Gap Year in Australia

Xtreme Gap  have a comprehensive range of exciting gap year in Australia programmes. People take their  gap year in Australia  for many reasons, but mainly Australia is popular because of the Australian work travel visa for foreign citizens. Also English is the main language and Australia in blessed with stunning naturally beauty, amazing beaches, great surfing in diving and has a well trodden backpacker trail making a gap year in Australia an incredible social destination.

Ultimate Australia – 5 week -

Discover the most amazing locations in Aus, have heaps of fun in a group tour, create unforgettable memories and make friends for life! We’ll show you some of the very best spots along the East Coast including Byron Bay, Brisbane, Magnetic Island & Cairns! We’ll sail around the Whitsunday Islands, camp on Fraser Island, party in Surfer’s Paradise, spot Aussie wildlife, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef & more! What are you waiting for?

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Australia Melbourne ConneXion - From USD 799

An awesome way to start your gap year or travels down under in one of Australia most exciting citys. Perfect for solo travellers Looking to head down under make friends and have an awesome first week stressfree!

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Round The World Tropical Beaches -Thailand – Bali – Australia (2020) -

If you like beaches, this is YOUR trip! From island hopping in Thailand on to Bali and the Gili islands on to and awesome surf trip in Indonesia. Then Australia, all along the East Coast before rewarding yourself with some epic adventures in Cairns! Three awesome countries with loads of beachtime, activities and culture.

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Round The World Thailand & Australia (2020) - From USD 2609

Thailand & Australia offer the perfect mixture when you want to go travelling. Stopping off in Thailand you will be blown away by the culture, beaches and stunning beauty of the country. Featuring a month long Trip you can really do it all, lazy days on tropical beaches. Partying in Bangkok, temples and action. Then it's on to Australia, where you will have an amazing first week followed by an exciting adventure up the East coast.

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Surf Instructor Course Australia - From USD 0

The Surf Instructor Course in Australia enables you to live the dream! Experience summer beach parties, make new heaps of new friends from all over the world, relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand while learning how to become a surf instructor. The programme takes place about a two hour drive from Byron Bay. Here you find the secluded beaches and the surf camp where you will eat, breathe and live surf! You will develop your surfing abilities, train your ability to teach others and then we qualify you to work in the industry.

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Australia Divemaster - From USD 4705

Become a Divemaster in Byron Bay! Living the life as a Divemaster in Australia in one of the coolest towns in Australia, Byron Bay! Diving everyday at Julian rocks, one of the best dive sites in Australia. You will be living in the thick of the action as you discover why Byron Bay is one of the most fun towns in Australia.

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Australia Sydney Job ConneXion - From USD 809

This is the ultimate beginning to an epic adventure in Australia. The Sydney ConneXion is all about having an amazing first week, meeting new friends and doing some incredible adventures fully guided in one of the coolest cities in the world. Whilst you're out having fun we take care of all the hassle enabling you to get set up with a job with a 12 month membership access of the best backpacker job network in Australia. Everything is taken care for you so no worries about arriving in Australia this can turn into one of the most daunting yet exciting things you will ever do!

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Australia Surf Dude Surf Development Course - From USD 2369

Doing the surf development course is an amazing experience. You will spend a couple of months developing your surf skills on some great Australia breaks. Everybody at the camp is so enthusiastic that you will have a good time and enjoy the surfers life style. Our professional surf instructors help you to push your surf abilities and you will become a real surf dude. Together with beach parties, BBQ's, sun and your new friends, this will be an awesome experience!

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Whitsundays Sailing Crew Jobs Course Australia - From USD 2779

Whitsundays sailing course Australia Want to get paid to do a job you love? Sailing on luxury yachts over the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays in Australia? This is the ultimate Australia gap year programme training you to qualify as a salty sea dog, and work on boats all over the world. After this 23 day internship you have exceptionally good chances of being paid up to $500 a week too!

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Work in Australia For Backpackers - From USD 309

Perfect for first-time travellers, this package includes advice and practical help with everything from visas to airport transfer, accommodation to finding a job. Stay and work in Sydney or explore the country with new friends.

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14 Day Oz East Coast Adventure - From USD 3059

14 Day Oz East Coast Adventure Starting in Sydney or Cairns you travel the East Coast of Australia in the company of fellow adventurers on an tour to remember. With lots of mini adventures on the way like Fraser island and the Whitsundays there is plenty of action on this epic road trip. Perfect if you are pushed for time and want to "do" the east coast in a few weeks.

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Aussie Surf Trip - From USD 599

Do you want to live the Aussie Dream? Beaches, waves and great new mates, this is what it is all about dude. Beach parties, incredible breaks and learning to surf on some of Australias most untouched beaches. We will take you from Sydney to Byron Bay on an unforgettable 5 day surfari, all you have to do is look good on a board and enjoy Aussie BBQs and hospitality.

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Learn to Earn In The Australian Outback - From USD 839

Experience the Australian outback and get paid to work up to 12 months on a real Australian Ranch! This 2 week trips gives you the unique opportunity to experience a new way of life in the Australian Outback! Including fun activities like riding horses, motor bikes, quad bikes, 4 x 4 and tractors. So if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, sign up and start earning down under.

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If you are planning on taking a gap year in Australia, the best thing to do is to talk to us about your plans and we can tailor make the perfect trips for you. So take the opportunity to get in contact with us and we can give you the best insight into your trip based on our own experiences. We know Australia well, we even have an office located in Sydney.

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Jobs In Australia & Support On The Sydney ConneXion

Finding Work Taking the stress out of finding a paid job in Australia!

Xtreme Sydney Connexion (6)RSA1After an amazing first week in Sydney we will help you get a job. Great so you have made loads of mates and now you’re going to make loads of dough! After the first week is up you can arrange appointments with our job support team at our offices in Sydney. They are constantly recruiting for work and travel positions all over Australia.

So when you are ready to commit to finding work abroad in Australia It is really easy for you. The job assistance team is available in the office Monday to Friday and can help you out by reviewing your CV, giving you advice and running through the latest backpacker jobs. The service is not just limited to Sydney, they find jobs all over Australia and you can communicate with them on the move via e-mail and phone.

There are thousands of amazing jobs on offer for backpackers in Australia. You are pretty much only limited by your imagination, you can find work in the cities, in surfer towns, the mountains or outback.

It really takes the pressure off knowing that there is a team dedicated to help you apply and setup job interviews. Even though you may not be looking to find paid work in Australia for the entire year, the job support service lasts an 12 months.

That’s great because you never know way Australia adventure will take you. A large percentage of people on a working holiday Visa, do extend to a second year.

It’s not actually just the physical assistance that is beneficial in helping you with your job search. You can use the free Wi-Fi access in the office if you have your own laptop or smart phone which helps you access the jobs database.

You can also use their printer for printing out your CV. Now if this sounds petty, believe us it’s not. Wi-Fi access in Australia is quite expensive so it’s the little things that really make your job search less hassle.

One of the great things about this program is that the Australia job support service is totally flexible around you. That means you can go after the jobs that inspire you, after all your Australia trip is more about fun but working. That worklife balance is completely in your control. With plenty of access to loads of Australian jobs, it can really make your trip amazing. Work for a couple of weeks in one location, and then move onto another having more money saved up then you started with!

What you get with the job support programme:

An entire year’s access to an exclusive online jobs database and job finding service.

A CV review service.

You will be amazed how a few changes can mean more job offers. Our team are experts in reviewing Australia work travel Cvs The best advice about living working in travelling around Australia from expert mentors.

Your own Australian bank account set up online for you to enable you to manage your finances easily.

We will set you up with an Australian telephone (mobile) number. You will pick up your Sim card in Sydney but your mobile phone number will be e-mailed to you before you leave. That means before you even enter Australia you can get contacted by employers offering interviews! A Tax File Number – To receive an income in Australia you need to have a Tax File Number And without it you would get taxed heavily. The moment you arrive we will sort this out for you. Help getting your refund tax back. On average we get people nearly $3000 ( Australian) or £1500 of tax back prior to coming home. Now that’s enough to kill those post travel blues.

Medicare Arranged.

This means you could get health cover on an Australian national health service equivalent. This is a reciprocal agreement between the UK and Australian authorities but it needs to be set up on arrival. You can use Wi-Fi at our offices. You can use our printers as well. Expecting snail mail? No worries we will hold your Post for you for up to 12 months. It’s pretty handy to have a fixed postal address in Australia when you are moving around. We will give you all the help and advice you need about finding long-term accommodation the duration of your stay. We also arrange a travellers discount card which says you loads of money on hostels, tours and travel products all over Australia. If you are looking to work in hospitality: we will set you up with an inclusive bar skills course. You will also get an online responsible service of alcohol course valid in Queenstown, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. Please note the New South Wales And Victoria one is different you can have access to that as well Paying a small local payment supplement.

The Australia job finding service is pretty amazing. It helps sort you out on arrival, and covers pretty much everything you need. It genuinely can help you get a job in Australia from the very start. Please note it is just a job finding service, your employment contract is between you and your end employers. We are not responsible for what happens during your employment.

How much can I expect to earn? Wages vary depending on where you are and what you are doing obviously. On average people earn up to £15 per hour. Now this is a huge improvement on the UK minimum wage, but the Australian dollar is strong and wages are good. Also the economy is very point in Australia.

Will you help me out with tax? We will sort out your tax file number, and your employers will be dealing with your tax as you earn. It works on a very similar systems the UK. Whilst tax is a necessary evil, it’s nice to know you can claim much of it back when you leave Australia, with some refunds being up to $3000 on average! That’s a great way to head home knowingly have plenty of money still in your bank account.

When should I book and when can I start looking for jobs?

Almost immediately. Although the best jobs get taken very quickly, so it’s better to sign up sooner rather than later before heading to Australia. We do have limited availability on this program, so make sure you book early. We will need a least two weeks to get everything together and usually the working holiday Visa comes through in two days. On average people book six months ahead because it gives them peace of mind that their places secured on this unrivalled job finding service.

Where can I go in Australia?

Anywhere you want! Although after your first week in Sydney you may want to hang around for a bit as it is an amazing city you don’t have to do. Are so many places to visit in Australia, and loads of jobs all over the place. Where takes your fancy you can head there knowing that you have the full backup and support of our jobs team to help find you a job at a moments notice.

How long do I have to stay in Australia?

The working holiday Visa is valid for one year from the point of entry. You do not have to stay for one year however. In fact there is no minimum amount of time. There are some restrictions, you are not allowed to work for one employer for more than three months. If you want to stay for two years you can do that but you need to do agricultural work for a minimum of three months. [/fusion_tab]

Check out some gap year in Australia programs below.

Further help and advice.


Planning a gap year in Australia.

Planning your gap year in Australia depends on your goals. Do you want to just travel on your  gap year Australia, or if you want to be work as well on your gap year in Australia? Check out the things to do when travelling in Australia for advise also.
Most people choose to work down under and secure a working holiday visa for their  gap year in Australia. The working holiday visa is valid for a year and enables you to undertake casual work for one year. After the year is up you can extend this to 2 years if you under take a couple of months agricultural work on your  gap year in Australia).
Then next important step for your Australia gap year is to plan your arrival. One of the most important parts of any gap year in Australia and can also be the most stressful. It is important to get it right as your first couple of weeks on your gap year in Australia sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Making your arrival on your gap year in Australia easy!

Work Up Australia (39)You have lots to do in the first few days on your gap year in Australia, with finding suitable longer term accommodation, or looking for  jobs in Australia, meeting new people and making good friends and acclimatising to your new life on your gap year in Australia.
Taking the hassle out of your arrival we have an a range of great arrival packages for you, in all main ports of entry making your first week hassle free.
We can also provide a range of work and play down under packages, making finding a work on your  gap year in Australia  much easier and takes all the administration and hassle out of securing your working holiday visa, medical care and tax numbers.
Staying in hostels, like the ones in our Australia work arrival packages can help you locate work on your gap year in Australia far quicker than staying in hotels: casual work is always posted on notice boards in reception and you easily meet people who can help with advice for work going around. Many people find jobs on their gap year in Australia to top up their travelling budgets on a round the world trip

Surfing on your gap year in Australia

Aussie Surf Trip (7)The most popular and exciting extreme sport in Australia, surfing. We have several surfing programmes that will introduce you too, or improve your existing surf skills up to instructor level.
On our Australia learn to surf programme, you will be taught how to ride your first waves and could start you on your way to a new addiction. The learn to surf programme is also a great way of meeting travellers as you stay as a cool beachside surf base for a couple of days living the life, having bbqs and hanging out and surfing.

I[/dropcap]f you really take to it why not spend 12 weeks being a proper Australia surfer dude? Perhaps you want to combine both making money and surfing on your Australia gap year Australia surf instructor programme could be for you.

Diving on your gap year in Australia

With 2 stunning reefs and incredible marine diversity Australia is a great place to dive. the quality of the diving is world class and spending time on a livaboard on the great barrier reef or Whitsundays is an unforgettable experience. If you want to go pro and do an Divemaster course in Australia we can help you with this.

Travel on your gap year in Australia.

If you want to get about and explore on your gap year in Australia, their are lots of adventure travel options open to you. The different options are dependent upon your style of travel and budget. Many like to go solo on their gap year in Australia, or in a small groups. Arranging the logistics of travel on your gap year in Australia does not have to be expensive. We can assist you with the issue of Oz experience bus tickets, a hop on hop off backpacker bus network (it is cheaper to book through us than go direct). Oz Experience is an ideal solution for travel during your gap year in Australia as they are inexpensive and flexible.We can also tailor open itineraries that include open ended tickets for the main backpacker attractions, like Fraser island 4x4s and Whitsunday cruises: 2 of the most popular backpacker activities on a gap year in Australia. These can get be so popular that it is advisable to book well in advance through us, and not wait until you get out there, as there can be long waiting lists to do these activities. This can be irritating, but once you do them you will understand why, the settings are spectacular.

Travel in Australia by Car

Xtreme Gap Australia travel5Some like to buy a cheapo car or campervan and drive around on their gap year in Australia. this can be fun but also very risky: While many are lured into the attraction of regaining their money at the end of the trip when they sell the car, the reality is old cars need maintenance, insurance and breakdown cover, this is especially true in a harsh country like Australia. It is not a great idea to be stranded in the outback either, and if your car dies, so does the money you have invested in it. Other find that they do not allow enough time to sell the car at the end, or worse no one wants to buy it, and then they loose all their money invested in it as well (car in Australia are actually not that cheap).
We would recommend rental as a better option, a camper or wicked campers, this is can be a fun way to travel on your gap year in Australia, but not a sociable as travelling on a group tour.

Travel in Australia by group tour

Australia gap year tours are a great way to see the country when you have a short amount of time to spend in Oz, particularly if you are on a round the world ticket and you don’t want to spend your entire gap year in Australia, will take you to many exciting destinations through out Australia, and at the same time you will meet lots of like minded people and cover the necessary distances to get around.
On this site you can see all of our gap year in Australia group travel options.

Travelling the east coast on your gap year in Australia

By far the most popular gap year in Australia option is touring the east coast. Typically itineraries include visiting Byron Bay (surfing), Fraser island (off roading), Byron Bay, , Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, the Whitsundays Island and Cairns for cape tribulation and the great barrier reef.
Cairns, Brisbane and Mission Beach has 3 of Australias best drop zones: want to skydive on your gap year in Australia then these are the places to do it. Then you have Fraser island a huge sand island with crystal clear fresh water lakes, hundreds of miles of beach and dingos! This is the ultimate in off roading jump in and self drive a 4×4 and hit the sand ahighlight of any  gap year in Australia.

Hitting western Australia on your gap year.

Western Australia is stunningly beautiful. Those in the know say this is what Australia is all about. Most people enter Perth, the only city in Australia where you can see a sunset into the ocean. With the amazingly incredible beaches and the equally beautiful Ningaloo reef a gap year in western Australia is breath taking. The 21 day Darwin to Perth tour will take you from Northern Australia to the west coast city Perth, covering some of the most geographically stunning areas of Western Australia and the continent as a whole along the way.
jobs in western Australia can be different to the east coast. Working in mines and diving for pearls a are not uncommon for the more adventurous gapper on a western Australia gap year!

Travelling into the outback on your gap year in Australia

Learn to Earn In The Australian Outback (7)The red centre is a top destination for any gap year in Australia. Understandably, It is like nowhere else on earth. You can visit Uluru on your gap year in Australia, on our 2 day red centre tour or you could combine a trip right through the centre of Australia on an Australia gap year tour departing Darwin in the North to Adelaide in the south.
The Northern Territories on your Australia gap year.
One of the highlights of an Aussie gap year is seeing the North of the country. Kakadu national park (check it out with our 4 day 4wd safari). One of the most spectacular natural settings you get to play crocodile Dundee and can experience ancient aboriginal rock art, if you are looking for culture on your gap year in Australia, then this is where you will find it!

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