Backpacking Asia cost and travelling on a budget.

Street food is pretty cheap, if you don't mind eating scorpions.
Street food is pretty cheap, if you don’t mind eating scorpions.

One of the most frequently asked questions from Xtreme Gap travellers is how much to budget and what typically does backpacking Asia cost?

Whilst everyone’s idea of what is expensive and what is good value can vary, depending on how fortunate you are with your travel budget, one of the main reasons people head to Asia or go backpacking in Southeast Asia in particular is because travelling on a budget is actually fairly easy.

Backpacking Asia costs very depending on which country you are in, for example Malaysia is more expensive than backpacking through Thailand, which in turn is more expensive than Laos and Vietnam, but the reality is you can eat and sleep for very little (from 20p to £2 for a gorgeous Thai meal) making your money go along way.

Travelling on a budget: How much should backpacking Asia cost?

One thing that helps manage your finances and enable you to travel on a budget is by joining one of our group backpacking tours, because you pay for the majority of your big expenses upfront like accommodation, activities and transport and in some cases food, or you are left to worry about is your actual spending money. This really comes down to beer and souvenir money, and a beer will cost about £.50.

If you’re one of those people who finds it difficult to budget, this is a particularly good option because when you book a trip with us you need to pay in full 12 weeks prior to departure allowing you a full three months to save for your spending money and flights. Flights from the United Kingdom can cost as little as £250 although on average the property somewhere in the region of £350, so you only need to put away about £300 per month in the final 12 weeks.

If you were to book a month long trip like the Xtreme Thailand experience, this can cost about £1000 so if you’re able to put away £200 per month, you can book a trip that departs eight months away and you are good to go.

How much does backpacking Asia cost? Usually most of our clients get away with spending only £500 per month in Southeast Asia.

Now if you were to travel independently, and by all your accommodation transport activities as you go you could spend up to £1200to £2000 per month depending on your lifestyle and choice of activities.

Travelling on a budget in Southeast Asia some trip ideas.

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Xtreme Gap Year has plenty of backpacking trips and adventurous ideas for travellers looking to travel on a budget and meet other people whilst doing some incredible adventures along the way.

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