Backpacker Work Australia

Whitsundays Sailing Crew Jobs Course Australia - From USD 2779

Whitsundays sailing course Australia Want to get paid to do a job you love? Sailing on luxury yachts over the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsundays in Australia? This is the ultimate Australia gap year programme training you to qualify as a salty sea dog, and work on boats all over the world. After this 23 day internship you have exceptionally good chances of being paid up to $500 a week too!

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Learn to Earn In The Australian Outback - From USD 839

Experience the Australian outback and get paid to work up to 12 months on a real Australian Ranch! This 2 week trips gives you the unique opportunity to experience a new way of life in the Australian Outback! Including fun activities like riding horses, motor bikes, quad bikes, 4 x 4 and tractors. So if you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, sign up and start earning down under.

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Are you between 18 and 30 years old and would you like to combine working and backpacking in Australia? Then consider joining one of our learn to earn programs. With these work and travel programs it makes it really easy to find work in some of the most beautiful locations in Australia. Below you will find arrival packages offering a backpacking jobs service (the Sydney conneXion) , the more unusual and fun work crewing on boats or working on a ranch in the outback.

Australia is the perfect destination to combine backpacking and working.

Our arrival packages like the Sydney ConneXion make sure you will get the right experience and assistance to help get you find backpacker work in Australia. So not only will you find your feet, it also gives you a great start to arriving in Sydney.

Imagine having a brilliant first week with lots of  new mates and then plenty of backpacking jobs available for you on tap. Sure takes the stress out of finding backpacker work in Australia.

While the above programs are more suited to people on a working holiday visa we have plenty of other great ideas to travel Australia if you are just looking to travel without work. You can see all the gap year trips to Australia here.

The lowdown on Australian working holiday visas and travelling working in Australia.

Working holidays in Australia.
Find work in Australia with the Sydney arrival package the Sydney connection.

Providing you are under 30 and have not already applied for Australia working holiday visa, it is possible to travel working Australia for up to 2 years. While the initial working holiday Visa is one year, you can extend this to 2 years if you undertake some agricultural work. This is why our ranch training course is a particularly good program to take up because it guarantees you work in this area.

For a  full breakdown of working holiday visas  you can contact us via e-mail with your questions and we will happily answer them, Our team travelled Australia extensively and we even have an office in Sydney making us one of the leading gap year company arranging working holiday trips to Australia.


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