This is so much more than all of your logistics and activities for New Zealand sorted. This is about seeing the best of New Zealand, away from the overly trodden backpacker trail, and really getting the most out of your trip. What we love about Stray Backpacker bus is the experiences you have. It is all about the little things, finding the best stops and activities off the beaten path, and of course the like-minded people you are with. You can pick your pass with us to travel New Zealand and add it to the adrenaline tour as well. If you’ve not considered stray or looking at something like Kiwi experience, take a moment to consider it we think it’s worth it.

 Stray Backpacker Bus Passes

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Stray is one of the top backpacker bus passes in New Zealand. Unless you are considering a set tour like the Epic or Amplified Tours, then you probably want to travel around New Zealand on a Stray Pass or Kiwi Experience pass.friendships with people on the bus and you get to see some really exciting places. Kiwi experience may be a little

Stray trips travel further and see more and with smaller group sizes are of a higher quality.  Essentially you will do more and see more on a Stray trip, you will meet less people, but in a country famous for wide open spaces you don´t really want other people crowding your view. Need further clarification? Contact us as we have been on the routes and have first-hand experience of stray and Kiwi.

How it works

You have up to 12 months to complete your chosen circuit, which is ideal if you enter New Zealand on a working holiday visa, however most people take about three weeks to a month to get around.

The really nice thing about these passes you can hop on hop off at your own pace, and choose to do whatever activities you want to do as when you encounter them. The guides en route, will take you to some off the beaten track places. New Zealand is a beautiful country, but unless you really do your research sometimes you will miss out on the best stuff. These guys are legends at taking you to the most iconic beautiful places. There are some other hop on hop off companies like Kiwi experience, then these tend to be a little bit less adventurous with the itinerary.

If you are travelling alone, and keen on meeting people, then this is 100% the way to go.

Why Stray?

  • An award winning hop-on hop-off bus network
  • Trained drivers and guides to help you get the most from your trip
  • Unique stops and activities
  • Small groups of like minded travellers
  • Stray have extensive knowledge of where and what the best things in New Zealand are
  • Access to national parks
  • See amazing wildlife and stunning scenery




The individual itineraries can be seen on each pass description can be seen on our stray passes page.



Accommodation is not included with Stray passes, you can, however, book your accommodation on the bus as you go, or if you are on a Stray pass with the Xtreme Gap Adrenaline Tour then there is some accommodation included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stray´s main priority is walks and wildlife   and we have lots of early starts so we can fit as many adventure activities in as possible. What you do in the evenings is your choice but we do have a couple of big nights out on the circuit in particular in Wellington and Queenstown.
You don´t have to be super-fit to travel on Stray ” all walks and activities are optional and they range from light strolls to full-on day hikes. Easier options or alternatives are available.  Your driver will discuss the level of fitness required. Sometimes there are shorter, easier options and more full-on options of activities, so no matter what your fitness is you´ll be able to find something fun and/or challenging!
Your driver/guide provides you with a wealth of knowledge about New Zealand ” history, culture, and trivia as well as recommending and booking activities and accommodation for you around New Zealand. They are walking guidebooks, always there to help and entertain!
The average age of Stray passengers is about 26. The majority of people are between the age of 20 and 40 (but we also have older). No matter what the age we find we attract on-to-it people who want to meet other travellers, and get out there and further off the beaten track.
Our buses range from 14 seaters to 45 seaters with an average group of about 20 in winter and 30 in summer. We keep them smaller so you can see and do more, and because we find that that groups of this size simply work better.
Stray is perfect for people travelling by themselves. New Zealand is a relatively safe country and our smaller group sizes means you can meet more people and your driver is always there for any questions you may have.
Backpacks are recommended but suitcases are fine ” you don´t need to walk great distances with them (just between the accommodation and the bus). The majority of the time while you´re doing activities they will be stored away (on the bus or at your accommodation). We recommend you bring a good day pack (small backpack) or bag you can carry easily for water bottles, towels, cameras, sunblock etc.
You´ll need to bring a decent pair of sneakers/trainers that you can walk in comfortably. Hiking boots are good but not essential. In summer you´ll find jandles (flip flops/thongs) are the favoured option for Kiwis!   You´re welcome to bring Ugg boots but you´ll find a variety on sale around New Zealand (made from the best sheep!).
Stray includes free days (non-travel days) in key locations i.e. Abel Tasman National Park, Franz Josef and Queenstown so even if you´re completing your Stray trip in the minimum days required you´ll have time to do activities and explore each of these areas.   We also have free mornings or afternoons in most places for you to do local activities, just relax or and do some necessary laundry!
Most accommodations and activities accept debit and credit cards, so you don´t have to carry too much cash with you. Some cash on the other hand is advisable, because some accommodations may require a NZ$ 20 cash key deposit.
Your Stray travel pass includes all land transport, guidance, free activities such as snorkelling, walks and the Auckland city orientation. Your driver will book accommodation for you but the cost is not included in your pass (you´ll just need to pay as you go).
Stray reserves accommodation in all our overnight stops. You´ll be guaranteed a bed with a range of accommodation levels ” from hostel dorms to made up private rooms; our driver/guides will help you with this. You are free to book your own accommodation if you wish. You will need to book your own accommodation for the night before you start your Stray trip and let us know where you are staying so we know where to pick you up from. We can recommend places for you to stay if you need help.


Duration Option Price  
14 (Days)Short Arthur passUSD 699Book Now
15 (Days)Short Dave passUSD 649Book Now
17 (Days)Arthur passUSD 915Book Now
18 (Days)Dave passUSD 869Book Now
20 (Days)Short moe passUSD 859Book Now
23 (Days)Short Max passUSD 935Book Now
23 (Days)Moe passUSD 1077Book Now
33 (Days)Heather passUSD 1211Book Now
34 (Days)Everywhere passUSD 1475Book Now

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  • Flexible bus pass
  • Knowledgeable driver guides showing you the best of New Zealand
  • Detailed pre departure pack on New Zealand
  • Excursions and activities as outlined in each pass itinerary
  • Ability to hop on and hop off meaning you can turn your trip around New Zealand into a couple of weeks or couple of months
  • Great way to meet new people without worrying about the hassle sorting out bus tickets


  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance


Flexible start dates.

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