We begin in Bangkok and cover the best bits of Cambodia, with a couple of Thailand’s little gems thrown in! The tour heads South from Bangkok to Rayong, journeying East along the coast of Thailand towards Cambodia via the beautiful Thai island of Koh Chang. On arrival in Cambodia we head to the beaches and parties of Sihanoukville and Koh Rong, then North, stopping along the way in Kampot and Phnom Penh to experience some Khmer culture, history and nightlife. The tour ends in Siem Reap to see one of the highlights of South East Asia – the majestic Angkor Wat.

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This trip is an ideal introduction to Asia, spanning two countries and plenty of fun, adventure and sight-seeing! It starts in Bangkok and covers the best bits of Cambodia, with a couple of Thailand’s Gems thrown in for good measure. We then head South to Rayong, journeying along the West of Thailand towards Cambodia via the beautiful Thai island of Koh Chang.

When we enter Cambodia we head straight to the beaches and parties of Sihanoukville and Koh Rong, then head North, stopping along the way in Kampot and Phnom Penh (the capital) to experience some Khmer culture, history and nightlife. The tour ends further towards the North, in Siem Reap to see one of the highlights of South East Asia – the majestic Angkor Wat.

The places you will visit are

  • Bangkok
  • Rayong
  • Koh Chang (Thai Island)
  • Koh Rong Samloem (Cambodian Island)
  • Sihanoukville
  • Kampot
  • Phnom Phen
  • Siem Reap


Today is airport pick up and meet and greet with your new travel buddies. In the evening head out for a few drinks on the famous Khao San Road.


Leaving Bangkok in the morning we take a private minibus to the lovely beach-side town of Lae Mai Pim in Rayong. After checking into our rooms and getting acquainted we’ll head down to the boat (seasonal) and head out on our Undiscovered Thailand boat trip, hitting the open seas, snorkelling and visiting a turtle sanctuary on a private island! In the evening we’ll grab a bite at the resort restaurant which boasts possibly the best pizza in Thailand and possibly a few cocktails at Drift Bar on the beach. The next day we’ll have a cheeky lie in and head down to the beach or a cool secret lake for a ridiculously tasty BBQ, some watersports and to soak up the sun, for those wanting a bit more action there’s even optional flyboarding to take in the sights from above!

*Note, if the boat trip does not run on day two we will usually have the beach bbq day instead and take a trip to a local waterfall on day three.


Today we hit the coastal road again over to the beautiful Island of Koh Chang. Whilst the 3rd biggest Thai Island, Koh Chang is not as well know among tourists as others like Samui or Phuket so it’s some what of an idyll. We stay in some cool little beach bungalows in the backpacker area of Lonely Beach which has great stretches of white sand, crystal clear water, cool bars and restaurants. On day five we’ll take a trip to an awesome waterfall which is part of the islands national park. The rest of the time we can kayak, explore, sunbathe or party…we have two days to chill and ready ourselves for the next leg of our epic road trip…Cambodia!


We start the Cambodia leg of the tour in Sihanoukville where there is no shortage of beaches, islands and parties. Whilst down in Sihanoukville we’ll stay near the main beach for two nights and hit the famous beach bars for one or two cocktails, buckets and 50cent beers. We take part in the Dolphin bar booze cruise on day seven.


On the beautiful, secluded tropical island of Koh Rong Samloem we stay at an awesome new backpackers resort right on the beach which is extremely fun and sociable. Here we spend days as true beach bums, you can choose to chill on the luscious white sand, sip cocktails at the bar or soak up the rays! Whilst on Koh Rong Samloem we’ll also have a special beach bbq and fire show night on us and on day nine we head out on a boat cruise around the island, hit up some awesome snorkelling spots, try some fishing and kick back in the crystal clear turquoise waters!

DAY 10-11 – KAMPOT

On day 10 we take a short ride to the great little town of Kampot. Staying at an awesome backpackers right on the river we’ll spend the next two days chilling, rafting, tubing, playing on rope swings, pontoons, swings and the blob! Yet another destination with amazing natural surroundings, yet very different from the island/beach feel of the others. The hostel we stay can also arrange some optional (extra) activities around town like cycling, rock climbing and abseiling in caves.


Arriving in the capital by private mini bus, we’ll get checked into one of the coolest backpackers in the city! We can explore the city a little, before heading out on a charity pub crawl run by our partners at Mad Monkey Hostels. Whilst in the city, tradition dictates that we take a tour to the historical and eye opening site of the Khmer Killing Fields and S21. Two historical land marks which shine some light on Cambodia’s chilling and not too distant history.


Depending on the season we’ll either take a mini van or boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, home of the magnificent Angkor Wat temple ruins (where they filmed Tomb Raider & Tekken). We’ll take a sunrise trip through the temple complex exploring the awe inspiring ancient ruins which happen to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. We stay in one of the towns most sociable and fun backpackers so expect plenty of parties and good times! On the last night we’ll take you out for a nice meal on us then to pub street for a pub-crawl to end the trip on a high.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

It depends how long you are travelling for or if you are moving onto another country after but you will not need to pack much for South East Asia. The climate will stay the same all year round which will be in the mid 30´s so light clothing will be best. It will also help if you use a backpack rather than a suitcase as it will be more comfortable for you to travel around with. But if you do only have a suitcase, do not spend your money on an expensive backpack, a suitcase or sports bag will do.
Yes of course you can. We will put you in touch with other group members shortly before your tour. You can also join our Facebook page to interact with your group and others, see pictures etc.
First of all its your responsibility to get the correct visa, but as it stands at the moment (2016) for UK and NL travellers, you can get a Cambodian visa either online or at the border really easily. If you get one in Khao San Road in Bangkok, where they offer to arrange a visa for you, you risk giving your passport to a stranger. You CAN go to the Cambodian embassy in Bangkok, but would be a waste of time and money. Online or at the border is easiest .

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  • Airport pickup and taxi to your Bangkok hotel
  • Taxis & tuk tuks in Bangkok, longtail boats, buses, ferries & private mini bus’/cars between locations
  • Boat trips from Rayong and Sihanoukville and Koh Rong
  •  Tuk Tuks/Rickshaws rides around Phnom Penh, Killing fields.
  •  Sunrise tour around Angkor Wat temple complex (even Hot air balloon – optional extra)
  • Private mini bus between all destinations


  • Fun night out in Bangkok on Khao San road
  • BKK, bars, food & shopping.
  • Boat trips, waterfalls, snorkelling, viewpoints & turtle sanctuaries in Rayong & Sihanoukville (pirate style!) & Koh Rong Samloem
  • Islands & Beaches & bars at Rayong, Koh Chang, Koh Rong Samloem, Sihanoukville.
  • City nightlife (Phnom Penh and Bangkok) and beach parties (Koh Chang, Koh Rong, Sihanoukville)
  • Optional Kayaking, paddle boarding & fishing in Koh Chang & Koh Rong.
  • Trekking, tubing, rope swings and river activities in Kampot
  • Guided tours of Killing Fields, S21 and Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh
  • Sunrise our of stunning Angkor Wat temple ruins (balloon ride optional)
  • Group dinners in Phnaom Penh and Siem Reap
  • Charity pub crawl in Phnom Penh


  • Lunch on boat trip from Rayong
  • Lunch on boat trip from Sihanoukville & Koh Rong
  • Beach BBQ on Koh Rong Samloem
  • Farewell dinner in Siem Reap on last night

We leave most of meal choice to you, but we do take you to some amazing restaurants (both traditional and modern) so there is always something for everyone. Please note you will have to buy all your other meals, snacks, water etc., so do budget for this when planning your trip!


  • Online support before you go on tour (via our Meet Others Tour Radar App, as well as email)
  • Insider knowledge from our incredible Western  tour guides, who will be able to answer any questions you may have about Thailand
  • Help and support organising any onward travel Adventure


  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals
  • Drinks


5th Jan – 20th Jan
16th Jan – 31st Jan
29th Jan – 13th Feb
6th Feb – 21st Feb
24th Feb – 11th Mar
6th Mar – 21st Mar
24th Mar – 8th Apr
13th Apr – 28th Apr
24th Apr – 9th May
11th May – 26th May
24th May – 8th June
11th June – 26th June
23rd Jun – 8th July
10th July – 25th July
22nd July – 6th Aug
8th Aug – 23rd Aug
20th Aug – 4th Sep
31st Aug – 15th Sep
17th Sep – 2nd Oct
31st Sept – 15th Oct
18th Oct – 2nd Nov
1st Nov – 16th Nov
15th Nov – tst Dec
4th Dec – 19th Dec


7th Jan – 22nd Jan
21st Jan – 5th Feb
4th Feb – 19th Feb
4th Mar – 19th Mar
18th Mar – 2nd Apr
1st Apr – 16th Apr
15th Apr – 20th Apr
29th Apr – 14th May
6th May – 21st May
20th May – 4th Jun
3rd Jun – 28th Jun
17th Jun – 2nd Jul
1st Jul – 16th Jul
15th Jul – 30th Jul
29th Jul – 13th Aug
5th Aug – 20st Aug
19th Aug – 3rd Sep
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16th Sep – 1st Oct
30th Sep – 15th Oct
7th Oct – 22nd Oct
21st Oct – 5th Nov
4th Nov – 19th Nov
18th Nov – 3rd Dec
2nd Dec – 17 Dec

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