Round The World South America

The ultimate South America Backpacking Adventure!

Superbly comprehensive South American backpacking itinerary starting in Quito Ecuador. From the equator to the Amazon jungle, taking on the Inca Trail and lost cities of the Incas you travel through Peru. Then onto Bolivia! Salt flats and cycling the death road (optional) before heading through the Atacama dessert, along the Pacific Ocean Road to Santiago Chile.

Then onto Argentina, through Mendoza wine country (tasting experience included) to get you in the ood for tango in Buenos Aires!

Finally you head through the incredible Foz de Iguassu (largest waterfalls in the world) through Paraty (beaches beaches beaches…) finishing with a bang in Rio De Janerio!

All transport and plenty of activities included on this fixed adventure. Epic scenery, culture and adventure on one of the worlds most sort after backpacker routes.

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Round The World South America: Trip Highlights

Round The World South America Highlights Include:

  • Trekking the Inca Trail Note: We use either the alternative route or classic depending availability. Classic trail is not guaranteed.
  • Machu Picchu
  • Staying overnight in Cuzco a really cool town
  • Homestays
  • The Balestas Islands
  • Sand boarding and Dune buggying
  • The Salar Di Uynui (Bolivian salt lakes)
  • Amantani Home Stay 2D/1N
  • La Paz Local City Encounter
  • Salt Flats 3D/2N end Atacama
  • Moon Valley Experience
  • Colca Canyon Trekking 3D/2N
  • Sand-Buggy & Boarding
  • Ballestas & Paracas NR
  • Hop On Hop Off City Tour
  • Local Encounter 2D/1N
  • Wine Tasting in Mendoza
  • The mighty Iguassu Falls
  • Chill time on beautiful brazilian beaches
  • Party time in Rio!


Need help trip planning? You’ve got it!:

Planning around the world adventure can be daunting. So many options choices and destinations to cover. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Once you make an enquiry with us you will be assigned a knowledgeable dedicated travel adviser to help work out every fine detail around your trip. All of our staff are very experienced travellers, super helpful and friendly and experts at getting the most out of your trip.
Whilst Xtreme Gap Year mainly handles the ground activities, we will also put you in touch with our flights team to connect the dots making your travel planning a seamless and comprehensive experience.

South America is a huge continent and this itinerary covers most of it! That means you will have a lot of questions about where you go what you do, so the best thing to do is contact us to customise and tailor make your itinerary. We have experts on standby who have travelled to these destinations and can advise you of the perfect backpacker route.

This is a fairly complex process so please do not book flights prior to consulting us. Stuck for where to start? Contact US!

Monday: Day 1

Day 1 – Arrival –  night in Quito

Tuesday: Day 2

Day 2 – Quito tour – night in The Avenue of volcanoes

Wednesday: Day 3

Day 3- Horseback riding avenue of volcanoes

Thursday: Day 4

Day 4- Quilotoa&Saquisli-

Friday: Day 5

Day 5- Cotopaxi night in Quito

Saturday: Day 6

Day 6 – Otavalo night in Quito

Sunday: Day 7

Day 7 – Biking in Banos

Monday: Day 8

Day 8 – Rafting in Banos stay over night in Banos

Tuesday: Day 9

Banos to Guayagil

Wednesday: Day 10

Guayaquil to Mancora (Public Bus)

Thursday: Day 11

Day at the beach in mancora over night

Friday: Day 12

Mancora to Trujillo (Public Bus)

Saturday: Day 13

Trujillo to Huaraz (Public Bus)

Sunday: Day 14

Huaraz to Lima (Public Bus)

Monday: Day 15

Lima – Free Day

Tuesday: Day 16

Paracas + Ballestas Islands Trip + Bus to Huacachina + Dune Buggy/Sandboarding

Wednesday: Day 17

Ica to Nazca bus + Nazca Lines Overflight + Nazca to Arequipa(Overnight Bus)

Thursday: Day 18

Arequipa – Free Day

Friday: Day 19

Overnight Colca Canyon Trip

Saturday: Day 20

Arequipa – Cusco

Sunday: Day 21

Cusco – Free Day

Monday: Day 22

Sacred Valley Trip or Start Salkantay Trail Option

Tuesday: Day 23

Inka Trail – 1st night (Classic or day 2 Salkantay)

Wednesday: Day 24

Inka Trail – 2nd night

Thursday: Day 25

Inka Trail – 3rd

Friday: Day 26

Inka Trail/Machu Picchu/Cusco

Saturday: Day 27

Cusco Free Day

Sunday: Day 28

Cusco to Puno

Monday: Day 29

Overnight Amatani Homestay with local family

Tuesday: Day 30

Puno – Free Day

Wednesday: Day 31

Puno to Copacabana to La Paz

Thursday: Day 32

La Paz- Free Day

Friday: Day 33

Bike the Worlds Most Dangerous Road or La Paz Free day(Optional)

Saturday: Day 34

La Paz- Free Day / night bus to Uyuni

Sunday: Day 35

Uyuni Salt Flats Jeep Tour

Monday: Day 36

Uyuni Salt Flats Jeep Tour

Tuesday: Day 37

Uyuni Salta Flats / bus to San Pedro De Ataca (Chile)

Wednesday: Day 38

Afternoon Valley of the Moon Tour

Thursday: Day 39

San Pedro de Atacma to a Serena

Friday: Day 40

La Serena to Valparaiso

Saturday: Day 41

Valparaiso Free Day

Sunday: Day 42

Valparaiso to Santiago Bus

Monday: Day 43

Santiago City Tour by bike

Tuesday: Day 44

Santiago Free day

Wednesday: Day 45

Santiago to Mendoza (Argentina:)

Thursday: Day 46

Wine vineyards tour Mendoza Free day

Friday: Day 47

Mendoza Free Day

Saturday: Day 48

Mendoza to Buenos Aires overnight bus

Sunday: Day 49

Buenos Aires Free day

Monday: Day 50

Tango Night Experience

Tuesday: Day 51

Buenos Aires Free day

Wednesday: Day 52

Buenos Aires Free day

Thursday: Day 53

Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu (Overnight)

Friday: Day 54

Puerto Iguazu Free Day

Saturday: Day 55

Iguassu Falls Argentina side

Sunday: Day 56

Iguassu Falls Brazil Side + Night Bus to Florianopolis

Monday: Day 57

Florianopolis Free Day

Tuesday: Day 58

Florianopolis Free Day

Wednesday: Day 59

Florianopolis Free Day

Thursday: Day 60

Florianopolis to Sao Paulo Night Bus

Friday: Day 61

Sao Paulo Free Day

Saturday: Day 62

Sao Paulo to Paraty

Sunday: Day 63

Paraty Bay Boat Trip

Monday: Day 64

Paraty Free day

Tuesday: Day 65

Paraty Free Day

Wednesday: Day 66

Paraty to Ilha Grande

Thursday: Day 67

Ilha Grande Free Day

Friday: Day 68

Ilha Grande Free Day

Saturday: Day 69

Ilha Grande to Rio transfer

Sunday: Day 70

Rio City Tour

Monday: Day 71

Rio Free Day

Tuesday: Day 72

Rio Favela Tour

Wednesday: Day 73

Rio Free Day

Thursday: Day 74

Depart Rio


Please note accommodation is only included for the 1st week in Ecuador, during the Inca Trail section and your last couple of days in Rio. We deliberately do not include accommodation during the backpacking section of the trip, because you will be meeting lots of people as you travel and it’s often nicer to stay with your newfound travel mates.

Accommodation in South America is not expensive. We would recommend a budget of around £5 per night, which would mean for this entire 75 night trip you would need to budget an extra £320 to cover accommodation.

A Rough Idea of Price

All of our gap year holidays are completely customised to your needs and prices will therefore vary based on things like the time of year and level of accommodation; but we want to give you as good an idea of how much this itinerary will cost.

11 Week - 

USD 4199

What's Included?

  • A personal Travel Advisor to guide you through the trip planning stage to create an amazing trip
  • Help with arranging flights and travel insurance
  • 24 hour support and emergency assistance
  • Detailed predeparture pack before you leave
  • Online travel assistance to help with the logistics of your journey whilst you are travelling
  • Straddle the Ecuador in Quito
  • Explore the amazon in Ecuador
  • All transport pre-booked arranged for you on a flexible itinerary
  • Your own personal travel concierge
  • Trekking the Inca Trail with the predeparture brief
  • One night in Cuzco
  • Milhouse Dorm
  • Cuzco to Puno (Touristic Transfer)
  • Amantani Home Stay 2D/1N
  • La Paz Local City Encounter
  • Salt Flats 3D/2N end Atacama
  • Moon Valley Experience
  • Colca Canyon Trekking 3D/2N
  • Sand-Buggy & Boarding
  • Ballestas & Paracas NR
  • The worlds largest waterfall in Argentina/Brazil
  • Get your tango on in Buenos Aires!
  • Get your Samba on in Rio!

What's Excluded?

  • Most accommodation (budget five pounds per night)
  • Food
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Banos to Guayagil Bus (local payment)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No you cannot.  Once you set your itinerary you have to stick to it.  If you need help planning your dates please send us an e-mail and we will happily take the stress and hassle out of it!

  • The itinerary is fixed. So once we book it for you that is the adventure you are on. If you want to add more time in certain locations, we are able to do this for you prior to booking. However, once your itinerary is fixed you have to keep to the schedule as your bus tickets are not changeable.

  • Not per se, however, this is a super popular backpacking route: You will be meeting people every single day in the hostels that you stay in. Part of the fun of this adventure is that it’s a very sociable and well-trodden backpacker trail.

    You will meet people in lots of little adventures that you have along the way (there’s loads included in the itinerary). Is there a guide with you at all times? No there isn’t, but there is at some points.  This is about independent backpacking with all the support that you need. It’s more fun like that, and because it is like this your money goes ALOT further. Nearly 3 months with loads of inclusions and 6 countries!

  • This is quite a long itinerary as it is, however if you have extra time there are plenty of additional projects that we can add to the itinerary. Popular options can be learning Spanish in Ecuador, (in Montanita). We also have conservation projects from Quito which can be quite good to add before this program starts.

Round The World South America Trip Dates

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