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We get a lot of people asking for advice on all aspects of planning their gap year or round the world trip. From what to bring, where to go, to what direction the water flushes in the Toilet in Australia. This section is to answer those questions to help you with your Gap Year Planning.

You are sure to  find out the answers to your burning questions from our network of travellers and experts all over the world.

This section is not designed to tell you about trips specifically, you do that on the main site. This is about getting under the skin of countries and learning about activities, locations and what each destination has to offer. Could be about where to find amazing nightlife, locate paradise Islands for some perfect chill time or even how to haggle over a pair of stinking slippers.

So what would you like to know?

Common Travel Questions

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Where should I go, see all our destinations.
What to Expect on your gap year
Gap Year Vs Gap Travel
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