Perfect for first-time travellers, this package includes advice and practical help with everything from visas to airport transfer, accommodation to finding a job. Stay and work in Sydney or explore the country with new friends. One of the best value Australian backpacking job finding services you will find.


Work in Australia For Backpackers

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to find work in Australia during your gap year then this is the perfect solution. Staying in a downtown funky backpacker hostel, our jobs support is just what you need to find jobs paying up to £8.50 and £15 per hour.

Our job support programme, offers you access to jobs all over Australia. Not just Sydney. So if you want to take advantage of a working holiday Visa, and travel Australia finding casual work as you go this programme does provide you with a great safety net.

It is inclusive of five days in a hostel, plus assistance to help you find your feet and settle in really fast. You will get a locally based work and travel expert, who can talk you through your CV, provide you with job interviews and opportunities plus lots of additional jobs support related benefits for a full 6 months.

Please note this programme is mainly geared towards finding work. If you want something that is a little bit more sociable, and you are keen on meeting others and having a bit of fun in Sydney then please check out our Sydney conneXion programme.


  • Find work easily, without the hassle with first-class job support for 6 months.
  • Staying downtown Sydney, in a funky backpacker is a great place to meet people and kick off your travels.
  • Essential support provided getting your CV looking amazing. We will give you interview advice, sort out your tax file numbers, give you a Sim card and we can even help with flat shares as well.
  • With all of your accommodation and job support taking care of, you can hit the ground running and settle into Australia with ease.
  • Join our Sydney city tour, and enjoy this amazing city!
  • This is exclusively for travellers, who are looking for a job in Australia and don’t know where to start.
  • You have access to our offices, free Wi-Fi and a working space to send out your CV is necessary.
  • With 6 months of job offers, after your five days of accommodation are up you will continue to receive help and support throughout your Australian adventure!

If you want a more comprehensive one-week all-inclusive fun adventure including all of the activities this programme and then some be sure to check out our Sydney ConneXion package as well.

The Essentials Included

Sorted For:

  • Airport transfer
  • 4 nights accommodation

The Fun Stuff:

  • Welcome dinner and drinks
  • Sydney Harbour Cruise
  • Guided Sydney city tour
  • Sydney beaches tour

The Work Essentials:

  • Just landed info session
  • Job search assistance for 6 months
  • Cv review
  • Mail forwarding for 12 months
  • Bank account set up
  • Sim Card activated number given on arrival
  • Tax file number arranged
  • Medicare organised
  • Tax refund advice
  • Travellers Discount Card
  • Free in Sydney offices
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Assistance from the locally based team
  • Detailed pre departure pack before you leave




Full Details

Meeting people makes it a lot easier!

Work Up Australia (33)Starting a new adventure can be a little daunting! After all you will be travelling on your own to the other side of the world, you probably have hundreds of questions and worries about what to expect and what will happen when you get there. Believe us when we say it makes it a lot easier when you join a group from the get go. 11:30 AM on Monday morning is when it all starts, you will be met at the WakeUp hostel by our representative and that’s when the fun begins.

These programmes make your arrival and job hunt experience so much smoother. With set start dates every Monday, you will be in a group of other like-minded travellers, sharing your first weeks experiences and often making great mates from the outset.

When you add in all the advice, guides and personal assistance from our Australia-based work and travel experts, you really only have to worry about how much fun you can handle!

Itinerary  Work in Australia For Backpackers  5 Day Package

Monday – Arrival Day

Work Up Australia (30)Monday – Arrival Day Welcome to Sydney with your just landed info session find out the essentials get settled.

We´ll arrange your airport transfer to our luxury backpacker hostel, WakeUp ” voted Australia´s best! In your ´Just Landed´ info session our team will provide an overview of everything you need to know for your first week in Australia and explain the fun stuff included in your package. We organise bank cards, tax file numbers, explain about jobs and travelling in Australia, NZ & Fiji.

Then we take a guided walking tour of the city including Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House and the Botanic Gardens. Bring your camera – there are loads of photo opportunities along the way! Meet the group that evening for our Welcome Dinner. (Dinner and 1 drink included).


Work Up Australia (64)Today is all about settling into your new surroundings, the jet lag will be kicking in a bit so you might want to take it a little easy today, especially as the group meets again tonight at another of our favourite party bars and good times! In the morning group meets at the offices to have a very comprehensive info session on Australia, we discuss everything you need to know about travel, work, where to go what to do what to see when you want your questions answered there is nothing like talking to locals to get insider advice.

As well as the info session, it’s a great opportunity to have fun with other members of the group, remember everyone’s in the same boat having just arrived in Australia so really takes the pressure off.

Whilst the members group who are on the upgraded Sydney ConneXion program will head off out of the city today, you will have another couple of days to explore at your leisure.


Work Up Australia (67)Today is all about getting to know Sydney’s beaches! Head out with the wake-up team, and they will take you to Coogee to Bondi  on a walking tour of some of the best ocean views around Sydney. Then of course we hit Bondi Beach, the infamous surf beach and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s a great place to go people watching, have a few drinks and really feel like you have arrived down under.

They can turn into a bit of a bar crawl as well, but why not.


Free day, why not head to the Sydney Zoo, or the Aquarium to get to know Australia ´s unique animals? Perhaps brave the Sydney harbour bridge? In the evenings there is usually a BBQ at the accommodation in side bar. Those on the platinum version will be heading out of Sydney today, so why not get a jump on them and start sending out your CV in the offices? Not that you have to, there’s plenty to do in and around the city we will cover all your options at the just landed info session.


Today your last day, you can get to grips with Sydney on a walking tour of the main sites. Sydney opera house, the botanical gardens, China Town, The Queen Victoria building and plenty more. The Tour kicks of at 10am until about 3.30pm. This is a great way to break the ice with other backpackers and get to know the real Sydney.

Please note that during your free time you are located right next to the jobs office so you can spend your time applying for jobs and get yourself sorted with a backpacker job straight away.

What are the activities in detail?

What could be more helpful than having a contact on the ground before you are even out there! After booking: you’ll be contacted by Australian-based partners in Sydney who you can email at any time. Any questions at all will be answered direct from the horses mouth.
Jet lag is a bitch. Not that it has to be. We’ll pre-arrange your Shuttle Bus and you’ll be dropped-off at your hostel in no time (Platinum and gold package), or on the silver and wake up you will be given instructions on how to get to the Wake Up (a door to door service from the airport), with your fare refunded on arrival.
Our preferred partners for accommodation in Sydney is the Wake up. Why? It is young funky and an awesome place to be. (Check the video section for a little more info)- The Wake up has a superb location, right in the backpacking hub of Sydney, close to Central Station, our partners have an office at your disposal round the corner and loads of bars, pubs & shops. Everything you need is just a short walk away.


An impressive CV is essential for getting a good job in Australia. The dedicated Job Consultants will be at your disposal to review your CV / Resume and provide recommendations for any essential improvements required to get you into work.


To get set up in Australia you need an address, how else could you get a bank account, tax file number and more importantly where else would you send all your overweight items purchased enroute in Asia. If you have moved on from Sydney by the time those dodgy fisherman pants have arrived from Thailand, no worries, we will forward you mail for free to wherever you are in Australia!
We’ll open your account with the Commonwealth Bank Australia before you leave home. We will send you all the details you need so that you can transfer some money into the account before you leave (ahem parents).
We’ll reserve your Australian mobile phone number activate your Sim card and give your number when you arrive in Australia
If you do not have one you will be taxed at 49%! We’ll arrange your Taxfile number as soon as you arrive so you’ll get taxed the right amount and -if needed- be ready to work straight away!
It is like health Insurance, lets hope you won ´t need it.
Uber boring, but handy when you leave! We will help you with any tax queries you may have throughout the year, help you claim a tax refund after working in Australia and help you claim your Superannuation after leaving the country. That alone can be worth Thousands of Pounds.
Finding accommodation in Sydney can be difficult. Sydney is one of the most popular cities to live in in the world, and rental housing is in very short supply. If you plan to stay and work in Sydney for a while, you´ll save money and make great friends in a shared house. We’ll help you beat the rush of thousands of other travellers by giving you all the advice and guidance you need to help find a furnished shared house: by the beach, inner city and all of Sydney´s top locations.

Whats the big deal about free internet? You find it everywhere in the UK, but Australia it is a different matter. Internet is quite expensive, usually about £12 for 24 hours access.   Just uploading your pictures to Facebook over the course of you travels will cost you a bomb. Free WiFi for 12-months weekdays at our partner office in Sydney. Nice.

Got a problem? Call us and we can help.

Backpacker job advice, guides and internet portal (Silver, Gold and Platinum)

  • Bar Jobs
  • Clinical Trials
  • Busker / Street Performer
  • Blog / Copy Writer
  • PA / Executive Assistant
  • Hatchery Worker
  • Theme Park Operator
  • Dive Instructor
  • Au-pair / Nanny
  • Cafe / Barista jobs
  • Personal Carer
  • Tour Leader
  • Boat Crew
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Restaurant / Bar Host
  • Harvest / Fruit Picking
  • Trade / Construction
  • Farmhand Jobs
  • Pet / House Sitter

It really could not be easier, so request trip notes today for more information, or book now to start your Australian adventure!

Your Australia Adventure begins here!

Divemaster Australia (6)From this point, you end the trip, but you Ozzie adventure begins! You will certainly not be alone, as you have 12 months of support, job offers, Cv reviews and most likely already a good circle of mates down under. Who knows where your stint down under may lead you.   Many opt to put off the world of work just a little longer and go on the 5-day surf tour. The bus will pick you up from the hostel on Wednesday morning at 6:15. This surf trip is a lot of fun, you can opt to finish in Brisbane or return to Sydney to get a job there.

Other options for your working holiday visa.

Want to work in the surf industry? Well we have a surf instructor course too, depending on your surfing skills it will take you 1 to 3 months to become a surf instructor.

Cowboy? You can also upgrade to the outback ranch programme as well, meaning you can find work of righteous in the outback with guaranteed job placements and an awesome training week. Check out our working holiday Visa programs for more inspiration and ideas.


The Wake up in Sydney programme is run in conjunction with the wake-up hostel!

Voted the best backpackers in Sydney by travellers. We know it well, as we have vetted a range of accommodation options in Sydney before launching this programme, and the Wake Up won hands down as the best place to be. Centrally located in the main backpacker district you will find everything in easy walking distance.


Some of the facilities include:

  • TV Lounge with chill out areas
  • Kitchen
  • The legendary backpacker side bar
  • Wifi and internet desks
  • Travel help desk
  • Job assistance desk
  • Walking tours
  • Cheap meals every night in the bar
  • Ultra comfortable beds
  • Laundry

Expect comfortable beds, clean rooms, good communal areas, clean Kitchens and service and support from the Wake Up team that goes above and beyond the call of duty.   The Wake Up Hostel also has a travel desk that offers advice on getting around Australia, and the infamous Side bar, one of the most popular backpacker bars in Sydney.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation is included for the first couple of days or week (depending on which option you pick) and then you are unleashed into Sydney. There are local coordinators who are trained to assist you with your job search, offer advice on finding long-term accommodation, and settle you in nicely.
Meals are not included (but there are cooking facilities in the hostel).
No, we cannot arrange your work holiday visa, but it is very easy to arrange this. You just apply for it only online and it will be arranged within a few days. You will apply for a visa before you go and will do this at the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the Australian Government
The Australian Working Holiday Visa subclass 417 costs around £170, which is the equivalent of ‚£215. Rates change constantly so use this only as an indication. Furthermore, you need to have around £2,000 in your bank account when you enter Australia with a Working Holiday Visa. You will apply for a visa before you go and will do this online at the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the Australian Government

Duration Option Price  
4 (Days)4 Days - 6 Months JobsUSD 399Book Now
5 (Days)5 Days - 12 Months JobsUSD 599Book Now

Pricing Feedback

Great Value
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Can´t Afford it right now

Included 5 Day Version

  • Airport transfer
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Breakfasts
  • Welcome dinner and drinks
  • Guided Sydney city tour
  • Sydney beaches tour
  • Just landed info session
  • Job search assistance for 6 months
  • Cv review
  • Mail forwarding for 12 months
  • Bank account set up
  • Sim Card activated number given on arrival
  • Tax file number arranged
  • Medicare organised
  • Tax refund advice
  • Travellers Discount Card
  • Free in Sydney offices
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Assistance from the locally based team
  • Detailed pre departure pack before you leave

Included 3 Day Version

  • Airport transfer
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Breakfasts
  • Welcome dinner and drinks
  • Guided Sydney city tour
  • Just landed info session
  • Job search assistance for 6 months
  • Cv review
  • Mail forwarding for 6 months
  • Bank account set up
  • Sim Card activated number given on arrival
  • Tax file number arranged
  • Medicare organised
  • Tax refund advice
  • Travellers Discount Card
  • Free WIFI in Sydney offices
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Assistance form the locally based team
  • Detailed pre departure pack before you leave


  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Meals depending on option selected (but there are cooking facilities)
  • Working holiday visa processing fee


We have multiple departures per month. Please contact us for specific dates & availability.



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