Perfect if you want to learn Spanish and have a truly Argentine Experience in the heart of Buenos Aires. Do something constructive and experience complete cultural immersion, making new friends from all over the world! Enjoy language lessons, absorb cultural experiences like tango and polo, and a whole host of other activities and excursions in the inspirational city of Buenos Aires.

 Learn Spanish and Explore The Culture In An Exciting South American Metropolis

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Your Gap Year can be an exciting and adventurous time. When the exams are over and the end of term celebrations have fizzled out then what? If your parents are nagging you just tell them you are off to Argentina! Impress them by saying it isn´t just a holiday but as well as exploring new places and making new friends you will be learning a new language.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages after English and being able to converse in both of these will take you almost anywhere in the world. We all know that Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more people but is only really useful in China. Another language always looks great on your CV and broadens your horizons in the job market.

Learning or improving on a language doesn´t have to mean dull night school, with boring classes and being in a group with mixed abilities and various ages. With Xtreme Gap you can develop your language skills and have a fantastic fun-filled holiday with like-minded people of your own age at the same time.

Highlights Include

  • Airport transfer from Buenos Aires Airport
  • Spanish language lessons at a Spanish language school in Buenos Aires (20 hours per week)
  • Accommodation in a homestay or student accommodation
  • Breakfasts and dinners if you stay with a host family
  • Welcome drinks on your first Monday evening at the school
  • A detailed predeparture pack
  • A full on Orientation and welcome tour
  • A Spanish language skills test  when you first arrive
  • All Classes  and study materials (includes internet use)
  • Final Exam  and certificate
  • Student discount card
  • Free tea and Fresh South American coffee
  • Use of the language lab, with computer based Spanish language exercises
  • Daily student activities and cultural classes (salsa dancing, cooking class, music class, Latin American films and more!)
  • Farewell party
  • 24 hour emergency In country support

Some great reasons to join.

  • Getting into the Latin America Swing with lots of social activities
  •  20 hours of Spanish lessons per week in stimulating fun classes
  •  Getting to know the real Buenos Aires with a fantastic downtown location
  •  Loads of optional workshops and excursions you can join
  •  Making new friends from all over the world
  • Our Intensive Learn Spanish program is 4 hours a day, 5 days per week, Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm.


You can start on any Monday with group departures being the first Monday of the month. A warm welcome awaits you in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. On our  Spanish and the Culture of Argentina programme, you have an incredible opportunity to experience living in one of the most vibrant exciting cities in South America  and  learn Spanish in a fun, refreshing environment.


Learn Spanish in Argentina

Some great reasons to join.

  • Make loads of friends from all the corners of the globe
  • Social activities to get you into the laid-back Latin America way of life
  • Interesting and stimulating classes that you actually want to attend
  • Going out with locals to discover the real Buenos Aires, not just the holiday hotspots
  • Loads of optional workshops and excursions you can join in

About Buenos Aires

This is a city with its roots in Latin America but with high standards of living and a European feel to it. The ten million or so residents are full of enthusiasm and have an upbeat attitude and fast-talking style. Buenos Aires was built by immigrants from Europe and has been called the “Paris of the South” and everywhere a similar culture exists as in the Mediterranean countries. People stop to chat, take time out for a coffee or a beer with friends and generally enjoy life.   The residents of Buenos Aires are known as Porteños, due to the location of city on the Rio del la Plata.

The family and student accommodations are located across the city but never too far from the language school. There are 48 neighbourhoods or barrios and each one had a different feel to it. Palermo is very fashionable; Recoleta is prosperous and elegant while colourful La Boca is the more historical part of Buenos Aires. In San Telmo there are world famous antiques markets but for night life the bars in Plaza Serano might just capture your attention.

Football is like a second religion in Argentina and a trip to Buenos Aires would not be complete without a visit to the La Bombonera stadium. This is home to the Boca Juniors who are the biggest football team in the country and world famous. If you can get to see a match you will feel the passion and the dedication as 60,000 fans come together round the pitch. It is not unusual to see whole families at a match, from the eldest grandmother right down to the youngest grandchild. What is unusual is that the home crowd sings its way through the entire match from beginning to end as well as the more usual cheering and clapping.

Getting around is easy as public transport is great. The subway or Subte will whisk you from your accommodation to your classes or you can enjoy a walk through the suburbs and leafy green parks. On a day off from learning catch the ferry to Montevideo or Colonia in Uruguay and after a 45km journey on the Rio de la Plata you can practice your new linguistic skills in another country.

The weather in Buenos Aires is generally beautiful, the summer is from September to April and winter is June to August and mild. Beware the sizzling summer sun though, as lobster pink is never a good colour and sunburn while you try and study is always distracting!

The most popular beer in Buenos Aires is Quilmes, with its distinctive pale blue and white colouring it is very easy to find. If you are fed with beer, as if anyone ever could be, try a gourd full of maté instead. Tea drinking in Argentina has almost reached cult status and in particular the tea made from the yerba maté plant. Maté now comes in standard teabags but if you get the chance to share in a maté ritual don´t pass it by. Just remember that the gourd cup should never be stirred as it is considered bad manners and the metal straw or bombilla is never wiped as the gourd is passed round! In Tigré close to Buenos Aires there is museum dedicated to this fascinating plant and its origins.

Learn Spanish in Argentina: About the Language School

The Spanish language school in Buenos Aires is in the centre of the city, close to the widest street in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio, and the landmark of the Obelisk. In the historic building there all the modern facilities needed to take part in this authentic experience which is a brilliant way of learning the Spanish language. Spread out over six floors the classrooms are all equipped with modern technology, computers and Wifi. There is a student lounge, snack area and the all-important air-conditioning to stop you sweltering away in the summer. Disabled students are welcome.

Spanish Language Classes

Language classes at school can be a challenge, one teacher and maybe 30 children, most of who are not really interested anyway. This is different! The average class size is between six and nine students, who all really want to learn. This means you get personal attention from the tutor in a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of chance for interactive lessons and role play. The course involves complete immersion in the Spanish language with 20 hours per week of the four key skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The courses are either all morning or all afternoon which leaves plenty of free time to explore this dynamic part of South America.

Classes are generally Monday to Friday for 4 hours per day, 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm. There are 3 social activities included every week and optional tours of the city, polo events, ranches and tango classes can be added on. The notice board in the language school shows all the scheduled activities and the co-ordinators are on hand to offer advice on where to go or what to do in their beautiful city.

On arrival at the class you will be given an assessment to ascertain your current level of Spanish, if any, as it is very important that each student is in the group best suited to their needs. The language school use tried and tested methods to teach Spanish naturally and make sure that students can communicate effectively in up-to-date Spanish as well as understanding the grammar and millions of verbs!

Learning from native speakers means that students hear real Spanish, not recorded lessons, and get the chance to practice the correct pronunciation as well as the different forms of grammar and when to use them. Learning this way means you learn naturally as a child will by using the language, not just from memorising words in a book.


The language school uses programmes based on the guidelines of the Cervantes Institute and the plans are approved by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment or CEFR. Students are encouraged to interact as much as possible in the class with the tutor and each other to gain as much from this exciting experience as possible.

Free Time

Buenos Aires is one of the most diverse and lively cities in the world and once school is over for the day you can choose what exciting cultural experiences you want to take part in. It goes without saying that football is a hugely important part of Argentinian life, but what about other activates and excursions. The Campo Argentino del Polo is a multi-purpose stadium in the city and used not just for this exhilarating sport on horseback but for hockey matches as well. There are excursions to polo ranches where you can join in Argentine Polo Days with the chance to have a go on horseback, try out the local wines and sample the delicious food from the BBQ.

Tango is another passion in Buenos Aires, the music, the dance, the emotion. It is all part of the magic of South America and must be experienced while you are in the city. Choose from spectacular tango shows with many dancers and elaborate costumes accompanied by an orchestra to tiny little bars with a few performers and a couple of musicians. Ask your hosts to recommend where is the best place to go to or pick up a copy of the Tango Map. This lists the dates and locations of the hundreds of tango events throughout the city. In the tango salons or milongas there are some set rules of etiquette so take time to read up on these before you go.


There are two options for accommodation; one is staying with a local family and the other in student accommodation.

Local family

Many of our Gappers send us feedback and say that choosing to stay with a local family was a fantastic decision. You get to experience real Spanish life in everyday situations and have no choice but to practice your Spanish! You get the best of both worlds with your own room and the freedom of the house as well. When you join the family for breakfast and dinner you can ask questions and advice on where to visit in Buenos Aires. All of the family accommodation is checked regularly by our local staff to ensure consistently high standards are kept.

The families are all used to having students living with them and even if they only speak limited, if any, English most of them have devised imaginative ways of communicating with sign language and gestures. The language school staff will always translate if there is a more serious problem. The school will be within a reasonable walk from the house but public transport by bus and subway is very cheap.

Quick facts for staying with a local family

  • Private bedroom
  • Sheets and towels are included
  • Breakfast and dinner every day
  • About a 40 minute walk to the language school
  • Shared living space
  • Accommodation checked and approved by local staff

Student accommodation

The student accommodation is in the San Telmo area of the city. If you want to meet lots of people or just for economic reason these bedrooms are a great choice. There will always be a mix of Argentinian and international students in the residence so no shortage of people to talk to and party with! There are 41 twin bedded rooms spread over 6 floors and you will be allocated a room on arrival with a member of the same sex.

Quick facts for student residence

  • Arrive Sunday / depart Saturday
  • Shared bedroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shared living space
  • Sheets and towels are included
  • A refundable deposit may be required
  • Within easy walking distance of the language school
  • Bedrooms are cleaned daily on weekdays
  • Lockers to keep your valuables safe but please bring a lock with you.
  • Wifi and computers
  • All students receive a set of dishes on arrival
  • Storage space for food and use of a microwave, there are no other cooking facilities
  • Common areas of the lounge, garden, computer lab and room to study
  • Washing machine and laundry at an extra cost
  • Breakfast is included on week days
  • Meal plans are optional and can be arranged for an extra cost

Minimum age and visas

The minimum age for this trip is 18. British nationals do not need a visa for Argentina unless the stay is longer than 90 days. This can be obtained by contacting the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in London. Immigration official´s usually want to see proof of departure by means of onward travel tickets and might refuse entry if these cannot be produced.

Passports must be valid for at least six months after your date of return. There are not any obligatory medications or vaccinations for visiting Buenos Aires but it is always worth checking with your GP.  Recommended ones however are tetanus, diphtheria and Hepatitis A. If you plan travelling further north or northwest then get a yellow fever vaccination as well.

Workshops and Add-Ons

These are a great addition to your language learning trip to Buenos Aires and give you not only the chance to practice new-found skills but learn more about the culture and make loads of new friends.

You can mix and match as many of these as you like and prices are as follows:

  • Pick & Mix       Local payment prices in USD
  • 2 workshops       90
  • 3 workshops       130
  • 4 workshops       170
  • 5 workshops       205
  • 6 workshops       240
  • 7 workshops       275
  • 8 workshops       305

What is included in the Estancia Activity Add-On?

This is your opportunity to experience life on a local Estancia or ranch. Even if you are not an experienced rider there are plenty of gentle horses that will take you on unforgettable tours of the beautiful countryside round the ranch. Argentina is famous for its meat and this gives you the chance to taste the best of the best cooked over the BBQ and washed down with local red wine. There is plenty of free time to explore everything the ranch has to offer, see the many different kinds of horses and spot different kinds of flora and fauna. After some hours unwinding  in the fresh air you will return to the city refreshed and eager to learn more of the wonderful, and useful, Spanish language.

Photography classes

This is a great hands-on workshop where you can learn all about the theoretical side of photography as well creating a project of your choice. You will explore and learn about the study of composition, camera operation and post-production. Photography is a wonderful way of expressing yourself and while most of us can point and shoot and get a reasonable a picture, a little knowledge will open up a whole new world. The opportunities for photos in Buenos Aires are amazing, from the multi-coloured houses of the La Boca area to the sleek and shiny polo ponies or the much easier to photograph giant steaks!

Wine tasting

Well, we can all do that! This is an opportunity not be missed and you will get to taste some of the finest wines that Argentina had to offer. Whether you like them or not is a different question, but who cares? You will be an authority on the wines or just plain drunk! One of the most famous wines from Argentina is Malbec with its dark intense colour and flavours that vary according to where the grapes are grown. If you like figures Argentina has 76,603 acres of vineyards so there will be no shortage of wine to sample!

Polo Experience

This is a great way to get to learn all about this very popular pastime in Buenos Aires. The full day tour includes all day at a traditional Argentinian ranch or estancia as well as a super BBQ lunch. During the day there is time to watch the polo classes before or after you eat, have a go on horseback if you feel like it and then watch a polo game in the evening. The tour can be extended with an overnight stay at the ranch which also includes the evening meal and breakfast.

Meet the gauchos & play polo

Gauchos are the Argentinian equivalent of a cowboy and you can join them for a ride round the ranch in true cowboy style. Settle on your horse with its comfy sheepskin and enjoy a few hours with no traffic, no stress, no internet and no hustle and bustle. Just the gentle sounds of the birds singing and the wind whispering through the pampas grass on the plains.

Fileteado Painting

This popular and rather intriguing art style is unique to Buenos Aires. Using very clever shadowing and intense colour pictures are painted to give a three dimensional appearance. Typical elements of Fileteado are ribbons, birds and dragons as well as acanthus leaves and popular characters and phrases. There are examples of this art form all over the city on bottles, taxis, shops and bars. In the Abasto area find a street named Jean Jaures where several houses are completely covered in this amazing art form. The Fileteado classes teach you about the origins of the art, theory and composition as well as give you the chance to create a piece of your own.

Other Add-ons

There are many other options and add-ons that can be booked on arrival at the language school. Keen riders can opt to spend more time at different ranches. Some are dedicated polo ranches where lessons are available and other are horse and/or cattle ranches. For carnivorous types Buenos Aires can be heaven on earth, with any number or tours that involve lots of grilled, BBQ´ed and roasted chunks of red meat! Apologies to any vegetarians reading this!

Other info

Our Spanish language programme can be tailored to suit you whether you want to stay for one week or two months. The longer you stay the more your Spanish will improve and you might not want to leave anyway! If you fancy combining this opportunity of learning Spanish in Argentina with other South American destinations we can arrange an itinerary to suit you, just let us know what you want to do and where you want to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

Students from all over the world will be your classmates, many from the UK, Holland and Sweden, but also from the USA, Canada and neighbouring Brazil.It is truly a great place to make new friends from all over the world and explore not only Argentinian culture, but also hang out with a very international crowd.

You can study for up to eight weeks, we recommend the following durations depending on how advanced you want your Spanish to become, the following assumes you have little or no Spanish ability:

  • 2 weeks basic understanding
  • 4 weeks to reach an intermediate conversational level
  • 6-8 weeks to become advanced
Students come from all over the world, but most are from the UK, USA, Brazil and Switzerland!
Easy! There is free WiFi at the school and lots of WiFi places around!!


Duration Option Price  
2 (Week)Host family accommodationGBP 859Book Now
4 (Week)Host family accommodationGBP 1679Book Now
6 (Week)Host family accommodationGBP 2499Book Now
8 (Week)Host family accommodationGBP 3199Book Now
10 (Week)Host family accommodationGBP 3899Book Now

Pricing Feedback

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  • A detailed pre-arrival pack
  • Pick up from Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), aka Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires.
  • Accommodation with a local family or in shared student housing
  • Breakfast and dinner if staying with a local family
  • 24 hour emergency contact and support in English
  • A welcome meeting and orientation tour
  • A Spanish placement test
  • Welcome drinks on your first Monday evening at the school
  • 20 hours per week of language lessons at a well-known and trusted language school in the city
  • All classes, study materials and use of the language lab
  • Internet use and computer based Spanish exercises
  • Final examination and certificate
  • Student discount card
  • Fresh South American coffee, or tea if you prefer
  • Cultural opportunities and classes in salsa, cookery, music and films
  • Departure party


  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport transfer on departure
  • Lunches if you stay with a local family
  • No meals are included if you stay in student accommodation
  • Laundry
  • Transport between your accommodation and the language school, or general transport around the city
  • Any other trips or activities not mentioned.


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“I loved living in B.A. I have had the best copule of months of my life and now I can hold my own in any Spanish conversation too!”
Sarah Crombie
“Thanks for organising such a wonderful trip. Amazing Experience.”
Rebecca Wallis

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