local people. The list of great activities to do in Australia is huge. Just take a look at the highlights below:

  • Learn to dive in the Great Barrier Reef or surf in the beautiful Byron Bay
  • Become a PADI Certified Scuba Diver or a qualified sailor!
  • Make new friends from around the world in our Group Gap Travel tours
  • Earn your keep and stay up to 12 months in Australia with these exciting job opportunities
  • Experience the best of the Australian outback and the beauty of the coast with these amazing nature tours.
  • Enjoy the ultimate backpacking trip in one of the most backpacker friendly countries in the world!

Can’t decide which ones for you? Then go all in with an Ultimate Australia!

Where can you go?

Australia is in an ideal location for exploring Oceania and Asia. It’s no wonder so many backpackers travel to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Fiji before heading south to Oz. And with New Zealand just a short distance to the south, there are endless opportunities for exploring more of the world while on your gap year in Australia!

Don’t forget you can always incorporate Australia into an epic round the world trip!

Live your travel dreams In Australia

Traveling to Australia is the perfect way to make your personal travel dreams come true! Australia is the perfect mix of Western familiarity while feeling like you’re in a far-off, exotic land. Everyone loves the Aussies and their infectious energy for life and good times will leave you smiling and enjoying every minute of your trip. No matter what type of adventure you choose, you’ll make tons of new friends, have life-changing experiences and make your travel dreams come true in the land of Oz!

What you could be doing on your Australia gap year right now.

A gap year in Australia doesn’t always mean boozy nights and lazy beach days, though we’re not complaining! Did you know you can learn a new skill, do a course or even earn money while in Australia?

How about making your trip extra memorable by becoming a qualified scuba diver, or doing a surfing instructor course? Just because you’re on a gap year, doesn’t mean you need to stop learning and having life-changing experiences.

Get the most out of your trip with these amazing experiences and learn new skills to last a lifetime!

Check out the full list of amazing activities and adventures that you could be part of on your trip to Australia:

  • Explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays, and get your PADI Open Water dive certification with our Australian Divemaster course.
  • ConneXion Trips (arrival packs and short breaks)
  • Let us guide you to the best spots in Australia with our Xplorer Trip (Xtreme´s Guided Adventures).
  • Learn & Develop new skills like surfing, sailing or snorkelling.
  • Australia is famous for its nightlife, so join the Epic Parties now!
  • Group Gap Travel is a great way to make new friends and have fun
  • Receive Fun Qualifications & Work and Travel so you enjoy Australia to the fullest!
  • Go Surfing and Go Diving in one of the best diving locations in the world.
  • Amazing Adventure Travel awaits with these epic adventures tours.
  • Visit Australia as part of your adventure Around the World!

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie (like us!), looking for a fun challenge or you want to experience the authentic Aussie lifestyle by working there, then Xtreme Gap Year can help sort you out!

You can choose from an amazing range of water activities, like becoming a PADI certified diving instructor, a cool surfing pro or learning to sail on a luxury yacht!

Enjoy the best of both worlds by working and traveling, so you always have the extra cash to enjoy more adventurous activities such as skydiving, sand boarding or swimming with dolphins! You can even extend your stay for up to 12 months to truly enjoy the meaning of a ‘gap year’.

Of course there’s always lots of fun to be had in Australia, from working on a real ranch in the outback to exploring the national parks, getting up close to wildlife and experiencing some of the best beaches in the world.

Whether you want to live it up on the East Coast, or experience something different in the west of the country, your journey through Australia will be unforgettable and filled with amazing memories.

There’s so much that you can do during your trip to Australia to make it extra memorable, enjoyable and fun! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg..


Work & Travel In Australia

One of the reasons Australia is so popular is due to the work and travel agreement on visas.  Travelling can be expensive and not everyone has enough money to do it all.  This is where Australia can be amazing.  Wages are much better than in Europe, approximately £10 an hour is minimum wage currently.  There are plenty of jobs the backpackers, and there is a huge social scene based around work and travel.  We have programs starting at £200 that can help you get a job and get sorted quickly in Australia.  They are nice but if you have a little bit more money to play with, we recommend a dream qualification.

Crewing on sailing boats in the Whitsunday Islands is the Gateway to the perfect job with all of your accommodation and food included.  Or learn to earn in the outback with job guarantees is another great option to get the cash rolling in doing something fun.  But if you have loads of time on your hands and a healthy budget to begin with, consider the Australia surf instructor course.  With so many Australians living by the coast you can gain a surf instructor qualification.  That means you can get a job by the beach teaching people to surf and having an enviable lifestyle.  You can even travel on to Bali and Fiji in other places and take on you surf skills with you to earn as you travel.

By far our most popular program to help you gain work and travel in Australia is the Sydney conneXion.  Not only does it give you an amazing first week with guaranteed mates, it gets you into a job  in no time at all.

So if money is tight or you are worried about how to earn while you travel, don’t worry we’ve got your back check out some of these incredible programs below.



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