Morocco Surf Camp

Surfs Up In The Atlantic!

Shrouded by the mountains that stretch deep into Morocco´s heart, perched perfectly on the warm swell of the West African Atlantic, the fishing town of Taghazout has become home to the Xtreme Gap Surf Camp. Devoted riders themselves, these guys are passionate about everything surf and dedicated ambassadors of the waves.

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Morocco Surf Camp: Trip Highlights

  • One week in the eternal sunshine becoming a surf God.
  • Hanging 10 on some the best beach breaks in Africa
  • Devouring the mouth watering Tagine, was watching the gorgeous African sunset
  • Learning to surf with friendly Berber surf guides
  • Riding camels and riding waves with guaranteed blue skies and good surf
  • Stretch and relax with included yoga sessions (yoga option)
  • Haggling with the best of them in true Moroccan style


At the surf camp you really will live and sleep by the waves. The camp duck-dives the swell all night; sitting literally on the shoreline, you will never be too far from the action, and whether you´re dusting off a tagine on our dinner-time roof terrace or chilling out with some surf vid action in our lounge, we guarantee that reassuring sound of a crashing wave will never be too far away.

Your accommodation will be shared, in apartments close to the Xtreme Gap camp, nestled in the square roofed, sun baked buildings of Taghazout, just a stone´s throw from some of Morocco´s greatest breaks.

A Rough Idea of Price

All of our gap year holidays are completely customised to your needs and prices will therefore vary based on things like the time of year and level of accommodation; but we want to give you as good an idea of how much this itinerary will cost.

1 Week - Dorm

USD 659

2 Week - Dorm

USD 1259

What's Included?

  • Airport pick up (Split fair)
  • Shared dorm accommodation (upgrades to double possible) six nights
  • Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner
  • Transport to various breaks depending on wave conditions
  • Wetsuit hire
  • Rental of all types of surf boards
  • Five surf lessons per week
  • five yoga sessions (yoga option only)

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Return airport drop off (bookable locally)
  • Excursions to local attractions on non-surf days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can join all year round, most people join starting on Sunday until the following Sunday although not all flights match up to this from certain destinations. Checked low-cost airlines on sky you will be surprised to find incredibly good value flights into Morocco. After booking you are free to book your flights please let us know your flight details and we will have you picked up from the airport on arrival.


    We offer a pickup service from Agadir (If staying for 2 weeks or more – Not valid for 1 week trip, fair is split between the group) just let us know your flight number prior to departure. If you want to make your own way, let us know in advance an estimated arrival time and we´ll be ready to check you in. If you arrive early it´s no trouble, you can surf your way through the day while we prepare your room, which should be ready by the afternoon. We also offer a taxi service which is a good idea for late arrivals and can save you a trek through Taghazout´s labyrinthine streets at night.

    On departure, we ask you leave your room by 11am so we can prepare the camp for new arrivals, but if you have a late flight, even better, just leave your stuff with us and think of it as an excuse for another day on the waves!

  • The currency in Morocco is a Moroccan Dirham, it is possible to exchange your pounds or euros at the airport and the nearest cash machine to the surf camp is in Agadir, so we recommend you bring enough money with you to cover your spending money as there is no ATMs located near the surf school. It is possible to take a taxi to withdraw money should you require.

  • Yes absolutely, Morocco is a great place to learn and are surf instructors are some of the best in the country.

  • NO. The reasons we encourage a week long stay with a weekend arrival and departure is so that you get the absolute maximum out of your experience. We can structure our surf lessons to suit you best, we can show you as many spots as possible, and we can take you on trips to explore the area. But it´s no problem at all if you can´t make the whole week or a weekend to weekend trip ” we are 100% flexible and we can still guarantee you´ll have an awesome time!

Morocco Surf Camp Trip Dates

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Morocco Surf Camp
1 Week
From USD 659
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