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Learn To Surf With The Best Of Them

Do you want to live the Aussie Dream? Beaches, waves and great new mates, this is what it is all about dude. Beach parties, incredible breaks and learning to surf on some of Australia’s most untouched beaches. We will take you from Sydney to Byron Bay on an unforgettable 5-day surfari, all you have to do is look good on a board and enjoy Aussie BBQs and hospitality.

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Aussie Surf Trip: Trip Highlights

Surfing is the ultimate Australia lifestyle. Beaches, waves, parties and BBQ ´s. This is your chance to sample it with the best of them. Cool surf instructors will teach you how to surf and catch the perfect wave (or you can improve if you know what you are doing), in one of the most stunning and fun surf spots in Australia. Travel does not get much better than this. With different route options from Sydney to Byron Bay, Sydney to Sydney or Brisbane to Sydney you do quite some distance and see a lot of the east coast too!


This is one of the most popular activities for backpackers in Australia for good reason:

  • Get picked up from Sydney. Head up the coast on a train. Alternatively, start in Brisbane.
  • Surfing with new mates and learning this fun sport
  • You get to socialise and meet lots of people quickly as you are hanging out learning how to surf by day and partying together at night
  • You visit and stay at one of the most fantastic beaches off the beaten track
  • Surfing gets you super fit!


DAY 1:

At 6:15 you will be picked up opposite the Wake Up hostel in Down Town Sydney. We can book you in the hostel one or more days before so you can enjoy Sydney (check the wake-up package). . You head up the coast on a train with the guide. It’s a long 9-hour journey but super fun once you arrive.

DAY 2:

Early rise and get ready for a 2-hour surf lesson after a good breakfast. The beach is just a short stroll across the sand and after lunch and an hour or so to chill we will take you back in the water. You will probably catch your first wave standing up today if you did not already yesterday! In the evening, it is time for an Ozzie barbeque and the group hangs out together. By now everyone knows one another and you will have settled in nicely.

DAY 3,4:

Morning and afternoon surfing lessons. This is where you find yourself improving, and if your luck is in the surf condition may pick up some bigger waves to test you! Be warned, though, you may start to find your muscles aching at this point, but hey, the first rule of surfing is to look cool, so no pain NO GAIN!

DAY 5:

After breakfast, we take you to Byron Bay! You can check into one of the hostels, we can recommend you one, and in the evening, we meet up with the whole group to party and say goodbye. Expect a night out at the infamous Cheeky monkeys. Drinking games and partying to end an epic five-day adventure, before going to bed to face a new day of travel in the morning.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sydney return trips (‘Boomerang’) you stay at our surf camp only, with all lessons, accommodation and meals at the Surf Camp. No trip to Byron Bay is included with this option.



Your accommodation on the surf trip will be in the legendary spot X surf camp.  In Summary:

Right on the beach with the prime spot in a popular surfers hang out. A great place to hook up with lots of travellers all trying out some surfing. For the extra brave you can also do a sky dive from this location. You stay in dorms up to 12 share, a great way to meet people!

This is just North of Coffs Harbour, and located on a huge sandy beach, set right at the door of the camp. There is a great vibe at the camp as quite a few surf trips stop here. The area is not exclusive to us, but we do occupy the best spot, with a cool club house, bar, chill out zone and all the surf equipment you could need located right on the beach. There is an internet cafe to show your mates of Facebook the awesome (or serious wipe outs) of the day and the support team are on hand to not only get you out in to the waves, but keep you entertained with some serious partying!

A Rough Idea of Price

All of our gap year holidays are completely customised to your needs and prices will therefore vary based on things like the time of year and level of accommodation; but we want to give you as good an idea of how much this itinerary will cost.

5 Days - Five-day option

USD 599

7 Days - Seven-day option

USD 769

What's Included?

  • Pre departure information pack
  • All transport by train
  • All Accommodation at our surf camp in shared accommodation
  • New surf equipment with a range of long and short boards, wetsuits and sun cream (you will need it!)
  • All instruction (with professionally qualified surf instructors)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the surf camps (except lunch on the road on the travel days but we do stop for supplies.)

What's Excluded?

  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance
  • Lunch on travel days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not at all. Most don ´t in fact, but that is what it is all about, sampling the ultimate Aussie lifestyle of surfing, parties, beaches and great food.

  • The groups sizes vary but can be up to 50 people! Wow! But the lessons are not as big you will have a low instructor to student ratio, so we can keep an eye on you and make sure you are improving your surf skills!

  • No, although this is a big part of it, it is also about the surfing lifestyle of beach parties, good times and one exciting road trip up the coast. In fact, this is a great way to meet people and escape the stress of the cities, do some easy travel and see some of the amazing coastlines. One thing is for sure, whether you catch an amazing wave or fall flat on your face, you will have a great time.

  • We do have wifi available, the price is $5AUD for 24hours, $10AUD for 3 days and $15AUD for 7 days.

  • There isn’t an ATM, however, we do accept Eftpos and there are daily shuttles running to Woolworths so you can get cash out there.

  • Yes. You can link up with the Oz experience, greyhound or be dropped of in Byron bay or Brisbane afterwards. Most people end in Byron Bay through because it is an awesome town and a East Coast hot spot. If you are planning on travelling up the east coast then this is perfect for you. The price covers your transport costs from Sydney to Byron (or Brisbane), Accommodation, activities and food. The distances covered are pretty big, so it will take a load off your transport budget.

  • Yup you probably do! Arrange an impartial, no obligation Skype conversation, or drop us an email and we can answer all your questions. Also, don ´t forget to sign up to trip notes as well! We also have reviews and behind the scenes action on our blog too.

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Aussie Surf Trip
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