Worried About Travelling Alone

If you are considering travelling but don’t have anyone to go with you, do not be worried about travelling alone. Most face the same dilemma: take the time to travel and experience new things or  forget about it. With no travel buddies the idea of going alone is too scary.

Actually Travelling Solo IS better.

Think about it. What are the chances most people have enough disposable cash in their bank to drop it all and go travelling with in a month. Chances are very unlikely. This mean taking time to travel requires planning and commitment to make it happen!

So when the big departure day comes, it will be reward for all the hours of saving and working hard to enjoy your trip.

Once you go travelling, you will find you meet very like-minded people. From all over the world. Each and every person has taken the time to save up plan and begin an epic adventure. Most likely on their own. Which means it super easy to meet people, you will share common interests and make new friends from all over the world. It’s easy to talk to people when you’re travelling. Everyone is interested in where you come from, what you have seen and where you are going. Try and strike up the same conversation back home and people would look at you like you are not normal!
If you travel with someone, you tend to be more insular. You stick together and you are not is open to other people introducing themselves to you. Travelling alone is better because you meet more people, and there is absolutely no compromises to what you want to do. If you travel with someone else it’s always planning on doing stuff by committee. If you travel on your own the world is genuinely your oyster.

You  can join the security of our group tours

We have plenty of group travel adventures where you can join other travellers (most of whom are travelling alone) meaning you will meet many other young people who feel the same way you do. There is no better way to make new friends

Travelling alone helps you grow and develop as a person, it develops your social skills, internpersonal skills  and really helps you meet new people from all over the world. And isn’t that what travelling is about?

The first thing to consider if you’re planning a trip is what kind of trip is right for you. Whether you are interested in solo female travel or group gap travel. Everyone is different, everyone has different needs. Your first point of call should be to contact us to talk to us about your trip plans, and we can tailor make something amazing for you.

There’s two groups of people: the ones that stay home in the comfort and safety of their friends and environment, or the ones that go out, conquer their fears and create memories that last a lifetime. We hope you choose the latter!

Have a great adventure!

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