The Canada Ski Instructor & Snow board instructor courses set you up to make a career in the mountains. Receive intensive personalized training from top ski or snowboard professionals and gain globally recognized qualifications to start your snow sport career.


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Canada Ski Instructor and Snow Board Instructor Course

A modular ski or snowboard instructor training, mountain leadership and Gap travel program

An all in one, complete training program for any budding ski or snowboard professional packaged together with an epic road trip to explore western Canada.

Students will learn from top certified CSIA/CASI examiners, specialty coaches and mountain guides while gaining several industry recognized certifications throughout this intensive program.

A wide variety of technical ski and/or snowboard training is provided including: teaching demonstrations, performance carving, alpine racing, off-piste steeps, moguls, powder, trees, and terrain park. Backcountry travel and wilderness skills are also an integral part of this program.

Valuable leadership and teaching skills will be taught in an experiential learning environment. Volunteer work practicum opportunities with snow schools and ski patrols are available throughout the program for those who are serious about gaining industry experience.

Gain experience from a small team of hand picked coaches

Canada Ski Instructor and Snow Board Instructor Course (33)Our coaching and guiding staff are all hand picked and are at minimum CSIA/CASI level 3 (most are level 4) and are all certified examiners. We run small training groups of no more than 6. Our Partners company directors are also on snow coaching everyday! This means you will get personalised attention, and genuinely feel part of the team, rather that a student at the back of the class.



Full Details

14 Week SLT Explorer – Course Syllabus

  • Arrival and Pick up in Vancouver
  • Road trip to Revelstoke BC

Apprentice Instructor Module

Week 1

  • Revelstoke Orientation and Welcome Party
  • Team building & leadership theory
  • Introduction to CSIA/CASI skills
  • Ski improvement sessions

Week 2

  • CSIA/CASI Level I Instructor preparation
  • Learning styles workshop
  • “Ninja Training” fitness sessions

Week 3

  • CSIA/CASI Level I instructor course & exams
  • CSIA Teaching Children module

Level 2+ Instructor Module

Week 4

  • Advanced ski/ride improvement sessions / Performance carving
  • Giant Slalom race training
  • Ski/board Tuning Session
  • Banff & Canadian Rockies Road Trip
  • Visit Rocky Mountain Resorts such Sunshine Village & Lake Lousie

Week 5

  • All mountain ski/ride improvement
  • Terrain adaptation – moguls, trees, steeps

Week 6

  • All mountain ski/ride improvement sessions
  • Introductory terrain park development
  • CSIA/CASI Freeride Park Module

Week 7

  • Level 2 teaching methodology
  • All mountain ski/ride improvement
  • Instructor shadows / Practice teaches

Week 8

  • Final Level 2 prep
  • CSIA/CASI Level II Instructor Course & Exams

Backcountry Skills Module (Pathfinder Program)

  • Road trip to the Coast Range (exact Itinerary to be determined by snow conditions in each location) with the final destination being Vancouver Island. Along the way there will be a chance to check out the city of Vancouver and many other places of interest.

Week 9

  • Avalanche Safety Training 1
  • Map & compass navigation & mountain weather
  • Winter survival skills trip

Week 10

  • Wilderness first aid course & exams / CPR C

Week 11

  • Off-piste ski improvement sessions
  • Glacier travel and crevasse rescue workshops

Week 12

  • Multi-day backcountry trip / Advanced alpine wilderness module
  • Avalanche Safety Training level 2

Week 13

  • Helicopter Accessed – Intro to Ski Mountaineering Course.

Relaxation Module

Week 14

  • SLT-E graduation surf trip to the spectacular beaches of the Pacific Rim National Park and the coastal towns of Tofino and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island.
  • Graduation Party – Departure

Note* Schedule may vary due to weather conditions and group needs.



SLT Explorer – Included Certifications

 Apprentice Instructor Module

  • CSIA or CASI Level I
  • CSIA Teaching Children Module

Level 2 Instructor Module

  • CSIA Level II
  • CSIA Freeride Module or CASI Terrain Park Certification

Backcountry Skills Module

  • Avalanche Safety Training – AST 1
  • Advanced Avalanche Safety Training – AST 2
  • Essential Wilderness First Aid – 40Hr
  • CPR level C

Graduates also receive a Snowsport Leadership Training Explorer – Certificate of Completion, a written evaluation and for high achieving students who demonstrate the qualities of a good instructor we often act as a reference for future employment.

Extra Curricular Activities

Above and beyond our regular SLT curriculum the following are included in the SLT Explorer program:

  • Trip to Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies.
  • Road trip to the Pacific Rim National Park on the coast of Vancouver Island and go surfing. A great way to relax after all that skiing and boarding on the SLT course!
  • One final grand adventure! We’ll access the remote alpine via helicopter then climb and ski in the majestic Coast Range.

Many other extras (both included and optional) are available to pack out any remaining spare time off the snow! Activities are usually chosen by group consensus but to give you an idea, these are things we’ve done in the past with groups:

  • We usually enter a dodgeball team in the local league and play weekly matches.
  • We’ll head to the big city watch an NHL hockey game! Revelstoke is a few hours road trip from Calgary to catch a Flames game… and on our Vancouver Island courses we often catch the ferry over to Vancouver to see the ‘Canucks’ in action and party it up city style.
  • We’ll often rent the local arena and play a  hockey game… which can be pretty comical if you are just learning to skate.
  • Learn how to make hand make skis and snowboards with our Friends at ‘Kindred Custom Skis & Boards.’
  • A day of Snowmobiling is always a great Canadian past time.
  • We go on day adventures such as bungy jumping or caving or visit hot springs
  • Float around at the aquatic centre
  • Practice your moves on the trampolines at the gymnastics centre
  • Hang out at the Climbing Gym
  • Road trips to other ski resort along the way
  • Surfing, sea kayaking, whale watching, fishing, mountain biking, golfing, white water rafting, and having weenie roasts on the beach are all options once we get to Vancouver Island


Canada Ski Instructor and Snow Board Instructor Course  Frequently Asked Questions

You will notice a lot of training organisations offering ski instructor courses. These companies only include CSIA/CASI level 1 in the actual course fees… But if you read the fine print anything beyond that is at an extra cost. (CSIA/CASI LEVEL 2 is usually required if students want any chance to obtain a working visa sponsorship the following year).

Some try to fluff up their programs by including a very basic avalanche day or a 1 day first aid course but these for the most part are not accredited courses. With our course, we include all the training fees, and provide you with a 40 hour wilderness training course. Our students come away more highly qualified and ready to hit a competitive snow sports instructor jobs market.

With all the certifications and experience you gain on this program you really should not have any difficulties finding work as a ski or snowboard instructor at resorts all over the world. Some graduates may be eligible to return to Mt. Washington Resort for employment the following year. We will often act as a reference for alumni looking for employment in the industry. For those looking to pursue a career guiding in the backcountry this program will give you many of the prerequisites required for further training.
Luckily for most, especially people from the UK and European countries, all you need is a valid passport and you will be permitted to enter Canada for a period of six months! People from some countries may need to apply for a Visitors Visa in advance.
Check the following link to to see whether or not it is necessary for you. Canada visa information
Well you should be at an “intermediate” level or higher, if you want to start the course. You should be comfortable on blue runs (which confusingly are Red runs in Europe).
You will need money for breakfasts, lunches on the hill and meals on weekends. Most people also like to go for a few drinks at the end of the day or out to movies etc. Furthermore if you wish to take part in some of the extra curricular road trips and adventures there will be additional costs. The amount you spend can vary greatly and although many people can get by on much less, an average budget is between $100 ” $250 CAD per week, which is around 60 to 160GBP. The biggest expense for some people is beer in the pub about 5 to 6.50CAD for a pint. And for food anywhere from 25CAD (eat in on the cheap) to a maximum of 125CAD (eat out) per week.
If you are not covered by Canada´s health care system, you will need travel medical insurance (this is mandatory). Make sure your insurance covers you for adventure sports. You may also wish to purchase trip cancellation insurance in case of sickness or injury, which prevents you from completing the course (optional).
There are no guarantees. The certifications such as the CSIA level 2 ski instructor certification, CASI level 2 snowboard instructor certification and the Wilderness First Aid course have quite high standards. We do, however, promise to provide the best possible training for you to be successful. We exams are achievable by most people who apply themselves and train hard. In some cases it is possible to be re-examined at a later date although additional exam fees may apply.
Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes. So ski through them a little quicker in Canada. The course cost covers a full season pass for Mt. Washington Resort, which is also good for night skiing/riding and the resorts world class cross-country ski area. You will also have the opportunity to visit North Vancouver Island´s great little community ski hill: Mt. Cain.
There will be plenty of opportunities to party! Although we try to focus a little more on ski and snowboard training and leadership development than some other “gap year” programs. We still know the value of being able to let loose.
No company can actually guarantee a job (although some claim to). Provided you are successful on the course and present with a good working attitude, then we will recommend you for employment with the Mount Washington Snow school for the following season. So far everyone who we have ever recommended has been employed. The snow school will then sponsor you for a working visa to come back to Canada and there is no need to apply for one. Graduates of our 12 week course are generally hired on full time for the following ski season (December to April) although shifts can vary.
If you would prefer to try somewhere new, then we are happy to act as references. Our graduates are working in the industry all over the world. Having all seven certifications included in the course will give you a distinct advantage. (Much of our competition actually offer the equivalent of our 4 week basic course in an 11 week package to make it look comparable. But if you look at the fine print they are not).
Starting wages in Canada are pretty low compared to some skiing nations. It will be around $12 per hour, but increase significantly with experience, further qualifications and the ability to gain return clientele. Request lessons pay significantly more.
We organize free or inexpensive activities on weekends, but we also organize some optional extra curricular trips. For example going to Vancouver for an NHL hockey game and usually costs around 250 to 300CAD. You can also do bungee jumping costs around 100CAD. Sounds expensive but most other stuff we do is cheap or free.
Used equipment will costs between 250 and 450CAD. New equipment between 500 and 1400CAD. (Depending on his tastes and what you actually need). We do get 25% discount at the local ski shop.


Canada Ski Instructor Course

Duration Option Price  
8 (Week)8 Week L1+2+ Vancouver Island Quad ShareUSD 7632Book Now
8 (Week)8 Week Express Instructor - L1+2+ Revelestoke (Twin Share)USD 8500Book Now
12 (Week)12 Week Vancouver Island SLT April 1st 2017 Quad ShareUSD 10999Book Now
15 (Week)15 Week Full Course Departure: April 23rd 2017 Quad ShareUSD 12999Book Now

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  • 14 weeks accommodation across British Columbia, (twin or private room options)
  • Transportation within the program including airport transfers from Vancouver and road trips across the province.
  • Weekday evening meals (5 nights per week)
  • Full seasons pass at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and lift tickets at other training venues
  • All coaching, guiding and training fees
  • Helicopter accessed ski mountaineering week
  • CSIA level 1 & level 2 exam and membership fees
  • CSIA Terrain Park & Teaching Children Modules
  • Avalanche Safety Training level 1 & level 2 certification fees
  • Wilderness first aid & CPR level C certification fees
  • Backcountry safety equipment rentals
  • Video analysis, evening workshops, all course materials
  • Ski tuning session
  • Work practicum opportunities
  • Road trip t the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park
  • Surf week to the Pacific Rim National Park
  • Some organized extra curricular activities and social events and mystery adventures
  • Certificate of completion, and written evaluation.



We know gaining your instructor qualifications can be a considerable expense, so we include a meal plan that covers many of your dinners through out the course! (Monday to Friday)

All meals on scheduled overnight backcountry trips will also be supplied. This gives you the weekends to explore the many restaurants and cafes of the Comox Valley.

If you want to cook your self it’s no problem, you will also have access to a full kitchen to prepare any meals not provided, allowing a variety of options for all budgets.


    • Flights to Vancouver
    • Travel medical insurance (mandatory)
    • Trip cancellation insurance (optional but highly recommended)
    • Breakfast, lunches and weekend dinners
    • Personal skiing, touring and camping equipment (see equipment list)
    • Some optional extra curricular activities.



Starts January 8th; 2017
12 week finishes April 1st; 2017
Full 15 Week program finishes April 23rd; 2017

“Thanks to you for the good times I had in whistler…I´m still making everybody soooo jealous here telling about the powder I had in the beginning of the season!!!…. I miss the powder runs and jumps! See more reviews here.”
Isabella Riley
” Im stoked, absolutely stoked about the experience I have had…Was better than I could have dreamed of. Learnt so much and the group as just fantastic, i’ve made life long mates.”
Toby White

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