Vietnam & Thailand Unleashed!

Awesome 6 Week Group Adventures in 2 Amazing Countries!

Perfect trip for first-time travellers who would love to see 2 fantastic Asian destinations. You do not need a huge budget and it is a great way to meet people as you join our groups! Don’t worry about being alone, 85% of travellers travel solo. You will be joining a group of like-minded travellers, once you book you have an online buddy list to chat with others before you go!

Vietnam & Thailand Unleashed!: Trip Highlights


  • Fancy going somewhere completely different? You will love Vietnam travel through the entire country and soak it in!
  • Explore the vibrant 1,000 year old of the historic city of Hanoi during the first week, stay outy on Halong bay. Epic!
  • New fun and new friends. It´s about the journey with superb landscapes, mountains and coastlines
  • Go trek the amazing Sapa mountain and learn about the culture here, visit markets
  • Discover Ho Chi Minh City and dwell on the history of Vietnam
  • No worries about going it alone, this trip has a buddy list so you can chat with other people on the trip before you go!


Squeeze out the most fun! This 3-week trip has been tailored for you: Introduction in Bangkok, visiting temples and other cultural sites, live among elephants, bathe in waterfalls, trek through national parks, adventure day on a paradise island, beach parties and lots of beach time.

  • Trekking through national parks & discovering cool waterfalls
  • Volunteering with Elephants and Mahouts
  • Exploring exciting Bangkok and stay in a fun backpackers hostel near the backpacking Mecca Khao San Road
  • Koh Phangan adventure day with boats, snorkelling, paradise islands and viewpoints
  • Lots of Chill time on Koh Phangan and beach parties to remember

Vietnam & Thailand Unleashed! Photos

Vietnam & Thailand Unleashed!: Full Details


Vietnam is blessed with natural beauty. It has it all. Mountains, lowlands, a huge coastline coated in beaches, national parks that are the envy of the world like Sapa and Halong Bay, and a culturally rich and troubled history that makes visiting Vietnam such a unique and interesting experience, it will be more than your average holiday.

This trip is about showing you all the best sites and attractions in Vietnam, whilst offering you lots of cultural interaction in a group and leaving you happy in the knowledge that you will be well looked after during your stay.


This is our top-selling trip! Loaded with activities there is never a dull moment. A great way to travel Thailand safely in a group, you have a jam-packed itinerary showcasing the best this amazing country has to offer. An intro week, an adventure week, and a beach week. You will be checking out Thailand in the best possible way and fully guided! Let the good times roll.


Please note this is a flexible itinerary. Due to local conditions, changes can and often do happen at a local level,  which means the above itinerary, and things listed in the included section,  is meant as a reference guide as to what might happen not as a contractual obligation as to everything included. Sometimes we add additional things into the itinerary, sometimes we do not do all the things listed due to group members wanting to do other activities instead.


Day 1: Arrival Day

Arriving on Sunday or start your adventure in the all some ancient capital of North Vietnam Hanoi. This is it! The beginning of your 3-week adventure that is full of excitement, culture, history, a road trip and great times with new friends. With an airport pick up included you settle into your accommodation in Hanoi, you´ll get a chance to meet up with your fellow backpackers and find out about everyone you´ll be spending the next few weeks with.

Most people on our Vietnam Experience are in the same boat, i.e. they are travelling solo, so there is no need to be nervous. You´ll be far too busy to worry about that!

Day 2: Hanoi old quarter

To new visitors, Hanoi is a fantastic city bustling with crazy drivers, overloaded bicycles, colourful markets and street food stalls selling local dishes, some of which aren´t always identifiable (and yes, they are partial to chomping on a bit of Fido!).

Luckily you have a guide to help you through that initial culture shock, allowing you to absorb it with a bit of help. You´ll visit the 12th century Temple of Literature, see a local music performance and have lunch in the Old Quarter when your guide will take the opportunity to tell you all about what the next four weeks have in store. In the evening, you´ll have dinner and see a performance at the world famous water puppet theatre.

By the end of today, the sensory overload will either have you sleeping like a log or wide awake with wonder! Check out this gallery on our blog for more photos!

Day 3: Halong City

Today we are heading to Halong City gateway to the world heritage site of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay, which means ´Bay of the Descending Dragon´, is approximately 170km north of Hanoi and is famous for its surreal and somewhat eerie landscape of over 3000 limestone monoliths that rise imposingly from the ocean.

Just make sure that you get those all important emails addresses from your trip mates so that you can swap photos and keep each other up-to-date with any more adventures you do. Believe us, this trip will leave you wanting more. There is no vaccination for the travel bug!!

Day 4 & 5: Giao Xuan

Vietnam is full of epic landscapes, Giao Xuan is a stunning little village that will not disappoint. Today we’ll learn everything there is to know about Vietnamese culture. You will be learning some basic trying your hand Vietnamese cooking, and we will even take you to a local market where you can haggle for some ingredients for a major feast later that day.

Day 6: Quintessential Vietnam paddy fields caves and temples

Today involves a relaxing boat trip around Tam Coc and Dinh Cac Pier, which has a stunning landscape of towering karst islets and vast expanses of paddy fields. You´ll also float through three impressive natural caves, which is what the name Tam Coc means, ´three caves´. This whole area epitomizes rural Vietnam, and you´ll want to make sure your camera is charged.

After lunch, you can cycle to the village and onto Thai Vi Temple and Bich Dong Pagoda, which dates back to 1428 and is located on Ngu Nhac Mountain.

Day 7 & 8: Sat & Sun

Its weekend! You have a couple of days ´off´ at this point in the trip – that is you are free to explore at your own pace and see what you and your adventuring friends can find. Meet up in the evenings and swap stories and photos with the whole group, while soaking up the atmosphere and thinking about everything you’ve seen and done so far. Typically the groups head out to Cuc Phuong National Park, the picturesque waterfall, and temples of the 11th c former capital, Hoa Lu. Our guides can offer you advice on what’s best to see in the area.

Day 9: Sapa

A local village, hill tribes and beautiful scenery are on the agenda today. Cat Cat Village is about 1km from Sapa, located at the bottom of the Muong Hoa Valley and as you walk there you´ll see the breathtaking mountains, over 3000m high, and the green rice terraces that drop almost 1000m below. You´ll also pass the sparkling Cat Cat waterfall. The village itself is home to the H´Mong tribe, who retain many of the old customs and traditions, some of which you can see, such as hand weaving and dying of materials to make textiles. Have you still got room for souvenirs?!

Locals and villages

Vietnam Backpacking Xtreme Gap Year (115)We hope you´re feeling well rested for today as there is a 10km trek through the hills, past the streams and into the valley of Muong Hoa to visit Ta Van village, where you’ll stay overnight with a local family. This gives you the chance to experience firsthand the lifestyle and culture of the people living in this area. After the long trek, the pool is bound to look appealing to soothe those aching muscles! You also have the chance to pitch in and help to cook dinner (you might even get to use some of the skills you learnt in your cookery class) before settling down for a peaceful night with your local hosts.

Day 10: Trekking

Bring your trekking boots because we are going on an epic journey. 10 hours of trekking through hills, paddy fields and classic Asian scenery until we hit Ta Van village. Take a dip in the pool there because you have deserved it.

Day 11: Waterfalls and landscapes and trekking

You’ll have been glad for a peaceful night as today is an amazing seven hour round trip trekking to a waterfall and passing through some stunning landscapes along the way something that you’ll probably be getting used to now, given how beautiful the country is. Anyway, you’re young and fit so no slacking, you can handle it!

Day 12: Sapa

Back to Sapa and a well-earned rest. Kick back and sip a 666 Vietnamese beer. Super cheap and very tasty!

Sapa town

Sapa is perfect for a well-earned rest. You´re more than halfway through your adventure so you can sit back, chill out and reflect on all the places you’ve been, things you see and people you´ve met so far. We reckon by this point you´ll realize this is one of the best things you’ve ever done!

If you are up for it check out the beautiful orchid gardens on the Ham Rong Mountain. Located in Sapa town, you don´t have far to travel to admire the panoramic views, gardens and unusual rock formations. It is well worth the effort of walking to the top as once you get there, and along the way, you´ll be rewarded with some great photo opportunities.

Day 13: Market

Today you’ll visit the beautiful local market and beautiful old Sapa church in the morning. You’ll have free time for the rest of the day until your bus back to Hanoi.

Day 14 & 15: Hanoi craziness free time

Yes weekend again :). You’ve had quite a number of days admiring the beautiful Vietnam countryside and now it´s back to crazy Hanoi. You have a couple of days to explore more of the city, after which time you can decide whether you love it or hate it, it´s a bit like Marmite! Your guide will be able to give you the low down on the best places to visit and where to eat and drink.

You then have two days to explore the incredible city of Hanoi – our guides can give you some great suggestions of places to go, although often the group will have their own ideas there is only things you can see and do it will be hard to cram it all in. Stock up on snacks and charge your smartphone batteries because the following night you will be doing a very long bus trip which takes us to Hoi an.

Day 16: Hoi An is awesome

You will arrival to Hoi An in the afternoon and have time to visit Hoi An Old Quarter. It has a distinctly French colonial flare, and it’s also an awesome place to get any type of clothing tailor-made for you!

You could spend time exploring the town and its many alleyways of cute shops, cafes and extensive food market or maybe hire a scooter and head out to the gorgeous local beaches.

Day 17: Ancient Ruins

You will visit the ancient ruins of the Cham dynasty in My Son. Ancient ruined temples two massive towers a really special place.

We will join the bus to transfer to Nha Trang tonight.

Day 18 & 19: Beach Time

Na Trang has fantastic beaches and great nightlife. Nha Trang’s golden beaches are yours for the taking, alternatively, take a boat trip to nearby islands or sample sumptuous seafood.

Day 20: Saigon/Ho Chi Minh

It’s been a huge epic journey but finally, we’ve made it to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Sai Gon)! Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam, it has a distinctively different feel to Hanoi.

Day 21: Saying Goodbyes

Some of your group might only be booked on to the Vietnam Section, so to them we say farewell, while the rest, including you will fly out the next day to start th amazing Thailand Entourage tour.

On day 21 you will stay in Sai Gon where it will be time to say goodbye to your travel buddies. Lifelong friendships will have been formed, incredible time is had by all, in a truly stunning country. At the end of an amazing trip before continuing with your onward travels.

Please note: At the end of the Vietnam Section, you have a night in between (not included in the package), our guides will be able to help you book this additional night locally. Cost $18 – $20. The next day you can catch a taxi to the airport to catch your flight to Bangkok.

Day 22: Warm Welcome On Arrival

Arrival day the moment you have been waiting for! The start to an awesome life changing Thailand trip! First off, if you have not been travelling before… it will be ok. We make it a hassle free arrival, the Xtreme Team will collect you from Suvarnabhumi Airport (the international airport in Bangkok) and take you to your super convenient Bangkok accommodation, which is a stone’s throw from the famous Khao San Road. The accommodation has a movie room, 2 pool tables, free WIFI and lots of Xtreme Gappers awaiting to join the adventure.

You will have the rest of the day/evening, depending on when you arrive, to relax after a long flight and meet the rest of your group. If you arrive in time we head out for a delicious Thai meal (local payment about £3-8) and explore the buzzing Bangkok area!


• Breakfast
• Guided tour of Bangkok
• Overnight accommodation in a twin / triple shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water


This is where it all begins. Get ready to explore one of the most famous and iconic cities in the world? It’s on! led by your Xtreme Gap Year guide, who will be your leader, guide and mentor for the next four weeks we will explore old Bangkok through the ancient waterways.

Not only will you get to experience stunning traditional communities off the backpacker trail, but we will also take you to the majestic Wat Arun – The Temple of the Dawn, Wat Pho, which is home to the most important reclining Buddha in the whole of Thailand and Wat Phra Kaew –  The Grand Palace.

Expect an authentic look into traditional Bangkok and lets you see some of the most beautiful temples Thailand has to offer. The tour will last about 4 hours.

In the afternoon we head back to our guesthouse, just in time to freshen up and chill out before your ‘Welcome Dinner’ in the evening. After dinner, we are off to the infamous and exciting Khao San Road, the backpacker area of Bangkok,  where you will get a taste of the Thai night life. Just go easy on eating bugs and drinking snake blood 😉



  • Breakfast
  • Guided tour of Bangkok
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Overnight accommodation in a twin / triple shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water

Today were going to head close to the border of Cambodia to a town called Surin. It’s quite a long journey usually between six and seven hours, but this is all part of the adventure of travel. If you don’t make the effort you don’t see the best bits! The next couple of days will be an amazing experience at a rural elephant village. But first we put you in a nice hotel, to get a good night sleep.

Travel can be with either: Bus or train or sometimes when we have large group sizes, we use a  big private coach.


Get up close and personal with magnificent Elephants! Washing bathing and caring for them!

After a comfortable nights sleep and breakfast, we will leave Surin Town and make our way to a rural ‘elephant village’ about 50km’s away. The main highlight of this trip and also a really unique opportunity is not only to spend time with elephants, but also to live in a small rural Thai community, which is something which is fast becoming more and more difficult to experience.

This is what backpacking and adventure is all about. Living like the locals and truly immersing yourself in the culture of the people and the land.

Our project has been vetted to ensure it is ethically run. There is absolutely NO elephant riding by our guests.

During these three days, you will get to:

Walk with the elephants to the local river and help the mahouts bathe them.

Help the mahouts clean the elephant areas.

Harvest / plant crops (depending on the season) for the elephants.

Kayak on the local river.

In the elephant village, you will get the awesome opportunity of living in a homestay, with the village headman and the members of his family, this is an absolute honour and is something that you will truly take back with you. And…you will be sleeping just a few metres away from elephants!  However please note as this is a homestay experience, you won’t be staying in luxury, but the experience makes it totally worth it.

In the afternoon of day 6 we will have to say goodbye to the elephants and new friends and head back to Surin town.



  • Transfer to and from the elephant village
  • Elephant activities listed
  • Day 3- breakfast at the hotel in Surin, lunch, and dinner and the elephant village
  • Day 4-  breakfast, lunch and dinner at the elephant village
  • Day 5- breakfast, lunch and dinner at the elephant village
  • Day 3 and 4- basic accommodation in the elephant village, shared dorm style rooms with mattresses on the floor, mosquito nets, fans and shared toilet and washing facilities
  • Day 6– Overnight accommodation in a twin / triple shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water
Day 28 - 29: KHAO YAI

Khao Yai is absolutely stunning and one of Thailand’s most famous National Park’s, but is often left off of travellers itineraries in their anticipation to just head to the beach. But you won’t miss out! Khao Yai boasts ancient and majestic towering forests, wild elephants and tigers, a colourful array of bird life and a number of different species of monkeys. This is a fantastic place to get a feeling of how much of Thailand really used to be. You will get to experience more beautiful waterfalls, one of which Leo Di Caprio jumped off (or pretended too!) for the making of The Beach.
You will spend the day exploring the National Park with a specialist guide, where you will hopefully get to see wildlife, like the herds of wild elephants. A bit of simple forest trekking is also on the menu for today. It’s superb fun, and again, don’t forget your camera and GoPro’s, but also don’t forget to just enjoy this day of splendour in this impressive natural landscape.


• Khao Yai Adventure day and all park entry fees
• Lunch during the Adventure Day
• Services of specialist National Park guide
• Overnight accommodation in a twin / triple shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water


Today we will transfer to Kanchanburi north of Bangkok, it is a fairly long journey of about 6 – 7 hours.

Kanchanaburi is where the Kwae Yai and Kwae Noi rivers meet and is as picturesque as Thailand can get, with a magnificent backdrop of forested mountains stretching all the way to the Burmese border.

It’s famous for the film location of the movie ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ where thousands of prisoners of wars and local Thai’s were forced to build the ‘Burmese Railway’ during WWII, it is a historic setting, but today it has transformed into a fun, chilled-out riverside town and your path to some great activities and experiences.

There´s lots to do here. Visiting museums and temples, swimming in pools by waterfalls, kayaking the rivers, and checking out temples

Once we have arrived, we check you into the hotel, freshen up and there is time to explore the area, see the sights and learn about the history – and of course enjoy a Singha beer or two while trying out some more traditional Thai food.


  • Breakfast
  • Private transfer to Kanchanaburi
  • Overnight accommodation   in twin / triple shared rooms with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, and hot water

The river Kwae is a real paradise for Kayaking! After breakfast at our Guest House, we will take you out for a fun-filled day of adventure, where you will get to go kayaking on the river Kwae and also explore some of the highlights of the local area. You might even see some monkeys on the way! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional for this, in fact, no prior experience is needed, the river is pretty easy to navigate, you will get to see and experience the surroundings from a completely unique perspective.

Don’t forget sun cream, you will get a tan when you’re out and about today! After your epic day of kayaking and exploring the local area, we will head back to the Guesthouse to freshen up and get ready for dinner, a chilled evening at the cool laid back bars and enjoy a few cold ones as we watch the river go by.


  • Breakfast
  • Kayak trip on the river Kwae
  • Overnight accommodation in a twin / triple shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water

Today you’ll visit the exquisite waterfalls in the Erawan National Park. These waterfalls are considered one of the most beautiful places on earth, the waterfalls are truly made of absolute wonder! You will get to explore the several levels of these magnificent falls, each filtering into the different pools below, which you can swim in.

The highlight here is a natural water slide that shoots you several meters down smooth stone into the emerald coloured water, so remember to have your GoPro’s and cameras charged! You are most definitely going to need them.

After your morning of photo shoots and an insane amount of fun and relaxation, you will head back to the hotel for the afternoon where you will have the chance to head into town and explore. Our guides are super knowledgeable of the area, so be sure to ask where all the best spots to eat, chill or party are.


• Breakfast
• Erawan Waterfall day
• Overnight accommodation in a twin / triple shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water

Note: Climbing the waterfalls is not recommended as they and can be dangerous and slippery.  We accept no responsibility if you ignore these recommendations.


Today we start heading back to Bangkok (by train, minivan or coach depending on group numbers) arriving back in the buzzing city of Bangkok around mid-afternoon if traffic is not too hectic.

You will check back into the same accommodation as at the start of the trip and you can have the evening to enjoy some shopping, exploring or partying …or why not just do all three?


  • Transfer to Bangkok (usually by train)
  • Overnight accommodation in a twin shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water.

One of Bangkok´s most unforgettable experiences. Experience local life and Thai culture by bike. After winding our way through the back alleys and streets of Bangkok’s backpacker district we head across the river and through some of the oldest communities in the city.

Passing by ancient temples, fascinating communities that seem so far removed from the rest of the city and all the while following the course of the river and canals this really is a spectacular opportunity to see a side of the city that is so often missed by travellers.

The tour takes around 3 hours – but times can and do vary! – and in terms of distance is not very far (+/-10km). And with Bangkok being totally flat it’s perfect for anyone and everyone, whether you’re a regular rider or not!


  • Behind the Scenes Bangkok Bike Tour
  • Overnight accommodation in a twin shared room with air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and hot water
  • Breakfast
  • Late check-out from the accommodation (11 am) – meaning you can store your bags and freshen up before you head on the coach
  • Overnight transfer from Bangkok to Koh Phangan (arriving the morning of Day 15)

Today you have a free day to spend with your new friends. There are plenty of options to keep you busy with the rest of the group. Ask our guide for suggestions! As this is the perfect place to go shopping prior to hitting the islands be sure to spend some time at the MBK shopping mall! It’s an experience and a great place to hunt for bargains! If you are feeling a little bit tired from all the fun and travelling, maybe a traditional Thai massage is the perfect antidote.

You’ve got most of today to do your own thing and explore a bit more of this fantastic city – just ask your guide for inspiration and they’ll help you see what you’d like to see.

Lots of people enjoy a lazy day today – we’re pretty sure you’ll have hit the bars and clubs last night – but if you want to get out and about why not do one of the following:

Give your body a treat and have a 2 hour Thai massage – trust us, you won’t regret it. There are loads of massage shops all around the Guest House with prices starting at +/- 250/300THB

Jump in a taxi and see the ‘other side’ of Bangkok – if you like a bit of retail therapy or even just window shopping then have a look at Siam Paragon, Siam Centre and Central World. All huge fancy shopping malls, great for people watching and even better if you’re craving a bit of comfort food from home. A taxi from your Guest House to Siam will cost around 150THB depending on the traffic!

If you’ve not had enough of boats and the river, then taking one of the boat ‘buses’ up the Chao Phraya is a brilliant way to spend a few hours. The ferry pier is only 10 mins amble from your Guest House and for the princely sum of between 15 and 19 THB you can head all the way to Nonthaburi pier taking in all the sights and sounds of the city. Once you’re at Nonthaburi, have an explore and take a look at Bang Kwang Prison (the infamous Bangkok Hilton) and get lost in the local markets. Then simply hop back on a ferry back to where you started. Probably the cheapest day out possible in Bangkok!

All these trips and more can be arranged by your guide – just tell then what you’d like to do and they’ll help you get everything sorted. Just make sure you’re back at the accommodation by 6pm to meet back us with your group and begin the journey to the islands!


  • Breakfast
  • Late check-out from the accommodation (11 am) – meaning you can store your bags and freshen up before you head on the coach
  • Overnight transfer from Bangkok to Koh Phangan (arriving the morning of Day 15)

This evening we travel to Koh Phangan by luxury coach and fast boat.

Day 36 - 41: KOH PHANGAN

In the morning we arrive on Koh Phangan located in the Gulf of Thailand. This is an amazing place to hang out. Probably most famous for its legendary full moon party, but there is so much more to the island in that. Most of our trips coincide with the full moon party, so you know you will be joining up to 10,000 other party-goers on an epic beach for the night of your life during your time here.

The resort we stay has its own private beach! and we will be located close to the beach in Bantai during your time here.

We include an adventure day on Koh Phangan where we will take you to a stunning waterfall, a delicious lunch in Chalok Bay for (lunch not included), then we take a traditional long tail boat to Bottle Beach, Bottle beach is one of the most stunning beaches you see during your trip!

We allow plenty of free time to take part in lots of optional activities (paid locally see FAQ). For example you can do the slip and fly waterpark, visit viewpoints or learn to kite surf (in season). Just ask the guide for options to fill your days here.

Most however, want to soak up the sun and enjoy the amazing beaches and nightlife this island has to offer.


  • All accommodation in air-conditioned ensuite rooms 2-4 sharing)
  • Use of private beach at resort
  • introduction on the first evening
  • Guided adventure day including all transfers


Vietnam accommodation

In Vietnam 21 nights’ accommodation is included. Most nights, are spent in guesthouses where you share with doubles or triples. You will also spend 1 night in basic, shared accommodation in a rural village homestay and 2 nights on overnight buses. Where you stay is all part of the adventure!

During this programme you will be located in 3 different locations to get to know about different parts of Vietnam. All transfers will be taken care of (arrival transfer is also included providing your arrive on set start dates).

Thailand Accommodation

Because you stay in various different locations throughout the trip accommodation does vary, however, expect to stay in comfortable and clean and secure accommodation. On the islands, you will stay in a luxury resort, with a swimming pool set in beautiful Thai Gardens just a short walk from the beach and bars and restaurants.

Koh Phangan Accommodation

The rooms are shared, same-sex ensuite rooms. Each room is shared with between 2-4 Xtreme Gappers.


6 Week - Vietnam & Thailand

USD 2269

What's Included?


  • Breakfasts and accommodation throughout programme
  • Airport transfer on arrival, to make it easy for you!
  • Fully guided
  • Activities as per itinerary
  • Orientation by our rep
  • Vietnamese cooking lessons
  • Vietnamese language lessons
  • Jungle trekking or cultural immersion at local schools. Let us know at time of booking!
  • Access to buddy lists before you go


  • Airport pick up in Bangkok
  • All activities as per itinerary
  • Breakfast during the first 2 weeks
  • Learn all about elephants
  • All accommodation through the three weeks
  • All transfers (except transfer back to Bangkok)
  • Lots of fun stuff and amazing activities
  • Access to online buddy lists to chat to other members of the group


  • All Accommodation
  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Overnight Transfer to Koh Phangan
  • 5 nights accommodation in air-conditioned en-suite rooms 2-4 sharing)
  • Use of private beach at resort
  • Guided adventure day including all transfers
  • Free Wi-Fi at most of the accommodation
  • Koh Phangan adventure day which includes:
    • Boat around the island
    • Snorkelling in crystal clear waters around a tropical paradise island
    • Spectacular trek up to an incredible viewpoint
  • Back up & support second to none. Services of our tour leaders and English-speaking reps who are available and based locally  24/7.

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinks
  • Meals (included are breakfast in Vietnam and first 2 weeks in Thailand)
  • Extra spending money for souvenirs etc.
  • Airport drop off (but its cheap and we help you!)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The trip ends in Koh Phangan , please note that return transfer is not included in the price of the trip. This is because many people choose to travel onwards to other locations or stay in Koh Phangan to do enjoy more beach time.

    Returning back to Bangkok to meet your flight is very easy, transfers can be arranged on Koh Phangan with the help of your guide and the cost is approximately £15. If you’re flying out straight after the trip ends, you have two options to meet your flight in Bangkok.

    Our recommended option is to fly from Koh Samui directly to Bangkok airport, rep can organise your bus tickets to Samui airport, this will involve catching the boat in the morning and arriving in Koh Samui at around three o’clock. Transfers are provided from the pier direct to the airport and are complimentary.

    Please ensure that your flights are not booked any earlier than about 4pm and do allow for delays, so we would recommend not booking a flight back to Bangkok until the afternoon which also allows time to check in at the airport as well. Check Bangkok Airways the cheap flights booked ahead it will cost around £100-110 but it will go up if you book last minute. The flight time is approximately an hr.

    Option two would be to get the morning boat from Koh Phangan back to Bangkok via bus and boat, the transfer time is between six and eight hours typically you will get back into Bangkok about 10 o’clock in the evening. This would require an extra night stay in Bangkok, and if you are to pursue this option we do not recommend booking your international flight until the following day. Again the cost for this transfer is about £15.

  • Most of your transfers on this trip are in private vehicles (ie just for you and the group). Exactly what sort of vehicle depends on the group size.

    Why is this important?

    Whilst there is lots of public transport available in Thailand, much of it is very uncomfortable, there are very few regulations about safety (it’s not uncommon for drivers to be on the go for 18-24 hours plus) and also it’s almost impossible to guarantee to get a group of travellers together (with their bags) all in the same vehicle. On some routes you’re able to buy tickets in advance but on many other routes it’s a matter of hoping there is room on the bus or simply waiting for another.

    Not the best way to spend your precious time.
    By using private transfers we can:

    • Guarantee the safety standards of the companies we use
    • Ensure that drivers are assessed, do not drive too far in one go, are not drunk etc
    • Ensure that all the group are in the same vehicle and that we’re not waiting ages for another bus to come
    • Plan our trips to fit in what’s best for the traveller – rather than what’s best for a transport company!


    What transport do we use?

    For groups of 10 or less we use ‘luxury’ minivans. With comfortable seats, air-conditioning, good experienced drivers – and a decent sound system if you want to listen to some tunes – these are perfect. Of course they leave when we ask them to, we can stop en route where we want to and the whole travel experience is far better, far more comfortable and far safer than any ‘public’ minivan.

    Additionally, as there’s no random stopping to drop people off / pick people up they are far quicker – even though we can ensure that speed limits are obeyed!
    For long distances with larger groups we use private coaches. These have the same benefits as the private minivans along with, of course, more space. Depending on the size of the group we use either 30 or 40 seater coaches (we always make sure there’s enough room for baggage!) giving you great room to spread out a bit and relax.

    The journey from Kanchanaburi to Surin in particular is a horrible one by public transport. As a group we would need to travel to either Ayutthya or Bangkok, then change to another bus or minivan (with all the waiting around that entails) and then head to Surin – not only adding a whole load of wasted time but also a whole load of elements that are then unplanned (what time with the minivan leave, will we all be able to get into the same minivan etc).

    The journey from Surin to Pak Chong may, on occasion with smaller groups, use the train. Whilst the train is slower than a private minivan or coach, it can be fun and gives a very different travel experience to the group, provides different scenery and of course allows to you wander around.

  • All our guides are Thai, bi-lingual (Thai and English) and fully licensed and trained – as is required by Thai law. In fact it’s illegal to be a tour guide in Thailand if you’re not Thai and quite right too – after all Thai people know their own country better than anyone else, tend to speak much better Thai than anyone else (!) and also are simply the best people at making sure anyone in Thailand has a great time.

    Thai’s are also some of, if not the world’s best problem solvers. Growing up in a country where the unexpected can and does tend to happen makes Thai people absolute experts at anything anyone can throw their way. And they still manage to sort out any issues with a smile on their face, not an easy thing!

    After all, why come all the way to Thailand to be led around the country from someone from home? Thai’s do and will always know their own country best and understand everything about what’s going on as opposed to those from elsewhere who often think they understand, but don’t really!

    Our guides know the locations you’re travelling to like the back of their hand. They know the coolest places (not necessarily the place that the guidebooks think are the coolest!), they know the places to avoid (not always easy to spot when you’re not from here) and they know how to have the most fun.

    They’ve not just travelled here for a few months – they’ve lived here all their lives and you just can’t replace that sort of insider knowledge. They all work full-time with us and are constantly updating their knowledge from our network of guides (bars and clubs are always changing and why waste your time heading to a bar that is oh so last season?) and making sure they keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on.

    Full-time guides are quite a rarity in Thailand – lots of companies prefer to use freelance guides to make sure they aren’t paying salaries in between tours – but we believe passionately in full-time employment for our team. This means that they can plan their lives and support families, they know that we will always look after them and, equally importantly, we can run on-going training and support programmes for our team. Simply put – full-time guides are way better at delivering tours than those who jump between different companies and different styles of travel.

    We run on-going training for all of our guides to ensure their skills are top quality and they manage to combine huge amounts of laughs and fun with keeping everyone fit, healthy and safe.

  • Take £100 a week and you will be living very well. Remember that a lot is included on this trip. Breakfast in Vietnam and also included is all accommodation, most transfers, airport pick up and loads of activities and adventures along the way are already paid for.

  • The groups are not massive, so you can experience the culture to the max! Usually, there is an average of 6-15 fellow travel mates on the trip, but it can be more or less on the Vietnam part.

  • The Vietnam trip ends on a Saturday. The flight from Vietnam to Bangkok is not included in the trip. Most people add on an extra night in Ho Chi Minh and fly on the Sunday to Bangkok (BKK Airport). That way you have your airport collection included when you arrive in Bangkok. The extra night costs around £20 and usually people share and split the cost.

Vietnam & Thailand Unleashed! Trip Dates

Start Dates 2020

Start Vietnam Saturday 4 January Ends Thailand – Thursday 13 February
Start Vietnam Saturday 01 February Ends Thailand – Thursday – 12 March

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