The Bucket List

Everyone’s got one their own personal bucket list. The top things you have to do and experience before you die or kick the bucket. Xtreme Gap Year bucket list is not for the fainthearted but ticks off every amazing travel experience we can think of. Sure it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for Xtreme Gap is with a sense of adventure ticking off the activities on the bucket list can be one of the most defining moments of their lives.

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The top 10 bucket list ideas from Xtreme Gap Year

  1. Freedive with the whale shark
  2. Learn from a grandmaster
  3. Discover what it’s like to fly and brief underwater with a diving qualification
  4. Swim with a shark or two (or 17)
  5. Take on Queenstown and ride a Jet boat, swing from the canyon and do a bungee in the same weekend!
  6. Fall in love with a tropical island
  7. Learn to kite surf or surf on a Surfari

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These are our favorites… What is your dream bucket list?

One of the things that sets us apart is a travel company is that all of our round the world trips are based on really exciting experiences that we have had ourselves as travellers, just like you will be. So whilst looking around at different companies to give you inspiration for your world travels, please don’t lump us in with the rest of them we have so much more to offer you and we can greatly assist you by giving you our ┬ápersonalised recommendations for your own bucket list.

The ultimate in custom designed round the world experiences

Having been to the locations and destinations personally to research the top things backpackers want to do, experienced smelt and lived in the destinations we can make your trip that much better.

Many people do not realise all of the exciting things that are available to them so just be aware that we can help you arrange all the activities and places you need to visit to tick off that bucket list!

If this will be helpful to you, please do contact us with your overall travel budget, and tell us which countries you are interested in travelling to, and we will be able to tailor make the trip suggestions just for you.



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