Gili Freediving Programme, Indonesia

Learn To Freedive In Indonesia

The Gili Islands located just a short distance away from Bali are the perfect location to learn to free dive. Based at a top free diving school, you will be under the instruction of some of the worlds best free dive instructors, where you can learn the theory and skills necessary to dive deep on a single breath of air.

Whilst we offer free diving courses in lots of different locations all over the world, there’s something very special about the Gili Islands, maybe it’s because you are not limited by depth (if you could go deeper than 200m although you certainly won’t be able to do that on this course). Perhaps you just want a taste of this exciting sport, or you really want to develop your free diving skills in which case we have some pretty advanced courses as well.

If you want to learn more about free diving check this Freediving link.

Gili Freediving Programme, Indonesia: Trip Highlights

  • Learning the theory behind Apnea and overcoming your fear to go deeper
  • Training under British national record holder Mike Board
  • Experiencing the awesome feeling the first time you break the negative buoyancy barrier becoming completely weightless.
  • Discovering more amazing things your body is truly capable of when you learn how to master it properly.
  • Checking out the beautiful underwater world surrounding the Gili Islands.
  • Enjoying the tropical island lifestyle sitting on white sandy beaches with the coconut arrak!

Gili Freediving Programme, Indonesia Photos


Depending on which course you will be doing the itinerary is as follows::


  •  Introduction to freediving
  •  Freediving Equipment orientation
  •  Physiology
  •  Mammalian Dive Reflex
  •  Understanding Pressure
  •  Equalization
  •  Freediving skills: duckdiving, finning technique, the ascent and descent
  •  2 section breathing
  •  Freediving safety


  •  Pre-dive Stretching
  •  Equipment adjustment
  •  Breathing revision (in water)
  •  Equalizing
  •  Duck diving, finning technique, streamlining
  •  Arms only technique
  •  Dives to 12m
  •  Freediving safety
  •  Black out and Loss of Motor Control rescue techniques


  •  Aquatic Environment
  •  Water Movement – Tides and Currents, Wind and Waves
  •  Planning your Freediving session
  •  Freediving Safety – Freediving and Scuba diving
  •  Training for Freediving


  • Stretching for Freediving
  •  Breating revision
  •  Constant Weight (with fins) diving to 20m max (min 10m)
  •  Practice recovery of an unconscious diver (black out) underwater from 10m
  •  Loss of Motor Control rescue on the surface
  •  Duckdiving, finning technique, streamlining
  •  Ascending arms only from 10m
  •  Surfacing and recovery breathing Advanced Freediver Course
  •  Physiology
  •  Pressure and Depth
  •  Mammalian Dive Reflex
  •  Breathing technique
  •  Deep equalization technique
  •  Advanced Freediving skills
  •  Freediving Safety
  •  Stretching
  •  Breathing revision
  •  Static Apnea
  •  Static Apnea training techniques
  •  Static Apnea safety
  •  Dynamic Apnea techniques
  •  Dynamic Apnea without fins technique
  •  Stretching and Warming up
  •  Duckdive revision
  •  Frenzel equalization
  •  Streamlining and orientation
  •  Finning technique
  •  Lung volumes
  •  Thoracic stretching
  •  Warm-ups for freediving
  •  Freefall/Glide phase
  •  Daltons Law and Shallow Water Blackout
  •  Competitions
  •  Aquatic Environment
  •  Training for Freediving
  •  Constant Weight (CWT) Freediving
  •  Freefalling
  •  Frenzel Equalization
  •  Proper turns at depth
  •  Buddy system and Freediving Safety
  •  Thoracic Stretching
  •  Warm-up dives
  •  CWT dives
  •  Frenzel Equalization practice
  •  Freefalling
  •  Ascending arms only from 15m
  •  Ascending without mask from 15m
  •  Freediving safety dives
  •  Rescue of blacked out diver from 15m
  •  Loss of Motor Control rescue at surface
  •  Warm-up dives
  •  CWT dives to max 30m (min 20m)
  •  Free Immersion dives

The Master course is a in total (incl beginner and advanced) 2 week training especially for freedivers who want to do more than just the beginner and advanced. If you wish to maximize your potential and see just how deep they can go! Students train progressively over the duration of the course and increase both breath-hold and depth from day to day.


2 Week - Dorm & SSI level I 2 & Deep

USD 2049

What's Included?

  • Pre departure information
  • Accommodation in dorms
  • Training gear
  • Instruction
  • Certification
  • 2 yoga classes per week

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Meals
  • Transfers to the Gilis (Can be arranged for you though)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Visa required will depend on the length of stay planned. Visa on arrival (30-days US$25) You automatically get 30-days on arrival when you enter into the country. You will need to pay for this at the airport, and it is best to bring US$ notes dated from the year 2000 onwards for the payment. Most airport immigration offices will not accept credit cards, so be prepared with the cash.

    Once your first 30-days runs out you can visit the Immigration office in Lombok and apply for an additional 30-days for around $50. This involves one day spent in Lombok and a lot of Indonesia paperwork, so can be a day wasted if you are on a tight schedule! If you know you want to be here for longer than one month, then it is best to come prepared with a 60-day tourist visa.

    Tourist Visa (60-days, cost depends on the Embassy where visa application is processed) For anyone planning to be here for up to 2 months, a 60-day tourist visa is definitely the easiest way to go. These visas need to be pre-arranged and collected from an embassy outside of the country before entering into Indonesia. The time taken to process the visa is usually 3 working days, and the cost will depend on which embassy you are using. You can check the latest requirements on our Visa section.

  • Apart from the tourist attractions like temples and waterfalls, and the usual beach activities like sunbathing and snorkelling, you can go fishing, horse riding, water skiing, wakeboarding, and there is a surf break to the south of the island for the experienced surfer. If any of you are golfers there is a fantastic 18 hole course 10 minutes away in the speed boat. It’s not a cheap day out when compared to everything else in Indonesia, but good value for western standards: transport, green fee, clubs, buggy, caddy, lunch and drinks will cost you about $100. The best thing to do on your day of is chilling as this is the island for it!

  • There are no police on Trawangan, however the local population have put together an equivalent organization called SATGAS. They answer to the Kepala Desa (Head of the Village) so if, for example, you lose anything they’ll be your best chance for finding it. There office is located just behind the harbour.

  • No, the aggressive hawkers you may have had experiences with in Bali are not allowed onto the island. However on your way to the Gilis you will possibly come via Bangsal harbour. The hawkers there will try to sell you everything from cigarettes to return tickets, telling you that these are not available on the islands. Everything they offer is available on the island and probably cheaper.

  • While it is perfectly safe to swim and snorkel around the Gilis you should never try to swim to the next island, it is much further than it looks and the currents in the middle of the channel can be very strong even for the best of swimmers.

  • There are no cars, motorbikes, in fact no motorized transport on Trewangan,so no traffic accident will happen. Everything is very close together so there’s no chance of getting lost. The locals are also very friendly and always keep an eye out, so finding staying safe will not be a problem. However just line in every country there is the hazard of getting drunk and feeling unwell. Take it easy as you will always dive the next day. The current of the sea around the Gili´s is very strong so skinny dipping after dark is also not a good idea.

  • On the island Visa/Mastercard, Travellers cheques, and almost any foreign currency are accepted in the western run restaurants. There is also an ATM/cash point machine on the island, however it does not accept all cards and it runs out of cash quite regularly so bring some rupiah as a back up. You can change money at the local money changers and even get cash on credit cards but the exchange rates will not be in your favour and commissions will be charged. We go to Lombok for shopping once a week and at the same time get cash from ATM’s for our customers when the machines on the island do not work.

  • No, despite what you may have heard there is no malaria on Gili Trawangan. Some areas in Lombok (20 minutes by boat) however are known to have it. If you have to take anti malarial medication don’t use Larium, as in about 50% of cases it produces unpleasant side effects when combined with diving.

  • No, you do not need to be fit to learn to free dive. Eben if you have to much body fit, have not been working out for a while and you smoke you can join and learn how to free dive.

  • No, this is something totally different to scuba diving. You do however need to love water, as this is where you will be spending a lot of your time!

Gili Freediving Programme, Indonesia Trip Dates

Flexible start dates.

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