Why Choose Us?

Just because we have “Gap” in our name does not make us the same.

Xtreme Gap Year offers you the chance to join exciting trips run by very adventurous travel experts! We believe incredible travel experiences create better travel memories.

We believe this because we know it. We have been there we have done it.

With us you will do things you just cannot do at home, you will tell your friends and colleagues about your experiences but they probably won’t believe you.

With us you will not be treated like a sheep, lead from place to place chucked in the revolving door of pre-manufactured travel. You will be taken to some amazing places to do some amazing things with equally adventurous people all the really experiencing travel.

Many of our trips are unique, handcrafted by us through our own experiences not sold to you off the back of the brochure. We are about helping  travellers do mind-blowing things, ideal if you are inexperienced in travelling, or you want a genuinely different adventure holiday.

We are passionate about your travel experiences as they are our experiences, and we know our stuff as well. If you take a look at who is involved in Xtreme Gap Year you will see a ridiculously overqualified group of people who have lived away in different countries and still do live all over the world creating unforgettable adventures for you.

“Many of the trips you will see on the site are unique to Xtreme Gap Year. That means they are better quality, low cost, but ultimately better adventures.”

That’s right we run many of our own trips whereas the gap year companies are middlemen. By cutting out the middleman we are able to offer more to lower costs. And that is important to us because we are all about creating amazing trips not creating profit. We have offices in Thailand, Mexico, Majorca, Netherlands, Sydney and Cape Town. They are all home offices not high Street with our staff based all over the world we are able to react to and create amazing trips in popular and developing locations. But because we run virtual offices are costs are low which means without having to overcharge on our trips we can include more.

It’s those extra activities that create the moments that you will remember, it’s what we do, it’s what we love. We are a company that is not about the money: we are about amazing travel experiences and we can’t wait for you to feel them.

  • The best value compared to every single gap year company bar none. As we have a network of online offices we keep our overheads lower and pass on the cost savings to you, or include more in our itineraries when compared like for like with other companies
  • Qualified & knowledgeable staff. We really do know our stuff. On our staff, we have dive instructors, Divemaster’s, Surf Chicks, Wildlife lovers and genuine travel junkies. We have offices located in The Netherlands, Spain, Australia, and South Africa and Bali. We know our destinations inside and out and can give you the best advice speaking from experience.
  • We are not in it for the money, we do it because we love it. On this site you will not find any volunteering programmes, that’s because we have strong ethics and do not agree with making money from people’s goodwill. Ask other companies why they offer these programs and better yet see what tourism concern has to say about it.
  • Finally, because we offer something other companies can’t, the chance to travel with like-minded individuals all up for adventure. It takes a special breed of travel with us, and this just helps make our groups even more fun. From the moment you book you have access to our exclusive chat forums, and 12 weeks prior to departure you access your buddy lists, international lifelong friendships are formed by joining our trips.



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