Gap Year Work

Are you searching for a job on your gap year to top up your funds or are you looking for a gap year job to boost your CV and get some work experience? For both the reasons you should join our programs. Our programs prepare you for the job and get you job offers in!

Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Africa

Australia and New Zealand are the most popular destinations for a work and travel gap year. You will find many jobs here with our programs, like working on a farm, in a bar, fruit plucking etc. You can also become a Dive Instructor in Costa Rica or Thailand. So are you ready to earn your own money in the best locations of the world? We help you make it happen. Check out your options below.

Gap year work can refer to 2 different things: either finding work to help finance your gap year, or gap year work referring to finding paid work abroad. this section concentrates on the latter, if you are looking for help on gap year fundraising check out our gap year budget section.

Firstly the most important point to consider is: finding gap year work depends on your travel plans. This means that the destination you choose to visit, will have a big impact on how easy it is to find a gap year job. The most common destinations to find gap year work are Australia and New Zealand, due to the working holiday visa scheme it is very easy to work in these countries, providing you are not over 30 and have not been there before on a similar Visa.
People also find gap year work in Canada and the USA although this is a lot more complex, and the gap year work options are a lot more limited.

How to find gap year work

Finding gap year work is a challenge but not difficult, if you have the right frame of mind. There are many gap year work programmes in the market place that will assist you to find gap year work, although many of these are quite expensive for what you get. In recognition of this we launched our Australia gap year work programme last year, aimed to be a low cost solution, yet still an incredibly effective arrival and working holiday set up package.

This programme is the ideal solution if you are looking to work in areas like hospitality, (bar work or tourism), temping in offices and even agricultural work (like fruit picking), however if you are not so inclined to travel 11,000 miles to work in an office or on a farm, we recommend finding gap year work that will truly offer you a different experience. After all that is what gap years should be about isn’t it?

We would recommend going for a gap year qualification enabling you to find work in a completely new and exciting field. Some of these programmes enable you to effectively change your career as the same time (or start off in one foe the first time). Examples of programmes that can actually turn into paid gap year jobs like this include:

  • Surf Instructor Programme
  • Divemaster Course (we run several Divemaster courses)
  • Underwater Videography course (this is actually paid during the internship!)
  • 1 year South Africa Field Guide Programme

Of course everyone is different, and the above programmes cost a fair amount to go on, but the rewards are certainly there, especially when you consider you have the time and the opportunity to genuinely change your lifestyle, by getting qualified to actually work in these fields.

If you would like any further information on finding gap year work, please get in touch and we can happily talk you through your options.

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