Animal Conservation

There is something truly special about taking part in the wildlife conservation project. The We have been supporting wildlife conservation projects are several years, and one thing that is becoming increasingly apparent is that they are more and more in need.

The animals all over the world are running out of space and time. They need help with your assistance on our animal conservation projects you can deliver it.

Big 5 Wildlife Reserve & Community Volunteering South Africa - From USD 1059

Stay in volunteer on big five game reserve in the heart of South Africa near Port Elizabeth. Learn all about the wildlife as you volunteer, helping out with lots of different activities. Care for big cats like lions and leopards. Look after elephants and unusually we even have tigers at the sanctuary. This is hands on conservation work, living in the heart of the reserve in five-star accommodation. No days the same, as you make friends and have an incredible Africa gap year.

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Thailand Ethical Elephant Project - From USD 799

This is not just any elephant programme. The Ethical Elephant project is one of the best out there, and that is why we offer it! This fantastic opportunity will see you working side by side with these majestic creatures, ensuring that they are fed, washed and kept happy the entire time you spend on the project.

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Xtreme Wildlife Experience - From USD 1429

Live amongst the African big five on the exclusive private game reserve with Xtreme gap. It’s like a five-star luxury lodge safari experience at a fraction of the price. Joining the Xtreme conservation team, you will go on daily game drives, monitoring and playing an active role in conservation of wild animals in South Africa. The location really sets this project apart, as well as the wide diversity of animals. A truly epic stunning game reserves, with magnificent views to the sea will make this an incredible African wildlife experience.

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South Africa Adventure - From USD 1199

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, giving you the opportunity to walk alongside of some of Africa's most majestic creatures. With a one or two-week wildlife conservation programme set in in a big five game reserve. Then hit the road and explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, mixed with adrenaline on a one-week garden route, finishing in Cape Town. Awesome group travel with like-minded adventurers it's time to hit South Africa!

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Sri Lanka Experience - From USD 1639

A group travel experience like no other. A sun-drenched, palm-fringed tropical island with turquoise seas. There are lots of action packed weeks to choose from, plus a worthwhile and important turtle conservation project and a chilled beach week at the end! Explore Sri Lanka, its beautiful nature and friendly people while getting a real taste of local life in the tropics.

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Field Guide Course South Africa 4 Weeks or 1 Year - From USD 21990

Xtreme Gap offers courses designed to supply the South Africa safari Industry with high caliber professional Field Guides. But these courses are not only available to people wishing to enter the industry as field guides, but for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the African Bush. So whether you have chosen a professional career linked to wildlife or nature or just finished school and are on a gap year, or if you have possibly taken a career break or are a regular traveller to the bush, this course is for you. Including work experience as a real guide!

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Great White Shark Conservation Project - From USD 789

Great White Shark Conservation Project This programme offers the unique opportunity for volunteers to engage in the important research and conservation of great white sharks in Cape Town, South Africa. If you are adventurous and love the outdoor lifestyle then this is the perfect programme for you to have the most incredible once in a lifetime experience, as you get up close and personal with these infamous creatures!

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Safari Guide Training 28 Days South Africa - From USD 4599

If you want to get under the skin of the African jungle, and really find out what it's like to live in the South African bush surrounded by all the wild animals nature, whilst living in an unfenced camp in the Kruger National Park then this is for you. 100% pure adventure and one unforgettable month.

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Namibia Wildlife Conservation Experience - From USD 1399

Join a group like minded of volunteers on the biggest wildlife conservation project in the world. This spectacular Namibian wildlife project can use your help. Based in raw African natural setting you will take care of lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals and (baby) baboons. You will make a difference and help to save the wild animals of Africa!

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Galapagos Conservation Project - From USD 769

The ultimate conservation experience in the worlds most diverse and naturally rich islands. The Galapagos. Spend up to a month here volunteering on a research project. This program offers a broad and balanced introduction to the forestry conservation projects currently underway on the Galapagos, and will put volunteers right in the thick of it, with hands-on responsibilities, at a central location on San Cristobal.

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South Africa Monkey Rehab - From USD 879

Want to mess about with monkeys all day? Well either work in our office or join this exciting project! The Xtreme Monkey Rehab programme is a really fun african wildlife conservation project. Get hands on and become a surrogate monkey minder from 2 to 12 weeks. All food accommodation provided.

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Animal Conservation  Projects


Whether it’s Marine conservatio or land-based wildlife conservation in Africa, you can do your part and have an amazing travel experience at the same time. As a company we are about adrenaline travel, those special moments of interaction while you travel to make you so incredibly excited you will never forget them. Coming face-to-face with the wild animals of the world will do this for you. In return do your part and help them.

Horses to turtles, from lions to panda ´s and from great whites to whalesharks.

Most of our wildlife conservation programmes are located in  Africa, we even have an amazing horse conservation programme in Mozambique with stunning rescued horses.

Monkey rehab. Yes we said it monkey rehab, but not the Beverly Hills style clinics. You can look after cheeky monkeys in South Africa who have been abandoned orphaned or injured.

We all know, Sharks are now a threatened species. Having survived the hundreds of millions of years, now the great White shark is on the endangered list. You can help in South Africa, on a very exciting great White shark conservation project.

Whilst Africa does feature a lot of wildlife conservation, these kinds of projects and not exclusive to there. We also have Animal conservation programmes in Sri Lanka: Turtle Conservation and elephants.

With all the programmes you will be staying with others who also care for animals, just like you. Combine the animal conservation with other travel progammes to plan a really cool gap year.



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