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Ais for Adventure!  Xtreme Gap Xplorer trips are low-cost fully guided backpacker trips that put the emphasis back into adventure. Using local guides we have deliberately loose itineraries, that take in some of the best places countries have to offer. This enables you to be flexible enough to do the things that you want to do on the trip with the rest of the group, yet have the backup support of a local guide who can get you out of sticky situations.

South America Xplorer - From USD 4209

Adventurous group gap travel at its best in South America. Join us and the rest of the team and travel through South America and eight glorious weeks. Featuring two of the most epic backpacking destinations in the South American continent Ecuador and Peru. Brush up on your Spanish and trek to Machu Picchu before getting involved in the jungle animal sanctuary. All the while you will be immersed in ancient Incan culture. 90% of our travellers travel alone so this is a great way to join a group travel programme in South America.

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New Zealand Xplorer - From USD 869

The Xtreme New Zealand Xplorer  (Our Awsome New Zealand Travel pass) enompasses all of the xtreme highlights of NZ, bungee jumping, rafting, glacier trekking, volcano walking, as well as taking you way off the beaten track to isolated hill stations, glacial lakes, massive surf breaks, golden beaches and big blue skies.

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New China Xplorer 18 Day China Backpacking Tour - From USD 1739

An awesome 18 day loop around China starting and ending in Shanghai. Shorter than the 27 day Xtreme China Experience put packs a punch of all the best locations. Mixing the old China with the new in the perfect cocktail of adventure and culture.

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Vietnam Xplorer – Hop On Hop Off - From USD 895

Discover the exceptionally diverse vietnam with are exciting fully guided Vietnam Xplorer. Backpacking your way up the country from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, we take you to some incredible locations, from the classic rice paddy vistas, pristine beaches and stunning French colonial towns. You will be exposed to the chilling history of the Vietnam War, world Heritage locations like Hoi Ann with a group of like-minded adventurers.

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South East Asia Xplorer - From USD 2059

A flexible hop on hop off adventure taking in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, starting in the capital of Thailand Bangkok and ending in the capital of Vietnam Hanoi. With the recommended a trip time of 56 days (min 38), this is the perfect guided group backpacking adventure taking in four incredible Southeast Asia countries. All transport, loads of activities included.

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Bali Surf Xplorer 8 Days – Surfing in Bali - From USD 705

You’ll experience amazing surf breaks, super fun nightlife, adventurous road trips, stunning remote locations, classic characters and of course, the surfing will be awesome!! 3 Epic Surf Islands in 8 fully guided days! Bali Red Island In Java & Lembongan!

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Cambodia Xplorer - From USD 759

Discover Cambodia with its exceptionally interesting history, hidden temples and stunning beaches. This is a group guided backpacking tour, with all transport included. Flexible hop on hop off so you can spend as long as you like discovering this amazing country. Start in Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, or in Bangkok up to you.

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We do not include lots of expensive activities and these trips (unlike our other trips) they are great budget backpacking options and amazing if you are a little bit hesitant about going it alone, because you can join our groups and have the support of a trip leader.  

Local guides make all the difference

Also, because they are  fully guided  by local knowledgeable English-speaking guides, using local transport, you can be sure that you will not miss out on some of the must see places, yet you still retain a sense of travelling adventure instead of feeling like a passenger on a backpacker hop on hop off bus. In fact like for like, are explored trips are much better value than hop on hop off passes and are a great way to see the real Asia. There are plenty of optional activities that you can do en route. This is group backpacking at its best[/two_third][one_third last=”yes”]

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