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July 8, 2014  By Oliver Bray


Every year about 100,000 people head to Australia taking a gap year to do some work and travel in Australia and New Zealand.  While many of them just complete casual work, others spend longer and find some incredible backpacker jobs along the way.  Australia has a natural attraction for people from the UK.  Whilst there are cultural differences, there is a long-standing relationship between the United Kingdom Australia that makes them very similar in outlook.

So the language is the same (kind of) and the economy buoyant, plus there is a working holiday Visa arrangement enabling you to work and earn Aussie dollars as you travel.  This makes travelling to Australia much more of a reality if you don’t have that much saved up yet.

Minimum wage in Australia is pretty good at the moment, and that’s assuming you get a minimum wage job.  Many of our travellers end up in relatively well paid temporary positions, some really coining it in by working down the mines.

It’s daunting to travel to Australia but ultimately worth it.

OZ JET BOATING_2While there are thousands success stories every year there are equally thousands of people who never take the plunge and go travelling in Australia. Whether it’s the distance from home and loved ones, the fear of the uncertainty of losing a job or taking a career break this keeping them a home, plenty of people bottle it.  If you are in your 20s there is a definite sense that the clock is ticking.  You can only get you working holiday Visa up to the age of 30, and even if you couldn’t in your 30s you would start to be thinking of mortgages and families.  When you have that pressure a dream trip to Australia becomes a two-week affair And a very different thing to work and travel trip.  Besides, if you are in your 20s all the other travellers are as well.  There are incredible parties going on right now on Sydney’s Northern beaches and all the way up the East coast.

That people are scared, they are worried about going alone, and the fear of the great unknown is often enough to dissuade them from ever taking the opportunity to do it.

If that applies to you, stop think about it and ask yourself would you kick yourself if you didn’t go.  Chances are you would.

Don´t be scared, you can do it too! Gap year work and travel suggestions

Whether you go to Australia or New Zealand (or both), we can help you with a soft landing for the first few days, including help to get set up to find work here. If you’d like further advice just have a chat with our travel team and we can give you some great suggestions.


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