Free Travel Guides!

February 26, 2012  By Oliver Bray

Want exclusive access to tonnes of free travel guides written and edited by Xtreme Gappers on plenty of different destinations? Then like our fan page and you are good to go. We take a lot of pride in discovering, reviewing and writing about some of the most exciting travel activities out there, in our travel guide section you can find all the details.

We are constantly publishing new guides so you can subscribe to the library to get notifications of when new ones are released, might give you something to look forward to when you are back off your travels!

If you would like us to write a guide on one of our destinations or activity then let us know through the face book comments system below.


We have guides on traveling to Oz, Guides on Kilimanjaro, Guides on staying safe and how to best prepare for your travels. This is not the kind of watered down crap you find in the lonely planet.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. Oh you will need flash to view the guides too. Sorry Ipad people.

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