Round The World Ultimate

Head round the world from West to East taking in the sights and sounds of South East Asia’s Thailand and Laos, before heading to Australia and New Zealand for some action! Finish up in the USA completing an awesome road trip from LA to New York before flying home.

May feel like a daunting adventure but its going to be the time of your life! Full backup and support the Xtreme Gap team we will show you how to do it all!

Round The World Ultimate: Trip Highlights

At some point in your life you will be old. We say bollocks to that.

Fact. You will be a bit boring too. Crushed under the responsibility of kids and a mortgage and most likely tormented by a boss who is an utter dickhead.

When your kids ask you what you did in your lifetime,  what will you tell them?  Our answer?

Everything. And then some. You only live once, so do that. Really. LIVE.

So Here Is What You Are In For:

Freediving, washing elephants and fullmoon party in Thailand | Fullmoon Party Thailand |River Tubing | Skydiving | White Water Rafting| Surfing | Drinking Goon| Sydney Harbour Cruising| The Great Barrier Reef Free Diving | Rainforest Treks | Fraser Island Off Roading | Whitsundays Marine Park Sailing| Australia East Coast Road Trippin | Canyon Swings | Bungee Jumps (optional) | Jet Boating| Exploring America!



The Xtreme Thailand Experience

Four weeks full of activities. The Thailand Experience takes place in various different locations in Thailand with 2 weeks of beach time. You are in for some incredible activities like working with Elephant Mahouts for a week, jungle trekking your last 2 weeks will be on Koh Tao. Koh Tao is the most popular tropical island in the Glf of Thailand offering amazing activities and beaches. Lots is included!


After 4 weeks in Thailand it is time to hit Laos. Stunningly beautiful and packed with fun adventures like the world famous river tubing. Laos is accessed from Bangkok so no need to book further flights. You jump on a hop on hop off pass called the Tom Yum, or you can opt to include Cambodia as well on a Mekong pass or Cambodia and Vietnam on the Lot pass (extra costs apply).


Arrival into Australia is pretty Xtreme…

This is  just the the start of a very epic adventure, over the next few months (8 weeks to 12 months – up to you) you will be travelling the east coast.

Surfing, jumping out of planes, navigating raging thundering rivers, off roading on sand islands, exploring marine parks, drinking a lot in Australia vibrant cities!

Meeting new people and generally having a massive laugh…you can work if you want to on a WHV (we have lots of options you can bolt on to assist with this), or just go hell for leather having the time of your life.

New Zealand

After Australia it is time to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A Flexible hop on hop off pass taking in both north and south islands. But that is not all, we have some but clenching adrenaline activities for you in Queenstown, 5 days full of adrenaline activities including a skydive, Jet boating, Canyon swinging! Try not to crap your pants.


Eventually, it will be time to leave the southern hemisphere, onwards to the USA for an incredible American adventure. Road Trippin from LA to New York with all that is in between. That is a lot by the way, Vegas, National parks like Yellowstone, cities, states, big cars, big burgers and meeting people with names like Bud, Hank and Elvis Jr III.

The Ultimate Round The World Trip Inclusions:

  • Totally customised Round the World travel programme tailored to your travels with your own Xtreme Gap travel adviser
  • Airport pick up in Thailand and Australia
  • Travel planning pack to help find the best flight deals and structure your own travel planning
  • 4 week trip in Thailand packed with culture, adventure, relaxation and action
  • Plenty of beach time on stunning Koh Tao
  • Flexible hop on hop off pass to back pack through Laos, with an option to add on Cambodia and Vietnam
  • Up to 12 months in Australia on the Ultimate Australia trip
  • 4 day Australia arrival pack, with an option to ad on work and travel
  • An epic surf trip (see video section), skydiving, jet boating, whitewater rafting, jungle trips, great barrier reef trips, Fraser island 4×4 jeep adventure, sailing in the Whitsundays and optional great barrier reef diving trip
  • East coast hop on hop off bus pass
  • Nearly 3 weeks of accommodation in Australia
  • Queenstown adrenaline activities including jet boating, the infamous shotover canyon swing and the worlds greatest drop zone skydive.
  • A detailed predeparture pack
  • 24 hour emergency support

Round The World Ultimate Photos



Standard included in this trip

  1. Thailand: Thailand Experience. Duration: 4 weeks
  2. Laos: Laos Backpacker bus pass Tom Yum. Duration: Flexible
  3. Australia: Ultimate Australia. Duration: Flexible
  4. New Zealand: New Zealand backpacker bus pass Stray Max Pass. Duration: Flexible
  5. New Zealand: Queenstown Adrenaline overload. Duration: 5 days
  6. America: La to New York Road trip. Duration: 21 days
Xtreme Thailand Experience:

Experience Thailand with our top selling trip. Four adventure-filled weeks, that will take you from Bangkok to the heart of Thailand, to the tropical beaches of Koh Tao. Our included airport collection, Thai guides, guaranteed group numbers and jam-packed itinerary make this ideal for first time or solo travellers. Meet new people, make new friends, plus choose from 5 awesome activities for your 3rd week and have an unforgettable month-long journey.

Ultimate Australia:

Is your dream travelling Australia? Then this is your ultimate road trip. One action packed backpacker trip you will never forget, taking in the very best of Australia. Surfing, skydiving, and diving as you head up the coast in search of good times and incredible adventures. Everything is arrange for you that you need, arrival, transport and awesome activities! It is flexible too, so you can spend up to 6 months completing it as well, and even include some work travel too.

USA Road Trip LA to New York:

The Ultimate USA road trip! Traverse the USA from New York to Los Angeles. Travelling in a small group of independent travellers your will experience fast paced East, the slow moving South and the laid back West with exciting adrenaline activities on the way. Las Vegas, New York, LA, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon and so much more…

Backpacking in South East Asia:

Get off the beaten path and visit Laos! Let us take you off the beaten path on our backpacker trip in Laos. Starting in Bangkok Thailand, you can head through one of the most rewarding countries in South East Asia, and experience the joys of tubing, waterfalls and mind boggling scenery and beer Lao!

Queenstown Adrenaline Overload:

The perfect bolt on to any Hop on hop off pass. The mother of all adrenaline adventures. The Xtreme Gap New Zealand Adrenaline Tour. You will have the time of your life travelling through the country jumping off high things, out of flying things and doing dare devil adventures that will make you go weak at the knees. You can relax in the knowledge that because it is pre booked, you will get to do all the things you set out to do, before drinking your budget away at the bar.


There are several accommodation options included in this programme. You can see some of the accommodation options  here.

  • In Thailand all accommodation is included
  • In Laos no accommodation is included
  • In Australia almost 3 weeks of accommodation is included
  • In New Zealand 16 nights included
  • In the USA 21 nights included

You stay in well run hostels through out, with the exception of the USA which is camping.


20 Week - Thailand Laos Australia New Zealand USA

USD 9499

What's Included?

See the programme pages for what is included

What's Excluded?

  • Flights (although we can help arrange – budget 1.213 to 1.819
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Spending money
  • Meals other than those included on the itineraries
  • Drinks
  • Spending money

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely! You can take parts out or add more in, everything is customisable so just ask us for suggestions. Remember we have been on all of the trips so we can tailor make the best itinerary for you and your budget.

  • Request trip notes on the right and we will email you with lots of useful ideas, websites and things to help you get started….

  • The cost of your airline travel is not included in the trip, we can put you in touch with our preferred round the world flight partners who can help with booking the necessary flights to complete the trip. Expect to pay in the region of about £1300 for a standard round the world flight….

  •  Many of the different sections of the trip (with the exception of the LA to New York trip, are flexible on dates. So you can spend longer in one place than the other, if you like the look of some dreamy tropical island somewhere or perhaps want to combine some work and travel.

  • Special payment conditions

    On round the world bookings we   can stage payment to make it easier to save, you can of course pay all at once.

    Payment Schedule

    • Time of booking if travelling in more than 6 months -25% deposit of the balance
    • At 16 Weeks until departure – 50% of the balance
    • 12 weeks before departure – the remaining 25% balance.

    This ensures you have enough time to save for your flights, spending money and insurance.

Round The World Ultimate Trip Dates

Start Dates 2018

02 December 2018

Start Dates 2019

06 January 2019
03 February 2019
03 March 2019
07 April 2019
05 May 2019
02 June 2019
30 June 2019
28 July 2019
25 August 2019
29 September 2019
27 October 2019
24 November 2019
22 December 2019

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