If you are looking for exciting an Kitesurfing holiday, or simply want to  learn kitesurfing  on your  gap year  do we have some exciting programmes for you!

We have been busy, running around all over the world to find the windiest, knarliest, coolest spots to strap your self into the rigging of a power kite. Bewarned. Kite surfing is highly addictive and once you have got hold of the ropes (literally) you may well be on your way to a new passion. Kite surfing is a relatively new extreme sport, but it has taken off in a big way. By harnessing the power of the wind Kitesurfers can propel themselves at great speed through the waves, and get some serious air at the same time!

Spain Kitesurf Legend - From USD 1059

Spend a weeks kite surfing and SUPing every day in a dream location. Living right by the sea, spend your days out on the water, perfecting an amazing sport! Beaches, kiting, good food & good times with consisten thermal wind! Runs July and August and September.

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This extreme sport is perfect for a sports holiday or  extreme sports gap year  and we have carefully selected some of the worlds best kite surf locations and fully accredited instructors to ensure you are up kitesurfing in no time.

If you are new to the sport you can learn with the best of them with IKO accredited instructors, if you are intermediate or advanced, we have some excellent connections in Australia, Cape Town, Vietnam, Morocco and South Africa who can take you on customised Kitesurfing Surfari ´s.

What’s the difference between kite surfing and kite boarding?

KitesurfingWe often get asked what is the difference between kite surfing and kite boarding, the answer is kite boarding users a kite board which is similar in style to a wake board, where is kite surfing uses a small surfboard usually without foot straps.

Both disciplines use the same kite rig and equipment but the board makes a difference to how you ride. We use the term interchangeably throughout the website, because you can do both disciplines on all our trips, but we would recommend starting out kite boarding as this is a lot more forgiving.



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