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Learn Kung fu In China!

There are some things you can choose to do in life that are too cool to pass up. Learning Kung Fu in China with grandmasters and becoming a Kung Fu legend in the home of this ancient martial art has to be number one. This is an incredible opportunity to stay and live in an ancient Chinese temple, whilst training and developing your physical prowess and Kung Fu skills.  A variety of different forms are available including weapons training as well.

This will get you in peak physical fitness, but do not underestimate what is involved with this.  It’s hard work and highly rewarding and an incredible unique opportunity.

Kung Fu Master in China: Trip Highlights

  • Study under Chinese Kung Fu Masters and polish your Kung Fu skills!
  • Live in a beautiful temple, interacting with Buddhist monks and staying in one of the most beautiful regions in China
  • Rapidly and significantly improve your health and fitness
  • Learn ancient martial arts skills in amazing China
  • Train with other like-minded Westerners making lifelong friends in a completely unique environment
  • Enjoy optional evening activities with plenty of cultural experiences to immerse yourself in China
  • Learn the local language of Mandarin as you interact with monks and grandmasters
  •  Become an Xtreme Gap bad Ass Kung Fu master!

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Typical Day: 05.00 am

Wake up

Typical Day: 05.30am

Circuit training – this is compulsory and consists of some of the following: Jogging, Sprinting, Bear Crawls, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Chin-ups, Squats, Hand-stands, Bur-pees, Planks, Jumping, Gymnastic Rings etc.

Typical Day: 06.00am – 07.20am

Martial arts training

Typical Day: 07.30am


Typical Day: 09.00am – 11.30am

A run, followed by further martial arts training – a 20 minute break is included

Typical Day: 12.00 noon


Typical Day: 14.30pm – 17.00pm

another run followed by martial arts training – a 20 minute break is included

Typical Day: 18.00pm


Typical Day: 19.00pm

Evening activity, for example, Mandarin lessons, calligraphy, Daoism and playing traditional Chinese instruments.


The programme may change, so do not take this as an exact daily regimen, however you will have plenty of training every day.  On average our students train for five hours a day.  This is highly physical activity, and you will need a good level of fitness.  Attendance is expected, so please respect the requirements of attending this programme.


You stay in accommodation in the temple grounds. Accommodation is simple, but comfortable.The rooms are twin share.


All meals are provided for the duration of your programme, including weekends. It will consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all cooked by a western chef. Meals are made in local styles and with local produce; however, some Western dishes are served occasionally. You will find lots of fresh ingredients including rice, vegetables, and chicken. Please note that the food served is basic and will probably be very different to the Western style ‘Chinese’ food that you will be used to. However, the food will be nutritious and provide a good diet to support the level of training you will be doing. Various different diets can be catered for with prior notice.


4 Week - 

USD 999

8 Week - 

USD 2099

12 Week - 

USD 2899

6 Month - 

USD 5369

12 Month - 

USD 9799

What's Included?

  • Comprehensive pre departure pack
  • 5 days a week training at ancient temples
  • All Instruction from masters
  • Use of all training equipment
  • All meals
  • Accommodation
  • 24 hr local support
  • Xtreme Gap Year Western Chinese speaking representative
  • Pickup from the airport

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airport Drop Off
  • Nun Chukkas
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Bottled Water

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can join anytime but preferred start dates are the first weekend of each month.

  • No, many people do not have any previous experience. You must, however, be prepared to learn and train hard. You will be put in groups according to your ability – many people are beginners, but others have more experience.

  • The best instruction, with thousands of years or lineage from the best Kung Fu Masters. You will learn more, improve faster, and because it is a dedicated martial arts holiday, you put in the extra effort necessary to become really good!

  • Yes you can. We teach Sanda and our teachers have competed at national level. So, I bet you will become really good at it!

  • In general our customers go for a month. Normally you can stay for up to a year and train Kung Fu or Sanda, but there are people training in their third year.

  • There is a big fridge in the communal area where you can keep your stuff.

  • We believe that £50 per week is plenty to cover everything you will need.

  • There is no safe in the rooms, but the management has onoe, so if you want to keep some stuff in there you can (like passport etc) But its super quiet and safe here.

  • The project is located in YongPing which is right in the middle of two cities which both have airports. The airports are called Dali and Baoshan, so please make sure your final destination is one of these where we will meet you and transfer you to the project. You will first need to arrange an international flight to China (Shanghai, Beijing), Hongkong or even to Thailand as that is not far either (Bangkok or Chiangmai airport) and then get another flight (domestic if from Shanghai, Beijing)  to Dali (or Baoshan). 

    Dali is a small airport so the majority of flights direct to Dali are expensive, you will find flights to Kunming are a lot cheaper and then once they have arrived in Kunming you have the option to get a direct bus to YongPing, a bus to Dali, or a 45 minute (Cheap flight) to Dali.

    So the best international airport to arrive into is Kunming as from Kunming the flight to Dali (or Baoshan) is only 45 minutes.

    Please note that flights from Kunming are limited so you may also want to look into flying into Guangzhou, Shanghai, or Beijing which have more regular flights but it does take longer and may require more changes.

  • We can advise, but you need to arrange your own visa. This is actually very straight forward, and all information will be in the predeparture pack you will receive after booking. When you are staying for 3 months or less then we recommend you to go directly to your local Chinese Embassy and ask for a 3 month tourist visa.

  • The fitter you are the faster you advance, but a moderate level of fitness is fine. This means not completely out of shape, but not mega fit either. To make it easier for yourself when you start training at our school, before you attend, you should try and do some of the following exercises: Squats, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Bike riding, Swimming, Short Sprints, Long Distance Running, Hiking, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Yoga or Daily Stretching. Once you are there this will improve naturally.

  • There are approximately 20 western people training each month at the camp. Normally about 30%+ will be girls/women.

  • You will share with the accommodation with the same sex and maximum 3 people.

  • Yes we can, you will be well catered for and will be according your wishes.

  • Wear comfortable jogging bottoms, track suits and T shirts. It can be quite chilly there in the evenings.

  • We do meditation everyday as part of our schedule. We teach our students various Qigong practices and students are also welcome to learn/ practice Zen Buddhism in our temple with Buddhist monks.

Kung Fu Master in China Trip Dates

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