You know some of the best opportunities with travel come around when you can do something totally different from the day to day. Cool activities that you can really sink your teeth into. To us that means Adventure Sports: things that your just can ´t do in your own backyard. On many of our programmes we make cool adventure sports experiences happen. There are different sports you can try some for just a day like on the Koh Tao Adventure, others for up to 3 months in some amazing locations: like the Australia Surf instructor course (see our Surf Instructor Courses) , or Divemaster Courses  or Snow Sports Instructor Courses. Now you may not have ever considered any of these options before so below we will break it down for you:




The chances are you have never been diving before, so you probably do not really know what you are missing out on! We have plenty of Diving programmes that you are gonna love!

From just getting your PADI Open Water in Koh Tao (a must for any self respecting traveller in Thailand) including one weeks accommodation on a paradise island, to going full blown professional divemaster! If you are wondering why that might be a good idea you can read about it all here.

We have Scuba diving instructor courses so you can get qualified and work and travel in a dream job too.


Xtreme Gap Years Debby in the Gilis on the Divemaster course.



Martial Arts


Learning a martial art abroad is not just about learning how to protect yourself… sure it comes in handy sometimes, but many people learn a martial art form in order to really get exposed to the ancient culture of a country. In many countries, Asia in particular, martial arts are considered to be national sports. Take Muay Thai in Thailand for example: the Muay Thai fighters are national heroes, many learn form the age of 4 so that they can compete in the ring and bring not only honour but money to their families. With Xtreme Gap you can do some intensive Muay Thai Training in Thailand for up to 12 weeks!  Kung Fu in China is also available, and probably the oldest martial art form on record. Thousands of years of history and culture are passed through the generations from teach to Student, so if you really want to get inside the culture of a country, then Martial Arts is the way to go.


Xtreme Sports


Are we all about extreme sports? No. Although we have plenty of adrenaline sports, we believe any gap year sports experience that gives your endorphins a little boost is a worthy experience of our website.

Some find it a challenge to step on a surf board for the first time. Others go weak at the knees at the thought of abseiling of a rock. Whatever makes you buzz and feel that sense of adventure abroad we will make it happen for you.

Some of the activities you can do include: Rock climbing and climbing, Surfing and plenty of skydiving, white water rafting and bungee jumping on our adrenaline tours!


Diving Options

Martial Arts Options

Xtreme Sports Options




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