Round the World Travel & Work, Thailand – Laos – Australia

Starting off with the Incredible Thailand Experience.

4 weeks of culture, action and beach in Thailand followed by a flexible but guided backpacker trip through Laos before heading to Australia. In Australia, you have the opportunity to choose between the sailing course, where you learn to work on yachts, or the Outback Cowboy course and find work afterwards! Save up some extra cash and travel again!

Round the World Travel & Work, Thailand – Laos – Australia: Trip Highlights

The best parts of Thailand and Laos and amazing work opportunities in Australia

The best trip if you want to have some chill and travel time in Asia before joining a learn to earn course in Australia. With a high change of work opportunities afterwards. Get a tan, get educated on Thailand and Laos, meet lots of backpackers and obtain a new set of skills on a boot or a ranch… up to you!

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Section 1: Xtreme Thailand Experience

Experience Thailand with our top selling trip, The Thailand Experience. Four adventure-filled weeks, that will take you from Bangkok to the heart of Thailand to the tropical beaches of Koh Tao. Our included airport collection, amazing guides, guaranteed group numbers and jam-packed itinerary make this ideal for first time or solo travellers. Meet new people, make new friends, join the full moon party, plus choose from awesome activities for your 3rd week and have an unforgettable month-long journey.

Link to Thailand Experience

Section 2: Backpacking in South East Asia

Get off the beaten path and visit Laos! Let us take you off the beaten path on our backpacker trip in Laos. Starting and ending in Bangkok Thailand, you can head through one of the most rewarding countries in South East Asia, and experience the joys of tubing, waterfalls and mind boggling scenery and beer Lao!

Link to Laos programme

Section 3 option 1: Whitsundays Sailing Crew Jobs Course Australia

There are 2 options on this trip to get yourself a new set of skills. One is the Whitsundays sailing course Australia. Want to get paid to do a job you love? Working on luxury yachts over the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays in Australia? This is the ultimate Australia gap year programme, training you to qualify as a salty sea dog, and work on boats all over the world. After this 23 day internship you have exceptionally good chances of being paid up to $500 a week too!

Link to Whitsunday sailing programme

Section 3 option 1: Learn to Earn In The Australian Outback

Option number two to get yourself an amazing new skills is to join the Experience the Outback programme and get paid to work up to 6 months on a real Australian Ranch! This 2 week trips gives you the unique opportunity to experience a new way of life in the Australian Outback! Including fun activities like riding horses, motor bikes, quad bikes, 4 x 4 and tractors. So if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, sign up and start earning down under. This programme gives you 1 week to explore Sydney where we help you to get set up to work (bank account, tax file number etc) and 1 week training on a Ranch in the outback.

Link to Outback programme


24 Week - Outback Course

USD 3949

24 Week - Whitsundays Sailing Course

USD 5249

What's Included?

  • Xtreme Thailand Experience. 4 weeks. Set start date
  • Back pack in South East Asia. Flexible duration. No set start date
  • Train to work or on a Yacht or in the Outback. Set start date

See individual trips for inclusions.

What's Excluded?

  • Flights (although we can help arrange – budget up to £1800)
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Spending money
  • Meals other than those included on the itineraries
  • Return transfer from Koh Tao to Bangkok (but can be arranged locally for approx GBP 20)
  • Meals on Koh Tao (Approx £6 – 15 per day)
  • Open water course upgrade (bookable as an upgrade)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely! You can take parts out or add more in, everything is customisable so just ask us for suggestions. Remember we have been on all of the trips so we can tailor make the best itinerary for you and your budget.

  • You can simply ask us! We have travelled extensively to these destinations can give you first-hand advice as to what to do expect.

  • The cost of your airline travel is not included in the trip, we can put you in touch with our preferred round the world flight partners who can help with booking the necessary flights to complete the trip. Expect to pay in the region of about £1300 for a standard round the world flight….

  • With the exception of the start date for the Xtreme Thailand Experience, and the Course (Cowboy or Sailing) everything else is flexible so you can spend as long as you like on this trip.

  • You are responsible for arranging your working Holiday visa for Australia and you need to do this before travelling to Australia. It takes about 2 weeks to apply for one and costs around 150 GBP if you arrange it yourself. You can apply for one online. Its fairly simple..

  • You might want help with getting sorted, this is included in the Outback Gold pack, not in the sailing course. If you like to combine it with a crazy and fun time in Sydney have a look at the Sydney Connexion work and travel programme

  • Special payment conditions

    On round the world bookings we can stage payment to make it easier to save, you can of course pay all at once.

    Payment Schedule

    • Time of booking if travelling in more than 6 months -25% deposit of the balance
    • At 16 Weeks until departure – 50% of the balance
    • 12 weeks before departure – the remaining 25% balance.

    This ensures you have enough time to save for your flights, spending money and insurance.

Round the World Travel & Work, Thailand – Laos – Australia Trip Dates

Start Dates 2019

29 September 2019
27 October 2019

2020 start dates

Saturday 25 January 2020
Saturday 22 February 2020
Saturday 07 March 2020
Sunday 22 March 2020
Saturday 05 April 2020
Saturday 19 April 2020
Sunday 17 May 2020
Sunday 21 June 2020
Sunday 05 July 2020
Saturday 18 July 2020
Sunday 02 August 2020
Sunday 16 August 2020
Sunday 13 September 2020
Sunday 11 October 2020
Thursday 12 November 2020
Friday 11 December 2020

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Round the World Travel & Work, Thailand – Laos – Australia
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