Bali Fitness Boot Camp

Fun Excursions, Fitness Training, New Friends and New You!

The Bali Bootcamp is our most popular trip! It´s  a fun fitness holiday, open to girls and guys of all ages and levels of fitness. It is not just about work outs: it´s an epic holiday too. What you can achieve depends on how long you stay, but even short-term guests benefit from the wide variety of work outs and motivating group fitness sessions. There are healthy meals included plus some fantastic, fun active activities also. Surfing, Yoga and amazing cultural trips & hanging out it Bali´s hotspots with new friends for life. At the end of the trip, you can expect to feel fitter, stronger, and physically and mentally better.

Bali Fitness Boot Camp: Trip Highlights

It is not just about the training sessions, it is about doing it in a group atmosphere, seeing improvements as the days go by with your new training buddies.

  • new lease of life improved fitness and new friends in a tropical paradise!
  • Mixed group sessions give you a total body transformation rapidly!
  • You can stay from 1 to 8 weeks making this a great shorter term holiday fitness boost to a complete physical transformation experience.
  • Awesome planned excursions to temples, waterfalls, beach clubs and surf beaches with private transport included
  • Motivation guaranteed! It’s about the training & meeting like-minded people. With group start dates, its perfect for solo travellers
  • Great healthy meal options with an energy-boosting menu
  • Gorgeous resort stay (Pro & Lean Options), with huge relaxing garden and lovely swimming pool close to Bali´s hippest location Canggu or stay in a beautiful Luxury Villa with pool and private room (Deluxe Option)
  • Find a new addiction! One surf lesson in Bali included.
  • Dedicated trainers will deliver you the body you deserve with optional Personal training sessions
  • Super easy arrival. Pick up from Bali Airport included
  • Who is this for? Anyone looking to get fit and enjoy Bali at the same time! We get people joining for weight loss, strength, and conditioning or just a general body tone up, or guilt-free holiday
  • Take time out of your hectic schedule to do something that is really ideal for your well-being, and you know you will be supported every step of the way

Bali Fitness Boot Camp Photos

Bali Fitness Boot Camp: Full Details

What can the Bali Fitness Bootcamp do for you?

Everyone is different, with different goals. Some people are really unfit others have a good base level of fitness, either way, you will benefit from spending some time training here and you will see remarkable improvements.

You will be impressed by what you can achieve

It is a really motivating environment. The majority of people at the camp travel there on their own which leads to a real social and supportive atmosphere because everyone has there with the same goal.

When this is coupled with superb trainers, scheduled classes and all the equipment you could need, there really is nothing stopping you. You will be amazed by what you can achieve, because with group training sessions slacking off is less of an option, and the training is quite addictive once you get into it.

We have had clients who have gone from 1 week to 8 weeks, and the feedback is consistently excellent. With a varied and flexible training timetable, morning and evening you will not be bored.

The Training

With an impressive roster of trainers, we are continually improving our fitness routines. We have multiple classes to pick and choose from exclusive to our clients so beginners and advanced athletes are welcome. Monday to Friday including but not limited to Yoga,  Metcon/ Body 360, cardio sessions, boxing, core smash workouts, Tabata, HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), Battle Workouts, Booty Core and Circuit Training.

The timetable can change depending on the roster of trainers that week, and weather conditions. The timetable is not fixed, but the above gives you an idea of some of the styles of training available. It is comprehensive for sure! Also as part of the training, we include a CrossFit membership so you can do sessions at a local CrossFit box as well. Everything is there to help you achieve your goals.

This is by far the biggest bootcamp operator in Bali and the only company with a dedicated resort, training area and guaranteed groups, and it is that group experience that really encourages you to train.

With just one month spent training at the Xtreme Gap Fitness Bootcamp, we can confidently state that you can develop so much further than six months with a personal trainer back home.

Depending on your fitness level, during the first couple of sessions, you can be enrolled in a lighter version of the training programme. This is to ensure you can get up to speed and benefit the most out of the workouts.

How long should you go for?

We recommend you join us for four weeks at the Bali Fitness Bootcamp to get the most out of your time. Many people are constrained by how much time they have off work so most people go for two weeks. You can get a 30 day Visa for Bali fairly easily, if you wish to stay up to 8 weeks you will need to extend your Visa.

If you are looking to go really long-term and see drastic improvements, we recommend splitting your time between here and our Thailand Fitness Bootcamp or focusing on the Thailand Fitness Bootcamp due to the ease of securing longer-term visas.

The main benefit you will take home is the knowledge gained on how to maintain and improve your fitness back home along with a solid foundation or fitness.

Of course, you also have had a fantastic holiday in Bali, and it is not that often you can say you’ve come back from holiday feeling fitter than when you left!

Short-term guests will receive an amazing kick-start to their health and fitness routine. Many who travel with us use this as a kick-start to their travels as well, after all, if you are hitting the beaches in Bali, you want to look and feel good!

Travelling Alone

Most people who attend the camp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about travelling solo, don’t be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a really supportive environment that everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another. 90% of people joining the Bootcamp travel solo.

Excursions (Not Included In Lean Option).

Every Wednesday we head out on an excursion. This could be to the jaw-dropping temples, for example, Tanah Lot, perched on a dramatic island in the sea, or we take you to waterfalls or the stunning rice paddies in Ubud.  We also take you surfing with expert instructors (one surf trip per stay) and there is a varied social programme included with transport laid on. On Saturday there is an optional excursion (payable locally) to beaches, beach clubs and areas of interest.

For most evening activities there is a shuttle laid on into the centre of Canggu (return in a taxi at own expense approximately 4 GBP shared between 4 people).

Bali Fitness Boot Camp Accommodation

The training can take it out of you, so to relax after a hard session you stay in comfortable accommodation with a stunning pool, and tropical garden in a shared room in our exclusive resort. Located about 5 minutes from the fitness camp, it is a haven of tranquillity surrounded by classic Balinese rice terraces.

While the buzz and hotspots of Canggu are accessible, we are away from all the noise and traffic so you will have a great nights sleep after your training.

Here you have the perfect blend of healthy fitness workouts and complete relaxation at the end of the day.

The perfect set up to relax, meet other bootcampers and feel right at home. This is the social hub of the Bali Bootcamp but also large and private enough to have important relax and downtime.

The sleeping arrangements are based on airconditioned, shared ensuite mini-dorms with max. 2 – 6 persons (single gender).  This is a communal set up so can be quite social and great to meet people.

There are various options bookable for the Resort option. Single Room, Double room, 4 bed dorm and for the Lean option we reserve the 6 bed dorm.

If the idea of sharing is not your thing consider it is just for sleeping and you will be tired in the evening for sure! Beds are equipped with the highest quality luxury mattresses and there is plenty of space at the resort to relax.

We also have a single person option with your own private ensuite. Please note these rooms do book out fast.

Deluxe Villa Option

If you prefer your own room and luxury, we have the Deluxe option available. Located in a luxury guest house villa very close to the main Resort so you will still feel connected to the groups. The Deluxe villa has an outdoor pool and views of the garden a big open space living area with comfortable seating.

All rooms are air-conditioned and have a seating and dining area. Some rooms feature a terrace and/or balcony. There is also a kitchen you can use with all you need. Breakfasts and lunches are taken with the other Bootcamp guests as per normal meal plan, not in the villa or at the resort but at our restaurant at the training facility.

The Surrounding Area

Our stunning Bootcamp is set in an exclusive area of Bali called Canggu. This is by far the hippest location in Bali with established health & fitness and wellbeing community. The perfect location for a mental and physical reset. There is a huge selection of healthy eating restaurants with plenty of choice for all dietary needs. Vegans and Vegetarians are well catered for in Canggu.

While nightlife is not a top priority for our Bootcamp clients, it is always good to let off steam. There is plenty going on in the area.

The location attracts surfers due to the excellent waves, with temples and plenty of points of interest nearby.

If salt water is not your thing we have a beautiful swimming pool in the resort and there are some awesome beach clubs located close by. It’s close to everything else as well, so you have plenty of opportunities to go explore. Taxis are cheap in Bali, and there are plenty of areas of interest you to visit including temples, resorts, beaches and areas of cultural interest. Day trips can be booked through our Bali team.


Training Schedule

Typical Week

Arriving into Bali Denpasar, you will be met by our friendly team who will transfer you to the resort. You can arrive at any time on Sunday and check-in after 2 PM. After checking in you are free to chill at the accommodation or head out and explore! As Sunday is your rest day, there are no fitness activities planned, but you may want to join for a group dinner on Sunday evening (local payment), before getting a good night sleep as you will be starting training in earnest Monday morning.

What follows is a suggested weekly schedule, please note activities and times can change by the day but it will give you an indication of what each week is like.

Whilst there are some variables depending on which package you have, a typical day could include the following: Early morning yoga before breakfast, a CrossFit session followed by circuit training and then time to recover, relax, hit the beach and enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Then an afternoon body 360 session before a boxing session at the end of the day. The CrossFit sessions are run throughout the day at the gym so you can set your own timetable – no classes are compulsory, and some days offer excursions to explore the surrounding area. In short – there is no ‘typical’ day – each offers a different adventure!

Monday – Intro day and start training

As with most days start with an early morning sunrise yoga session at our beautiful onsite yoga deck. What a way to wake up with views to the rice terraces, it’s a great way to stretch your muscles and easy you into training. the yoga class is based on physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to your body. It’s a great way to start your day, stretching your muscles from the day before and helps prepare it for the day ahead.

This is followed by a light breakfast prepared in the resort kitchen. Afterwards, we will take you to your first training session at the cross fit box. There are a variety of different training schedules and classes available at the Bootcamp, most of them take place in the resort and some of them take place at a CrossFit box (located 700 m away).

At the CrossFit Box, the first session will be “Metcon” short for metabolic conditioning. This can be considered a light CrossFit session, without weights. So it’s an ideal way to start and perfect the people of low fitness levels.

After your first training session which lasts typically 45 minutes to an hour, you have the opportunity to book personal training sessions locally costing approximately £45 session.

Lunch is taken at the on-site restaurant at the cross fit box, as they have an amazing healthy menu available.

After lunch, until around 3 pm you have free time. You will need the time to recover as your muscles probably wouldn’t have been as active for a while! Chill by the pool, really good book or head off and explore Canggu, hit the beach or go for a massage one-hour costs around £5 in Bali!

Most days, at 3 PM and 4 PM we have in resort fitness training sessions. These vary from body 360 classes (HIIT Training in stations) to Boxing to Kettlebell classes. Typically these workouts are great for beginners as the exercises can be staged to cater for all levels of fitness.

Then it’s time to hit the shower, freshen up before heading out to dinner. We have suggestions for different restaurants, or you can choose from the multiple amazing food venues Canggu has to offer. Canggu is famous really for two things. Surfing and food! So no matter where you go you have a lot of great food options available.

Tuesday To Thursday

Tuesday to Thursday start with a yoga session in the morning, followed by light breakfast with the option to join CrossFit in the morning. If you want a less strenuous workout, we recommend joining the movement classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After lunch, you have free time to explore Bali or hit the beach, back in time for the afternoon training sessions in the resort.

Normally on Wednesdays (although can be on other days instead), sometimes we go to Ubud, to visit rice terraces and markets. Other times we go to impressive waterfalls, and sometimes we run excursions to beach clubs (Entry fee or spend not included).


Friday run similar to the rest of the week except we also have a surf excursion which is super cool! If you’ve never been surfing before now is the time to try. Bali is famous for its amazing surf beaches. We take you to a more forgiving surf spot, where our professional surf instructors will teach you how to get up and catch your first wave. We include transport to and from the resort. Surfing usually happens in the morning so you should be back in time to catch the 4 PM workout session in the resort. Surfing is also a very good way of burning calories and hitting the muscles in your arms neck and back.


The highlight of training on Saturday is the SUPER WOD (work out of the day) which takes place at the CrossFit box. As breakfast and lunch is not included on weekends, you also have the opportunity to go hit some of the nice cafes to take a coffee or breakfast afterwards. Then, Saturday we have optional excursions running to one of several different locations.  Longer term guests also take the weekends as an opportunity to go and explore neighbouring paradise islands like Nusa Lembongan. Evenings are taken out at group dinners and there are always lots going on locally.


Is a rest day in checkout day, so please vacate your room by 10 o’clock, but you’re welcome to chill by the resort if you have a later flight. If you need assistance getting back to the airport we can arrange this locally. Say goodbye to your new friends and hello to maintaining a new healthier better you!

More On the Training

Body 360 Sessions/ HITT/ TRX CABLES

Body 360 training, combining cardio and strength exercises for a full body work out. Run for just 45 minutes offering high intensity with small rest periods. These are a great way to lose weight and workout in a fun, supportive group.  We use a wide range of equipment including battle ropes, TRX straps, medicine balls, dumbbells, barbells and body weighted exercises.

Power circuits

In this session, there are several stations set up with various exercises. Moving from each station whilst working out different muscle groups, you’ll work hard and test both your cardio and strength. Working both individually and, for an all-round challenge, we also incorporate team workouts within some circuits.


Is a ball-shaped weight with a U-shaped handle, Kettlebell sessions are whole- body exercises requiring full body integration and core stabilisation.


Boxing is used to get fitter and strengthen your muscles. Using boxing drills and techniques the class consists of using the boxing bags, pads and getting in some kickboxing in. A lot of upper body work, cardio and working on your core.


High Cardio intensive workout that is a bit more forgiving than CrossFit. It is an all over cardio and body pump workout. Classes are geared towards those looking for less heavy exercises and weightlifting but still earning a huge calorie burning 45 min sweat-fest.

Typically we break the groups up into different stations, each station having its own set of exercises and reps. Then we rotate at set intervals. Because you tend to work out with partners it’s a real bonding experience and everyone’s pushing each other to form as best as they can.  Sessions will never be the same from day to day so you hit every muscle group and keep your body guessing. These sessions are great as they allow you to train your whole body in 1 short hour.

Suitable for complete beginners to advanced athletes, every exercise is explained beforehand and carefully monitored during the workout to make sure good form is maintained. Typically we might use battle ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX and good old-fashioned Burpees to name a few.

The classes are designed to be more aerobic based in nature, but will also include HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) principles, and a wide array of techniques to ensure hitting most all cardiovascular pathways and muscle groups. Most of the core fitness training will be achieved during these classes.


As the name suggests this is all about training the body to move in a natural way.  In Movement, we teach full body awareness, mobility, balance, ring work, gymnastics, stretching and above all new and powerful ways of full body movements and patterns. We are interested in understanding the human body, health, performance and physical artistic expression, no matter the discipline.

This class is open to all levels and will complement all other fitness classes. The emphasis is on mobility drills to increase your range of motion, gymnastics training to develop strength and coordination. Then, agility to optimize your ability to move.


As a really nice bonus to booking the Bali Bootcamp, we also include a CrossFit box membership with the programme. The cross fit box itself is arguably one of the best in Asia, so you can benefit from their training schedule as well as the in resort classes. It wouldn’t be unusual to find yourself working out with some of the top athletes from the cross fit games many of whom come to Bali and train at the box.

Personal Training (PT) Sessions (Not included )

If you want to book PT sessions this is also possible at £45 per session (paid locally).

Surf Lesson

We include one surf lesson per stay. As you may know, Bali is the quintessential surf location, and in Canggu and nearby Kuta are the best surf locations. Also perfect for beginners. So even if you have no experience, its super fun to give it a try.

We will pick you up from our Accommodation and take you to a fun Surf lesson.

Yoga Session

5 Yoga sessions per week are also included in the programme (3 on the lean). The perfect way to start your day, stretching those sore muscles.


The training facilities are spread out in two locations. In the resort, we have our own indoor/outdoor training area where Yoga, HIIT, Boxing, Coresmash and circuit training takes place. We also provide a local gym membership with a fully functioning CrossFit area and group fitness area, plus resistance weights, we have a wide selection of rowers, air bikes and all of the equipment you need to make serious advances in your fitness levels during your stay.

Nutrition Programme (Excluded on Lean Option)

Training hard and efficiently is only one factor that goes into delivering great results. What you put into your body is arguably even more important. One of the great things about the Bali Fitness Bootcamp, is we include healthy meals to really complement your fitness training goals.

We include 2 meals per day (Monday to Friday). You will receive a light healthy breakfast in the morning before training, and lunch 5 times per week. (Lunch is not included in the Lean option) consisting of tasty energy supplying ingredients.

Breakfast is served at the onsite restaurant and lunch at the training facility or take away can be arranged.

If you are looking to bulk up and gain muscle mass you may need to purchase additional meals or protein, to reach your desired calorific intake.

Why do we not include all meals?

It makes it more social. Canggu is a spectacular location with many cheap and fantastic restaurants in the local area. Gastronomic standards are high in Canguu.  With the option of having dinner outside of the resort, you can enjoy the social scene with your fellow bootcampers, by going out to dinner. Taking all meals at the resort you would genuinely miss out.


1 Week - Pro Option

USD 819

1 Week - Pro Option: Single Room

USD 1119

1 Week - Deluxe Option

USD 1429

2 Week - Pro Option

USD 1579

2 Week - Pro Option: Single Room

USD 1999

2 Week - Deluxe Option

USD 2809

3 Week - Pro Option

USD 2199

3 Week - Pro Option: Single Room

USD 2909

3 Week - Deluxe Option

USD 4359

4 Week - Pro Option

USD 2689

4 Week - Pro Option: Single Room

USD 3749

4 Week - Deluxe Option

USD 5099

5 Week - Pro Option

USD 2689

6 Week - Pro Option

USD 3919

7 Week - Pro Option

USD 3919

8 Week - Pro Option

USD 4909

What's Included?

• Pre departure information
• Access to online buddy system, meet others online before travelling
• Access to online UF fitness App with online training videos, nutrition information, body mass index calculators and more.
• Airport pick up
• Introduction to your programme and the inclusions by our rep
• Access to all training equipment and gym 7 days a week
• All group in resort training sessions
• Up to 5 Yoga sessions a week (3 on lean, Monday Tuesday Wednesday)
• Accommodation in our exclusive resort with pool, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms
• Options for own or shared room (shared 2-4 ppl)
• Healthy light breakfast 5 days a week
•  Wifi Internet
• Dinner Shuttle

• Brand new abs on departure!

Also Included in Pro and Deluxe Options (Excluded from Lean Option):

  • Healthy lunches, 5 days a week (excluding weekends)
  • Five Yoga sessions a week* (3 included in Lean option)
  • One surf lesson per stay
  • Weekly Excursion (one free, one optional extra)
  • CrossFit box membership
  • All group CrossFit training sessions
  • Metcon & movement sessions at CrossFit box
  • Transfer to CrossFit box
  • Training Towel at CrossFit Box

Inclusions Lean option

The lean option includes: Airport pick up, pre departure info, online buddy system, access online fitness app, introduction to the programme, all group in resort training sessions, access to in resort gym 7 days a week,  mon-fri breakfast, free water refill in the resort, wifi and dinner shuttle. Lean option accommodation is 6-bed dorm. The lean option does not include: surf lesson, excursions, lunch and lean only has 3 yoga sessions a week included.


What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Drinks
  • Meals on Saturday and Sundays
  • Small local payment to access Tanah Lot
  • Taxi back to the airport (About 12 GBP)
  • Personal training sessions
  • Optional excursions
  • Towels
  • Personal training sessions
    In resort, we do personal training sessions. You can book it locally or you book it now before you go at GBP45 a session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The camp is located in Canggu. 45 minutes from the airport. You stay  away from the typically touristy areas and  have the luxury of quieter accommodation which is more conducive to fitness training and relaxation. Yet at the same time, it is easily accessible to some of the hotspots and more lively areas.

  • You will need to fly into Bali Denpasar International Airport. After booking, you are asked to provide your flight details and we will meet you in arrivals outside of the airport. We will then transfer you to your accommodation by taxi.

  • Early Arrival

    If you arrive a day early, accommodation is not included. Check-in and – out is only on Sunday. Airport pick up is included, all day at any time but only on Sunday. If you arrive early you have to arrange your own transfer to the accommodation.

  • Return airport transfer can be arranged with the reception of the resort. The cost will be around £12.

  • Please bring suitable training gear such as trainers, a couple of pairs of shorts, sports bras for the girls, and training tops. towels for showering you can bring (you can rent but not included in price). We recommend bringing a towel as well to take to the gym and also a beach towel. If you do not have a training towel these can be rented for a small local payment. Please bring a padlock for your locker.

  • This depends on your own spending choices, but as 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) are covered per day you will not need to bring much (lean option) . Meals are not included on weekends.

    You only need to cover one meal a day and at weekends,  your external excursions and activities. Bali is very good value, but you will want to budget spending money to go on a couple of tours, and the transportation to take you to other areas of the island. We would recommend £100 £150 per week.

  • You can bring supplements with you please make sure these are clearly labelled, but you can also buy them locally at the camp.

  • We can.

  • Yes we can.

  • Scooters are widely available for hire, however, we do not recommend people hire them. Traffic conditions are crazy in Bali, and it is not uncommon for people to have very serious accidents on scooters. We will take no responsibility for any accidents or damage that occurs from clients renting scooters. Taxis are cheap and easy to arrange so we would advise that. All of the resorts are within walking distance of the training area. We also have a dedicated shuttle laid on for activities and training.

  • Are widely accepted. The nearest ATM is approx 10 minutes from the resort.

  • Plenty. Beaches, incredible beach clubs, amazing viewpoints, waterfalls, rice fields and lookouts. There are a range of tours you can do, like visiting monkey temples, rice paddies and Hindu temples.

  • Yes! 90% of our clients join the boot camp on their own. In fact far from this being a problem, we would encourage people to do so. It’s a very social environment at the camp and you will make friends very quickly.

  • Typically we provide a 12 1/2% discount based on two people sharing the Deluxe option accommodation. There is no discount for the Pro and Lean option in the Shared resort.

  • Probably 70% female 30% male. Both sexes will have different goals and motivations about booking the camp as well. With women, usually it’s about toning up, weight loss and body confidence.

    With men, it’s more about strength and conditioning training but not exclusively. Really  there are people who join for all reasons. The important thing to consider is everyone is catered for at the Boot Camp, and people’s goals might change throughout your stay.

  • Vegetarian also have limited options for the meal plan, and a limited Vegan. In Canggu, however, it is a Vegan paradise with multiple options available. We would recommend booking the lean option for Vegans so they can access the restaurants catering specifically to their needs.

  • The beach is about 15 minutes from the camp. We offer weekly excursions to the beach and beach clubs.

  • High season is the dry season. Between April and September Bali is typically busier than usual. While temperatures are pretty constant all year round, it’s rainfall that can make the difference between the months.

    The rainy season, which usually falls between December and Jan you can expect downpours happening mainly at night. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be constantly raining all the time, you can have some heavy rains, and then it is sunny again. It’s also cooler to train during the rainy season. Can be more humid, however, the training facility is air-conditioned and the rooms are also airconditioned at night time. The boot camp runs all year, come rain or shine anyway.

  • Due to the nature of the Boot Camp, we are often asked “what kind of results will I see”. This is actually an impossible question to answer because everyone is different. People have different metabolisms, and ultimately it is down to how hard you work, and how long you stay for. We are confident you will definitely see an improvement, even if you go short-term you will be set on the right path, and given a good foundation to continue your training back home. You will learn all of the tools and techniques you need in order to continue to improve.

  • You do not have to attend classes. No one will make you get out of bed to come training. But you will find it’s very addictive, and most clients have no issue making it to class.

    On average people train 2 to 3 hours per day. You have a good mix between group CrossFit training sessions, and individual personal training sessions (excluded). When you are not training you also can join surf trips too (local payment)!

  • Yes, people can book personal training sessions locally. 1 or 2 are usually enough for most people considering all the group training involved as well.

  • Wifi is available at the Resort. The password for this is purwata68.  Occasionally, there are power outages that may affect coverage temporarily.

  • Yes absolutely, we have a range of really exciting trips in Bali which you can easily bolt onto the beginning or end of this programme. For example, our Bali backpacker experience, will give you a good overview of the island and even take you to the Gili Islands. Alternatively, we have some surf trips which you can easily add on at the end of this programme.

  • Unfortunately, due to limited availability in the resort, it is not possible to upgrade from the shared resort to deluxe after booking if you are travelling within 12 weeks.

  • At peak times you might have a max of 5 other roommates. Usually, this is less and we manage room allocation to keep the number of roommates to a minimum. Due to us managing bookings in advance it is not possible to move beds or rooms without prior agreement from reservations. If you do not feel comfortable sharing we offer the deluxe option with your own private room in a luxury hotel.

  • Bali is a deeply spiritual island and there are plenty of national holidays and local ceremonies which can affect training schedules. The main ceremony happening once per year is Neypi when the whole island goes on lockdown for 2 days. Please note, no businesses are allowed to operate during this time, so we lay on additional training sessions, and arrange other activities to compensate. Please check on google that your dates do not coincide with any national holidays to avoid

    Please note, no businesses are allowed to operate during this time, so we lay on additional training sessions on days around the festival, and arrange other activities to compensate. Please check on google that your dates do not coincide with any national holidays to avoid

    Please check on google that your dates do not coincide with any national holidays to avoid disappointment if going short-term (1 week), We cannot be held responsible for any disappointment due to timetable changes during national holidays.

    If your training period does coincide with a national holiday, though, it can be a great way to experience the local culture. The festivals and events, in general, tend to be quite fun, and it’s a great way to learn more about Balinese culture and get involved with the locals.

  • The lean version is a cut down version of the bootcamp. It does not include, excursions, surfing or lunch.

  • The camp runs year round and the arrival day is always a Sunday. Over Christmas and New year the training schedule changes.
    Christmas Eve normal hours
    Christmas Day. Gym open between 8-1.
    NYE normal
    New Year day. GYM open between 8-1.
    There are plenty of celebrations happening to take part in.

  • On Arrival

    On arrival in Denpasar, we will pick you up at the airport and transferred you to your accommodation. The journey is short, approximately 45 minutes from the International Airport (depending on traffic). Sunday is the perfect arrival day.

    On the first day of your training, our Xtreme Gap rep will give you a full introduction, introduce you to the trainers, show you around the camp and talk you through the training timetable and meal plan included.

    Everything is made really easy for you, allowing you to just focus on having a great time, getting fit and having a really great holiday.

  • Visas

    The maximum amount of time you can join us in Bali is eight weeks. We are limited by the Visa limitations, you are able in most cases to get a 30 day Visa on arrival and extend this to 60. Please note this advice is subject to change so you should do your own research on visas as well. If you want to go for long-term it may be possible to secure a social visa (valid up to 6 months), we recommend securing this before booking, however.

  • Flights

    Flights are not included, and please do not book your flights before booking with us as we do need to reserve your spot, and make sure there is availability. Submit your booking form and we will come back to you within 24 hours to confirm. Once we have issued you your confirmation invoice you are then good to book your flights to Denpasar, Bali Indonesia.

  • The definition of a “Boot Camp” differs from country to country. Going by the UK Collins English dictionary it means:

    “A boot camp is a set of intensive exercises done on a regular basis and designed to improve strength and fitness.”

    This is closest to our definition of what a Boot Camp is.

    You can expect regular training sessions run by professionally qualified staff,  coupled with great accommodation options, in a group training atmosphere.

    However, this is not a military-style boot camp! No hard discipline here!

    No one will force you to get out of bed to come training you can expect a strong motivating group atmosphere the can really help deliver improvements to your health and fitness.

  • There’s a coworking space at the CrossFit gym where you can work from. It’s included in your membership and has a good wifi connection.

Bali Fitness Boot Camp Trip Dates

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Bali Fitness Boot Camp
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