The Wine Fight Rioja

A battle so fierce that the vineyard and surrounding hillsides turn purple, so violent that the weary and wounded stumble away from the fighting covered from head to toe in what is, in fact, glorious and gorgeous red wine…

The Wine Fight Rioja: Trip Highlights


  • Where: Haro, La Rioja, Spain. Buses depart San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.
  • When: June 27th – 30th.
  • How: Ride with us from Barcelona
  • Optional extras: Unlimited beer & sangria (10 euro day), wine tasting,  rapid swimming 🙂
  • Take advantage of a bottomless supply of red wine and throw it on each other
  • The night before the fight, the village of Haro goes crazy with street parties
  • Included 3 nights accommodation

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The Wine Fight Rioja: Full Details

Full Details

San Vino, as we call it, La Batalla del Vino de Haro, as the locals call it, is a full on war path in the middle of the vineyard and we own it. All’s fair in love and wine battles. We take a bus from Barcelona or San Sebastian to the small town of Haro, we party in our campsite and have dinner together to plan strategies for the battle.

We then pay last regards and walk into a town with your classic Spanish street festival. If you’ve never been to a Spanish street festival, holy vineyard… this is the one. Bands everywhere, open drinking in the streets and in the morning we all go throw wine on each other. In the vineyard, as the sun rises.

Farmers versus public servants, women versus serfs, tourists versus that tree that was lookin’ at you funny. It’s a no-holds-barred rootin’ tootin’ red wine drinkin’ beautyfest.

At the filthy end you can choose to swim down the creek back home, drop in on a farmers truck to come back, swim in the pool at our campsite, all the while discarding wine at your feet like some hoboriffic wino Hansel and Gretel. We spend another night in the idyllic, mountainous town partying up a storm and running riot, and then we all dust off, drink a bit more and head back to Barcelona or San Sebastian. Because that’s just how it’s going to happen.


In a tent. Not glamourous, but it works. Your tent will be pre-erected for your arrival, and your mattress and sleeping bag will be rolled out ready for you. There is a swimming pool at the campsite, so don’t forget your bathers! As always, we will be holding the biggest party outside of the party with hundreds of like-minded international travellers, and unlimited beer and sangria is available for only €10 per day.


4 Days - 

USD 295

What's Included?

  • Accommodation
  • Some meals (Hot breakfast every day and one BBQ dinner)
  • Massive exclusive campsite party
  • Round trip private coach travel from Barcelona
  • Experienced guides
  • As much wine as you can throw at each other/drink

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch and dinner unless specified

The Wine Fight Rioja Trip Dates

June 27th – 30th

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The Wine Fight Rioja
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