Spain Career Development Programme

Learn a language, get an internship... and a tan!

During the Spain Career Development programme in the stunning city of Malaga in the South of Spain, you will be challenged to go on an entrepreneurial journey. You will start learning Spanish or improve your Spanish language skills. But that is not just it! You will also work in a team of international students on a project for a local entrepreneur. In this team, you will set the bar high and use each other’s strengths. It will be an unforgettable experience!

If you are open minded, eager to learn, proactive and ambitious, this IS your thing. You will be living in a great shared apartment with other participants, with guides there to help you 24/7!

Spain Career Development Programme: Trip Highlights


  • Development of Spanish language skills (all levels)
  • Contribute to a local business (all in English)
  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Develop your social skills
  • Enjoy the beach
  • Discover Malaga, it’s history, culture and gastronomy
  • Explore the nightlife in Malaga
  • Add an unforgettable experience to your CV
  • Make friends for life

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Spain Career Development Programme: Full Details

Your 2 weeks will be spent in Malaga, a stunning city in the South of Spain. Malaga has a big airport and it’s usually cheap to fly into Malaga Airport.


Every morning during weekdays you will have 4 hours Spanish lessons in a fantastic school. The school is in the heart of Malaga and is surrounded by lots of tapas bars, nice coffee bars and shops. It is within walking distance to the new harbour, where you also find the beach. Awesome, as the project runs in Midsummer!

You will be in a group with other students with the same level of Spanish. You can join if you are a beginner, no problem! If you already studied Spanish the school will provide you with a test, a week before start the of the lessons, so we can see what your level is.


In the afternoon we get you to work on an internship with small local business. This will be done in English, as your Spanish probably won’t be sufficient with just a few lessons. In the past, this has been businesses in various sectors. We have worked with: retailers, restaurants, co-working spaces, garden centres, the city hall, hairdressers, beauty salons, cooking schools, travel agencies, consultants etc. All located in Malaga of course!

Task during your internship can include: Execute market research, write a marketing plan, set up an event, create a promotional video, generate content for Social Media, generate leads, write a business plan, etc, etc. It all depends on the outcome of the brainstorm session with the owner of the business.


You will have a coach helping you all the way. The coaching is on the project at the business owners office, at the language school, at the accommodation or can even be on a terrace in the sun. It’s never in one place.

Below a rough idea of what you can expect workwise during your 2 weeks on the programme, all coaching will be done in English. It would be too hard to do it all in Spanish after just a few lessons.

  1. Brainstorm session with entrepreneur
  2. Decide which tasks you will be doing
  3. Create a plan of approach
  4. Divide tasks and responsibilities
  5. Create a plan of action
  6. Ask approval of the entrepreneur
  7. Execute the action plan, in other words: Lets get to work
  8. Progress checks with the business owner
  9. Presentation of your end product (In English)

During the whole process, the students will be coached by our team.


Malaga is a typical Mediterranean city. The last decade it has become one of Spain’s fastest growing cities regarding tourism and innovative entrepreneurship. It has a lot to offer:

  • A city at the sea, with a beach, a trendy port and lovely views
  • An interesting historical site with remains of the Romans and the Moorish.
  • A huge offer of museums (over 30!)
  • A fabulous gastronomy
  • Music, bars, restaurants, nightclubs etcetera
  • And, very important: 300 days of sun a year!



Day 1:

Arrival Day. You will be welcomed and we show you to your home away from hoe, your accommodation in walking distance from the Spanish school and we walk around Malaga City, so you get to know your surroundings.

In the evening we introduce you to all other participants and we Kick off of with the project.

Day 2:

Today we start with the language classes at one of the best language schools of Spain.

From now on you will be forced to speak Spanish (well of course we also speak English during the project if you need help!). This will be hard work, but  fun as well. Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Today we kick off of the entrepreneurial project, you and the other participants will meet the owner of the business you will be doing your internship with. We brainstorm to see what tasks will suit you, and what the business owner needs.



Day 3:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Its time to finish the plan of approach today.

The entrepreneur will be there too so you can ask for feedback and finalise the first step of your project.

In the evening (just like every evening) you have time to go out for dinner with the group, or cook at your apartment, up to you!


Day 4:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Bike Tour through Malaga. Do not worry its flat! Seeing Malaga by bike is the best way. You will get to know the area where you are staying, see the beach, the harbour and the city centre!

After the bike ride, we start working on our project again!!!! Start with executing your plan of action!


Day 5:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Evaluation day.

We will evaluate your work so far with your coach and the entrepreneur. Its good to know where you stand!


Day 6:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Another afternoon working on your project. Our coaches are there to guide you.


Day 7 & 8: Weekend!

Yes! Its weekend.

Depending on your action plan you will work on the project.

But of course there is time to relax and enjoy some of the culture, sun, beach, sea and other great things Malaga has got to offer


Day 9:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Monday, action time. Work on your project.


Day 10:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Its getting to an end, and tomorrow its evaluation day. So if there is any final preparation that needs to be done, today is the day to do it.


Day 11:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

This afternoon you evaluate the process of your project with your coach and the local entrepreneur. You will receive feedback, and we can help you if help is needed.

Today we start preparations for final presentation on day 13.


Day 12:

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Action day and preparation for final presentation. Your coach will be there to help you finalize your project.


Day 13 & 14: Weekend!

Spanish classes from 9:15 am to 1.00 pm

Its time for your final presentation. We all get together and listen to each others presentations.

You will receive a certification of attending the Malaga Bussiness Bootcamp which will look great on your CV.

In the late afternoon we have a celebration and goodbye party.

We invite you for drinks and snacks on the beach!

Day 14 is check out day. We can help you arrange onward travel or airport drop off.



You are sharing a room in a student flat. You will have access to all the facilities of the house. You are able to do your own cooking whenever you feel like it and of course, can collaborate on this with your flatmates.

Private room or family hosting on request.


2 Week - Shared apartment

USD 1859

What's Included?

  • Spanish language classes
  • Welcome drink
  • Accommodation
  • Coaching during the project
  • Bike Tour
  • Entrepreneurial project
  • Certificate
  • After party

What's Excluded?

  • Flight
  • Transfer to accommodation (this can be arranged though)
  • Transfer to airport (this can be arranged though)
  • Entrance museums
  • Food and drinks
  • Pocket money
  • Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Malaga is in the South of Spain, great airline connections, cheap flights from Europe. Malaga is situated by the beach. so you have it all in one. Stunning city and the perfect beach. A bit like Barcelona.

  • The accommodation will be somewhere in the city centre. The exact location will be known probably a week before arrival. You will be sharing an apartment with other students and the apartment will be at walking distance from the language school.

  • No Meals are not included. But there is a kitchen in the accommodation you can use and supermarkets closeby. so you can make breakfast together. Also, there are many nice and cheap lunch cafe´s and restaurants to go out for dinner.


  • It is wise to bring your own laptop (and camera) during the project. For the presentation we will arrange the proper equipment (computer, projector, sound) .

  • The coaches are entrepreneurs and have many years of experience in education, training and coaching. They are on a mission; to give students and businesses the chance to benefit from each other in a real working/life environment.

Spain Career Development Programme Trip Dates

Octr 14; 2018 – Oct 27; 2018

Feb 17; 2019 – March 2; 2019
April 28; 2019 – May 11; 2019
July 14; 2019 – July 27; 2019

We can help you customise your trips, and give you tailored advise. Please ask.

The Xtreme Team have done it all so hire away with your questions. All you have to do is ask...

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Spain Career Development Programme
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