10 Day Epic Philippines

Amazing 10 day guided trip through the Philippines

Welcome to the Philippines! See amazing sights, explore stunning beaches, splash around in underwater rivers,  snorkel the crystal clear waters, discover the Filipino culture and enjoy the best sunsets of your life. Meet the locals, kayak through caves, indulge in delicious food and party the night away.

10 Day Epic Philippines: Trip Highlights

The Philippines is consistently rated to have some of the best beaches and most spectacular islands in the world, a natural beauty only rivalled by the friendliness of its people and fascinating culture. We show you the best of the Palawan islands, an area largely untouched by tourism. You will explore jungles and cities, discover the Puerto Princesa Underground River, greet the rising sun from a private beach camp, island hop on a private boat, climb for your own coconuts, snorkel the starfish fields, and loads more!

For those wanting to continue their adventure and visit Boracay or swim with the whale sharks in Cebu*, we also offer optional self-guided packages after your 10 day tour has finished (flights not included). Join us and walk the path less traveled.


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Day 1: Manila

In and around Manila

Arrive at any time on day 1 and your guide will be there to meet you at the airport. Weave through the streets of one of Asia’s most frenetic cities straight to your accommodation. Time to settle in and meet the group! If you arrive earlier in the day, you can use your time to explore the city and do some last-minute shopping. In the evening we get together for a BBQ on the roof terrace overlooking the city, and then on to experience some Manila nightlife!

Day 2: Puerto Princesa

Palawan here we come! Today we take a short flight to the southern end of the Palawan Islands. We check in to our guest house and then head to the Iwahig Prison. This is a strange ‘prison without walls’, where inmates control how the prison functions. They even have a mayor! Meet and interact with some inmates and hear their stories. We then take you to the Bay Walk, where you can try all different kinds of famous Filipino food in small food stalls lining the water. Later in the evening we head out for some more fun!

Day 3: Underground River & Port Barton

After a quick breakfast, we head to the famous Underground River. We go by boat through the incredible subterranean river system. In the afternoon we make our way from Puerto Princesa to the stunning fishing village of Port Barton. This is when you will truly feel like you’ve arrived in paradise but trust us, it gets better! Spend your evening sipping fresh coconuts on white sand while listening to some island reggae in the background. Tonight we stay in traditional Filipino beachfront bungalows. Accommodation here is basic but comfortable and in a great location.

Day 4 and 5: Island camping with the locals

Jump on a local fishing boat to take you to our tropical island beach camp. Tucked away on a secluded beach, the camp has everything we need. Snorkel with turtles, explore the island, or catch fish to grill by the beach over a couple of beers. This is your time to truly experience idyllic island life. We have our own boat, which allows us to explore the surrounding islands and experience how the local island communities live. In the evening, we get together around the fire by our own little beach ‘bar’ and watch the spectacular sunset that this area is famous for. Perfect! For the more adventurous, we visit a secret rainforest waterfall for a dip on the second day to wash off all that sand and salt. Don’t worry about food either, our local guides will be catching fish during the day while we explore the area and cook up feasts for us! Condition permitting, we will visit one of the small schools on neighboring islands to meet the kids and find out what it’s like to grow up in a remote area of the Philippines.

Day 6: Bound for El Nido

In the morning we all jump into a bus and we are on our way to El Nido! When we arrive, you will see why Palawan was named the most beautiful island group in the world. Surrounded by islands and cliffs, El Nido is a secret paradise we are lucky enough to share. Once you pick your jaws up off the ground, we will check in to the funkiest hostel in Palawan. Exclusive to Xtreme, this slick hostel looks more like a boutique hotel than a backpackers! Settle in, then head out to one of our favourite beach bars in the evening for food and fun.

Day 7: Island hopping

Today we set sail on the most (in)famous boat in El Nido!  This custom built boat will take us on an island hopping adventure to secret beaches and pristine reefs. Go kayaking over the emerald waters or jump in and snorkel over coral teaming with life. The awesome crew will take care of all your food, and include all your beer, rum, and cocktails in the afternoon. So go on, you’ve earned a drink! We have music on board, chill-out areas, and a freshly cooked buffet including of the best seafood you can get. Before we set sail back to El Nido, get some pictures of you doing a backflip off the boat with the sun setting in the background, or just relax on deck listening to the music on  board.

Day 8: El Nido town

In the morning, we climb up to the top of one of the cliffs surrounding El Nido bay and get the most spectacular views in the area! After the big morning, we feel you’ll need some chill out time. We include a traditional Filipino massage to ease those muscle aches. Take your time today to relax and soak up your surroundings, or explore the surrounding area. Ask your guide where the coolest spots are, or just discover them for yourself!

Day 9: Cultural experiences and zipline at Las Cabanas

We spend today outside El Nido in small villages with the local people. We try a little fishing in traditional boats, learn about the many uses they have for coconuts, discover the secret for cooking a perfect ‘Adobo’ (national dish of the Philippines), try your hand at weaving with palm leaves, and finish with a Halo-Halo (Filipino iced dessert). When you are feeling brave enough, it’s time to take a hike up to the top of the mountain overlooking the beach. Why? Because this is your time to know how it feels to fly across the ocean between two islands over beaches and corals reefs. Once you finish your zipline on Snake Island, wade across the water and join the crew on the beach! In the evening we all head into town for one final farewell dinner.

Day 10: Good Bye!

Sadly all good things must come to an end! For those of you who booked their onward journey, this is where we must say our goodbyes. The rest of us jump in a minivan back to Puerto Princesa where we finish our trip. We also help with any onward travel. Want to visit Cebu? Party on the white sand beaches in Boracay? Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!
*We are an adventure tour company and include more than any other company in our itinerary. We are committed to showing our guests the most beautiful and untouched areas of Palawan. This means that sometimes the facilities in these more remote areas may be rather limited. Embrace it as part of the adventure!


10 Days - Multi Share

USD 1159

What's Included?

  • Private western guide throughout
  • Airport pickup on day 1
  • All accommodation
  • All transportation & transfers including vans, flights, boats, taxis, and tricycles
  • Welcome dinner and drinks overlooking the Manila skyline
  • Guest-list entry to some of the best clubs in Manila
  • Visit to the world famous Puerto Princesa Underground River
  • Visit to the Iwahig Prison, a bizarre prison without walls
  • Private island beach camp adventure (including all food)
  • Rainforest walks to take a dip in a waterfall
  • Island kayaking through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world
  • Snorkeling coral reefs
  • Paddle boarding
  • Island hopping on the best boat in Palawan (including food and drinks!)
  • Beach picnics
  • Zip-lining between islands over beaches and ocean (PHP500 local payment)
  • Guided climb to the top of the cliffs overlooking El Nido for the most stunning view on the island
  • Local cultural experiences including cooking class and making coconut oil
  • Good times and memories to last a life time!
  • Please note some activities listed are weather dependent and subject to change.

What's Excluded?

  • International Flights
  • Internal Flights for add-ons
  • Drinks
  • Some Meals
  • Travel insurance
  • Transfer back to Manila

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When booking flights after the tour, we suggest booking your onwards flight to leave early evening (6pm local time) on the last day in Puerto Princesa then you have plenty of time to get to the airport from Palawan  to Manila.
    The main way to get back to Manila is by flight.

  • You will need to book flights for the last day of your 10 day tour to Boracay.

    • Return airport transfers to/from Caticlan Airport
    • Daily breakfast
    • 4 nights accommodation 5min from the famous white sand beach of Boracay
    • Ticket to join the famous Boracay Pub Crawl (biggest and best crawl on the island!
    • Day at Ariel’s Point for partying, cliff jumping, kayaking and loads more

10 Day Epic Philippines Trip Dates

Start dates 2018


27 November – 06 December

03 December – 12 December
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23 December – 01 January
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