The way we see it when you take the time to travel you can do something really constructive with it. Sure you can just go off somewhere and enjoy, but a really satisfying way to travel: The Xtreme way to travel is to go somewhere do something achieve something awesome and have an amazing time in the process. Through our connections all over the world we have developed a range of exciting Internship programs that are designed to help you develop the skill which you can use to develop a career, enable you to earn as you travel or gain very valuable work experience with demonstrable results.

Our internship programs are based in very exotic exciting locations and each one has a different style to it, so no matter what you want to do or what your interests are we are sure to have something not only exciting but genuinely useful as well.

People often say when taking a gap year career break, it should be constructive. This is particularly true if you are worried about what they one year gap will look like in your resume, or perhaps you are concerned about the effects of taking a gap year on your university admissions tutor.  If you can turn round and demonstrate that you have learnt valuable skills which can be applied to your career then you can be confident you will be armed with not only amazing experiences but genuine work experience as well.

Internship StylesXtreme reporter

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Xtreme Reporter  Internship

Whether you want to get into the field of journalism or if you are considering the Internet marketing path then Xtreme Reporter  internships for you. These internships focus on training you to be able to  produce great content and undertake    investigative journalism And other specialist forms of journalism.

We have developed a range of correspondence rolls that support raising awareness for wildlife conservation issues, getting practical work experience in media companies abroad, and learning how to cover and on earth stories. We have a team of very dedicated professional reporters who will assist you and mentor you. You can even sell your work through our network of media distribution agencies where you can get 60% of the fee if published.

Types of journalism roles include:

a. Specialist journalism
b. Lifestyle journalism
c. Blogging
d. Videojournalism
e. Freelance photography

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Go Xtreme Media Internships

In recent years the Internet has completely changed the world. This is exceptionally true in the business world where a whole new skill set is required by companies who need to reach out to people with constantly changing unique content. In short the business world requires media producers. Our Go Xtreme media internships involve learning the skills to create and produce movies with your own action camera and take you out on location to develop your portfolio. You will develop experience and have an amazing time adding to your CV. Finally you get to publish your work and show it off on our social networks  giving you some great exposure and awesome kudos. You will help us produce awesome video content, to inspire other travellers to do exceptional things when they travel, and by doing will gain experience and have something to show potential employers.

Just one thing to consider, we are an Xtreme travel company not an accountancy firm some of the idea of filming adrenaline filled travel activities makes you a little bit nervous don’t sign up!


Superstar DJ

Whilst not an internship, the superstar DJ  is definitely worth mentioning. In 2013 Calvin Harris earned $46 million and Tiesto And $32 million (according to the Forbes rich list). They both started somewhere, so how do they know they had it in them at the beginning? How do you? For  $46 million it’s worth finding out. The superstar DJ programme is about learning the skills and techniques to DJ, you can use this as you travel to do gigs (you can even play at some of our epic parties  In Thailand, Mexico & Spain).

Xtreme Blogger.

The Xtreme blogger programme is about learning how to create and monetise a blog. Whether you want to become a travel blogger and learn how to get discounted or free trips, make money from advertising and sponsored posts, or just generally did out of interest for documenting your own travel adventures the Xtreme blogger is a low-cost practical course that you can undertake on any of our programmes.

It may not be travel that you want to blog about, perhaps you are on a forced gap year and need to keep your brain ticking along, then set up a blog about your academic subject of choice. It’s a great way to revise but also you are able to monetise your blog as well. Your own revision can make you money.

Forced Gap Year & UCAS?

If you are faced with a forced gap year and need to do something constructive the internships are a great idea. If you can demonstrate you have done something worth while on your UCAS application form, it can do wonders assisting you with getting into the University of your choice. After a year spent abroad doing an amazing Xtreme Gap programme, you can start the UCAS process with renewed enthusiasm, and probably armed with a lot more experience on your UCAS personal statement.

Learn more about our Xtreme internships

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