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Get Your Diving Qualifications On In Paradise!

Koh Tao is one of the most popular diving destinations in South East Asia, and the Xtreme Gap Year dive school is one of the most popular and top-rated dive schools on the island! Young, funky and fresh, we make it as fun and exciting as possible to get you diving certification. Or if you are already a qualified diver, you can also book a week with 10 fun dives.

Nowhere else in the world certifies as many divers as in Koh Tao, this makes it one of the best places in the world, but not all dive schools in the same come get your qualifications with us and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time doing it.

Learn To Dive In Koh Tao: Trip Highlights

There are some really good reasons you should consider your dive training here:

  • Very high standards of instruction due to the fact the scuba instructors are constantly training people and keeping their skills fresh
  • Koh Tao is one of the best value places to learn to dive in the world
  • Our dive school is consistently rated as one of the best on trip advisor
  • There is a great young atmosphere on the Island, where diving is the main activity for visitors
  • Your certificate is for life, and you can dive anywhere in the world!
  • We include your own ensuite accommodation at a very nice resort with pool, minutes away from the beach!
  • There is plenty to see under the water! With dive sites like Chumporn pinnacle and South West being some of the nicer dive sites in Thailand

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Recommended!!! Our most basic standard of accommodation, with an ensuite bathroom, satellite television, twin beds, ceiling fan and private terrace to enjoy the garden view and socialising.

  • Fan
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet WiFi
  • Balcony
  • Ensuite bathroom

If you like a room with aircon expect to pay 200 gbp a week more. Please check with us for current pricing.


The resort is a 5 minute walk from the beach and the dive school. The resort has a love pool, and a beautiful garden to chill in. there is also a restaurant with Thai and western food.


3 Days - Open Water Course Only

USD 449

7 Days - AOW & One Week Accommodation

USD 639

7 Days - Fun dive pack 10 dives (only for qualified divers)

USD 699

7 Days - Rescue & One Week Accommodation

USD 779

7 Days - OW & AOW & One Week Accommodation

USD 1029

20 Days - Xtreme Diver OW to Rescue with Deep Wreck & Nitrox | Private Standard Fan Room

USD 2499

What's Included?

All diving courses include the following:

  • Pre departure information
  • Advice regarding transport to Koh Tao
  • Taxi pick up from the pier on Koh Tao, and transfer to accommodation
  • Welcome dinner and island introduction
  • Dive equipment for rent
  • Instruction from PADI registered dive instructors
  • Dive manuals and books
  • Accommodation at a great resort close to the dive school
  • Certification cards for course booked
  • If you book the Fun dive pack (only possible when you are a certified diver already) you get 10 dives included!

What's Excluded?

  • Medical Fee (approx £11)
  • Flights
  • Visa (you receive a free 30-day visa upon arrival)
  • Insurance
  • Meals and Drinks
  • Transfer to and from Koh Tao

Frequently Asked Questions

    • If you want to learn to scuba dive to a basic level with a maximum depth of 18 metres then the open water (OW) course is for you. After you learn to scuba dive with this certification you can dive anywhere in the world.
    • If you want to learn to scuba dive to an advanced level the advanced open water (AOW) will qualify you to 30 metres. You will learn about diving to deeper depths and also gain more experience in the water.
    • If you want to learn to scuba dive to a professional level then take a divemaster course, and as a pre requisite you will need your rescue diver qualification.

  • If you already have scuba diving qualifications, but you are a little rusty then you need to complete a scuba review. This takes a couple of hours and costs £30. This can be arranged locally.

  • Learning to dive is relatively easy and you do not even have to be that fit to learn to dive. Healthy yes, but athletic, no. If you have any medical conditions that might conflict with diving you can research them here

  • certifications follow a very efficient and easy learning process, yes you need to study, but you do not have to be a genius to pass your exams. People only fail when they do not study the learning modules at all. But considering if you enrolled on the course, this would indicate that you actually want to learn to scuba dive, and furthermore as you are learning about safety aspects related to diving, that should be incentive enough to hit the books.

  • This depends on the level you want to learn to scuba dive. An open water course takes on average 3 or 4 days, advanced 2 days. If you are in a hurry you can get to rescue qualified in a week. Your Divemaster course is a different matter. In theory, it only takes 60 dives, however you probably want to make the most of the course. Taking your time is as beneficial as it is fun. The more diving experience you gain on your course the better skilled you become. For this reason the Xtreme Gap divemaster course is a full 12 weeks of pure diving mixed with living on a tropical island: pure bliss.

  • Surprisingly you do not have to be a very strong swimmer to learn to scuba dive, you do however have to be able to complete 8 lengths, (200metres). Remember when learning to dive you will be trained how to use a BCD (buoyancy control device) and also you will wear fins making movement through the water very easy.

  • Well lets face it under water there is an abundance of marine life, if you would rather eat fish than be surrounded by them, perhaps ti s best that you do not learn to scuba dive! Some people are worried about sharks. They get a bad press, most species are completely harmless and you are fortunate to see them as they are very nervous around divers. More over shark attacks are so rare you are far more likely to have an accident out of the water. If you learn to Scuba dive you can spend some time in the water with them and get to understand them a little. If you really want to know more, consider completing our great white shark speciality scuba diving course in South Africa with Shark man Mike Rutzen or consider some of our shark speciality courses in South Africa.

  • A career in Scuba diving is extremely exciting, more over it is lifestyle choice. You will need a minimum of 6 months between your first certification (the first time you learned to scuba dive) and completing your IDC. More information can be found on our Scuba diving instructor course page

  • How do you really know that you want to learn to scuba dive without actually having experienced it? When you learn to scuba dive you will see several distinct benefits. You will learn a new skill, experience a totally new environment, and learn about the marine life and ecology of the oceans. If you learn to Scuba dive you will be engaging in a social activity enabling you to meet new friends and share experiences with like minded people. You will experience moments of wonder and discover a totally different world. When you learn to scuba dive your fitness will improve, as scuba diving gives you a good cardiovascular work out. Some people want to learn to scuba dive as out of sheer curiosity, not all become return divers, but for many their decision to learn to scuba dive opens up a life long hobby that becomes their passion for years.

  • Taking a Gap Year Diving Course is a wonderful way to spend some or all of your gap year. On a gap year diving course, you will learn new skills, be in a social environment, and as you would expect from a gap year diving course, learn to scuba dive!

    Learning to dive in Thailand will mean that you will live in an incredible environment, rich with culture, gorgeous weather, tanned good looking people all out having an amazing time. Our gap year diving courses are based in Koh Tao, one of the worlds top diving course locations. Xtreme gap have partnered with one of the regions leading dive schools to bring you extremely professionally delivered gap year diving courses, the school is a 5 star resort, operating 2 dive boats, meaning that on your gap year diving course the training will be the best and that you will always be able to go diving anytime you choose.

    During a gap year you have the perfect opportunity to take your diving to Divemaster level. This is because you have lots of spare time on your hands and the Divemaster course is the perfect solution to filling lazy days living on a tropical island. Unlimited diving whilst living the life. Perfect.

    If you did not want to go to that level, but you are interested in taking a shorter gap year diving course, then you have several options.

    Firstly you can complete the basic gap year diving course: your open water course. This qualifies you to dive to 18 metres. This is enough to see the beautiful tropical reefs surrounding Koh Tao (or anywhere else in the world for that matter).

    If you really want to experience Scuba diving proper, you would best to complete the second gap year diving course:


    This gap year diving course qualifies you to 30 metres, a lot deeper where different fish species can be found. Take it from us, it is very frustrating seeing a beautiful Whale Shark sink below your open water depth limits and you are unable to follow it. For more detail on this gap year diving course option please click here: Advanced Open Water Course.

    To take full advantage of the Divemaster course and the unlimited diving included with the gap year Divemaster program, you first have to complete the third Gap year diving course: Rescue diver. This is the next stage from Advanced. This Gap Year Diving Course teaches you more about safety aspects of diving, looking out for others, search and rescue and if necessary recovery divers and dealing with and aiding distressed divers. For more information on this gap year, diving course follow this link: rescue diver course

    The best gap year diving course we believe is the Divemaster course, we rate this highly due to the level of experience you gain underwater, the leadership skills you gain and the far more in depth learning about the physics and consequently safety aspects of diving. You can read more about this gap year diving course on the Divemaster page.

    Another fantastic gap year diving course is the underwater videographer course. You need to be a fairly competent diver for this, but the experience is second to none. Being an underwater videographer, not only allows you to earn money on your gap year, it allows you to have an incredible lifestyle, making movies of divers and marine life and selling your movies to customers at dive schools. There are not many gap year diving courses that allow you to earn on your gap year!

    If you really want to extend your diving further, you can go technical, this is really hardcore but worth it for those brave enough!

  • One of the benefits of booking your trip on Koh Tao with Xtreme Gap Year is not only do you get to do this awesome activity, but you will become part of the Xtreme gap family on Koh Tao. We will pick you up from the pier and give you a warm welcome at our stunning resort. On your first night our resident representative will take you out for a gorgeous Thai meal annual get to know all of the other members of the group. When you are booking a trip with us it is not just about the activity so please bear this in mind if you are comparing prices to other companies. No other company has such a big presence in Koh Tao, runs groups of like-minded travellers so booking a trip with us is as much about the friends you make as well as the experiences you will have.

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