Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving

Dive Everyday & The Ability To Make Money As You Travel? Win!

Train as a professional Divemaster in one of East Africa’s most beautiful beach front settings, with the Indian Ocean providing the backdrop for an incredible couple of months living the life and saying in our funky stunning accommodation! Diving with manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks everyday! Tofo, has one of the highest populations of juvenile whale sharks in the world so is a great place to do some whale shark diving.

Africa is often overlooked as a place to do your Divemaster course and regrettably so because in Tofo you have some of the best diving in the world. The biggest draw is  undoubtedly the whale shark and the worlds highest population of juvenile whale sharks can be found here.  It is the biggest fish in the ocean and can grow to 12 m or more and weigh up to 15 tons! But there is so much more too..

Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving: Trip Highlights

  • Very diverse marine life including whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins and even the guitar shark. Rock on!
  • Training at a cool dive school, with a great atmosphere, lots of backpackers diving there, and with some of the best in whale shark trackers in the world on the staff.
  • Get free diving up to 60 dives (necessary for your Divemaster) while working and completing your course. You will do as many dives and ocean safaris as possible.
  • Leave here fully qualified to work and lead dives in any diving centre worldwide
  • Chilling out in a funky resort, enjoying parties, barbeques, the amazing pool with bar! And the laid-back lifestyle in a tropical paradise setting.
  • Experiencing the culture of Mozambique, a country that seems to be lost in time, and set in one of the most beautiful African environments.
  • Gaining a qualification that enables you to work in the diving industry anywhere in the world, but even if you don’t do that the lifestyle as you train is an unforgettable memory to keep.
  • Optional surfing, ocean kayaking, and other adventures to be had.
  • You can add on your IDC training too.

Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving Photos

Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving: Full Details


First off all, its about you having a great time and gaining a qualification. Diving, socialising, partying, beach time, barbecues, pool parties…. its a live style!

You will be diving with the freshest and hottest dive centre in Tofo, we possess a combined 15 years of experience diving Tofo’s world renown reefs.

There is no set itinerary for this trip but during the Divemaster programme you will be trained from PADI Open Water level to professional Divemaster. However, as a Divemaster you need to progress through different PADI training courses starting with your Open Water. This is the basic intro to scuba-diving, after this you do your Advanced Open Water (this consists of five specialist dives) and then you do your Rescue Diver course. The Rescue Diver course teaches you about diver safety, trains you to effectively rescue distressed divers, trains you how to provide CPR and first aid and administer oxygen in case of emergencies.At this point this is the last recreational level dive qualification before you go on to do your Divemaster course.

Once you start your Divemaster internship, you will be getting into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to become a professional diver. There is no day-to-day minute by minute itinerary for this section of the course, there are certain criteria that you need to fill for example a minimum number of dives (60), you will assist dive instructors on their courses, and you will take customers out for dives acting as a dive leader, providing them with pre-dive safety briefings, helping out at the dive school and dive centre. You do all this while following the PADI training syllabus that the Divemaster course requires you to complete.

The real beauty about doing your Divemaster course is that you get to dive a lot

This is no understatement, when you consider how expensive recreational diving can actually be, you get to dive every day, in some of the most exciting underwater environments in Africa, if not the world, and you will spend months doing this in unlimited amounts, you start to see why it is such an appealing way to spend several months, and great value too!

Enjoy everything that Tofo has to offer

During your time when you are not in the water, you assist at the dive school, this is part of the course. You will be completing an internship learning all about working in the dive industry. But off course there is time to just chill out and enjoy everything that Tofo has to offer. It certainly has that by the bucket load, relaxation and chilled out vibes.

When not relaxing in a hammock under a palm tree, you will go out on ocean safaris (with snorkel gear) to swim with whale sharks, and humpback whales (in season). There is the most amazing sandy beach with good surfing opportunities, ocean kayaking and horse riding too.

You might just prefer to enjoy the buzz of the backpacker lifestyle in the town, because this is quite a popular destination for backpackers (although not your typically ruined overpopulated backpacker hangout). The locals are exceptionally friendly, the cost of living there is incredibly cheap and you are going to absolutely love the lifestyle.

Dedicated Dive Instructor

You will discuss your loose itinerary with your dedicated dive instructor on arrival, and you will also be given a full briefing on what the course involves. At the end of the course you need to pass several exams (about eight of them), but these are incredibly simple providing you follow your course work!

Upon successful sign off on completion of the course, once you have paid your PADI membership fee, (direct to PADI about £80) you will be a professional Divemaster, able to work in any dive resort in the world, and earn a living in one of the most easy-going lifestyles out there. You will get your dive certificate and membership card in the post.


During your Divemaster training, you will discover a mix of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life from sharks to turtles to dolphins to whale sharks and thousands of fish. The sites vary in depth, there is little current and the water temperature is always warm, ranging from about 27C to 32C offering amazing conditions to dive every day on your Divemaster course!

Whale sharks, long stretches of beach and a lot of diving, this is what you can expect on the PADI  Divemaster course in Mozambique. We can train you from zero to hero in 12 weeks, meaning that you can join even if you have no prior diving experience. If you do already have dive certificates we can alter the programme for you, no problem just ask us for prices.


Whale sharks are the most magnificent and biggest fish in the sea and they only eat plankton. They do not even have teeth. Once you spot them you will fall in love. They are gracious and beautiful, and the great thing is they love the bubbles divers make so tend to come up to you. Because their eyes are so small you have to watch it that they do not bump in to you.

The population of juvenile whale sharks in Mozambique is at the moment higher than anywhere else which means that you will likely bump in to one pretty frequently, and don’t forget you will be doing the Divemaster in one of the top dive schools with experts trained in tracking and finding whale sharks. No need to be afraid!


Being a Divemaster means you can work in the dive industry and make money with once of the best jobs in the world. You will be able to guide dives, do scuba reviews and help out in dive shops. The PADI Divemaster certificate is internationally recognised so you can work as a Divemaster anywhere in the world. As a Divemaster the dive boat, where you soak up the sun and have your morning coffee, and the sea, where you meet the corals and the fish, are your office. You will always be surrounded by happy people who are on holiday.


In Africa you can see the big 5 on safari’s but in Mozambique, you can  Dive The Big Five.

The big five of the underwater world are:

  • Whalesharks
  • Humpback whales
  • Dolphins
  • Manta rays
  • Sea turtles

Tofu in Mozambique is where the Xtreme Gap Divemaster course takes place. Tofu is definitely one of Southern Africa’s favourite diving destinations. Even National Geographic votes Tofu in Mozambique the prime diving location for spotting whale sharks and Manta rays. Xtreme Gap works with a PADI certified diving school that has already taken on many many divers.


Accommodation is in a really funky cool dorm, and offers you the perfect opportunity to meet your travel companions. Its has 5 bunk beds, lockers, ceiling fans, extra length mattresses, mosquito netting and an ensuite bathroom.

Please take own shower and beach towels as these are not supplied. The rooms are serviced by municipal power and each has 3-point 220V power point with 2-point adapters.


There are also single rooms, but as you will be staying a long time with us, its not economical to book the single room. If budget is not a problem, ask us for a quote.



If you are looking to go all the way and become an instructor there are options for this too. Please chat with our team via email.


3 Week - IDC EFRI IE Add on

USD 4289

4 Week - IDC EFRI IE MSDT Add on

USD 4849

8 Week - DM Dorm

USD 2119

8 Week - Rescue to DM Dorm

USD 2689

8 Week - EFR & Rescue to DM Dorm

USD 2749

8 Week - Advanced Open Water to DM Dorm

USD 3239

8 Week - Open Water Course to DM Dorm

USD 3629

12 Week - DM Dorm

USD 2409

12 Week - Rescue to DM Dorm

USD 3099

12 Week - Advanced Open Water to DM Dorm

USD 3699

12 Week - Open Water Course To DM Dorm

USD 4059

What's Included?

  • Pre departure information
  • PADI open water course
  • PADI advanced open water course
  • PADI rescue diver course
  • PADI Divemaster internship
  • Airport pick up
  • Dive training
  • All books and certificates
  • Rental dive equipment
  • Unlimited diving
  • All accommodation
  • PADI Divemaster crew pack (to keep)
  • Lots of ocean safaris to swim with whale sharks

And a lot of FUN!!

What's Excluded?

  • Meals
  • Annual PADI Divemaster fee
  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights
  • Dive computer, dive knife and surface marker boy
  • Over Christmas the prices are higher!

We also advise you to buy your own wetsuit, mask and fins, although they are included in the cost of the course on a rental basis, when you do your Divemaster it’s definitely nice to have your own. We also recommend you purchase the dive computer before you travel, check out our Divemaster blog for advice on buying a dive computer and everything you need to know about the courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes you can, but the reason we have not put it online is that the price is an extra 65 USD a night (Over Christmas and new year it’s even more.

    In low season the price to upgrade to your own room is an extra $200 per week

  • Most gear, but not the dive computer, is included on a rental basis.  But since you are training to become a professional and you will be wearing your outfit daily, it is much better to have your own gear! We advise you bring your own facemask as this is a personal item and is much nicer to have your own.

  • You will need to pre-arranged your own VISA before joining this program. Please book well ahead to ensure you have enough time to organise your visa, and remember one to arrive in country you have to have an arrival stamp putting your passport at the airport. This is to validate the VISA.

  • The accommodation is about a 15 min walk from the dive school.

  • The weather is always a difficult subject, but the climate in Tofo is warm and sunny which can be dived year round but it can have high winds during February and August which can cause the water to become very rough and choppy, even so diving is usually still possible and it only called off in extreme conditions.


    The summer months of November to April are the rainiest months which occasionally bring violent storms but they have the highest water temperature of 28C. The winter months of May to October are a lot cooler but still pleasant with a lower water temperature of 23C. Visibility in this area varies by the day and is influenced by a combination of plankton, currents, winds and tides.

  • There are other divers coming and going doing shorter or longer courses. As there is no set date people normally do not start on the same day. However you will meet lots of people also diving with us and you will be one of the team! No worries its super social.

  • Please bring an adapter suitable for South African plugs which are three pins and round you will also want Mozambique and plugs which are to pin.

    At the hostel there are cooking facilities. There is a bbq area you can use to grill your own food.


    The hostel is truly amazing and funky and with a stunning garden and pool! Comfy lounge areas and friendly staff! In the evening there are often dj´s playing too! Free wifi areas, laundry service, safety deposit box, a dech from where you can see the sun set over stunning tofo and a bar and restautant.


  • Mozambique is unfortunately a malarial zone, so you will need to take antimalarial medicine, please check with your doctor which is the most appropriate, because Malarone for example mimics symptoms of decompression sickness so you cannot use that one.

  • Absolutely not! They are big but they do not even have teeth. They are extremely impressive though, and being lucky to see one, and swim with one once, is never enough.

  • Yes you can, we will train you from zero to hero. We do recommend you take a diving medical before you leave the UK if you have any doubts as to whether you will be suited to diving.

  • Yes, you can. Fishing, horse rising, surfing, ocean kayaking and exploring along some of the worlds most unspoilt coastline. Not bad.

  • Inhambane is in a malaria zone, we advise you take malarial tablets and consult your GP or travel clinic before you go.With regards to Malaria medication our partners recommend DEMAL 200, its a British product made by Blue Turtle, and they have used it for eight years without getting malaria. Please note though we do not endorse any particular brand or product and you should consult your own GP and take your own advice and precautions as necessary.

  • Take malaria tablets but NOT Lariam, Mefliam or Mefloquine as these can mimic symptoms of decompression sickness and the nearest decompression chamber is in South Africa. If participants take Larium, Meflian or Mefloquine, they will be excluding themselves from the dive and there are no exceptions.

  • Africa may be cheap, but diving in Africa is not, well, not if you are diving with a reputable company that looks after their equipment and customers! All the dive equipment has to be brought in from South Africa, we also put you up in a nice backpacker resort, and you get unlimited  dives. If you want the trip of a life time then you really do get what you pay for, and this is exactly that, very few other places in the world will get you this much whale shark exposure in such a beautiful setting.

  • If you join the course at “Rescue diver” please note you will need your emergency first response (EFR) as a prerequisite. This is not included in the cost of the programme (but can be added for £140), alternatively, this can be purchased locally prior to starting your rescue course.

Mozambique Divemaster Course & Whale shark Diving Trip Dates

Start dates are every Monday. Remember over Christmas the prices are higher; if you are planning to join us over the December period ask us for a quote please.

If you want to add on the IDC (PADI Instructor) please contact us for set start date.

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