Xtreme Thailand Experience 4 Weeks

Do you want see it all in one of the most exciting countries in the world? Join our guided Thailand group backpacking tour and have an incredible adventure. You choose your activities. An intro week, an adventure week, an action week and a beach week. You will be checking out the buzz in Bangkok with new mates and letting the good times roll.


This is our top-selling trip! Loaded with activities there is never a dull moment. A great way to travel Thailand safely in a group, you have a jam packed itinerary showcasing the best this amazing country has to offer. You choose your activities. An intro week, an adventure week, an action week and a beach / conservation week. You will be checking out Thailand in the best possible way and fully guided! Let the good times roll.

The Xtreme Thailand Experience


IntroXtreme Thailand Experience (12)



Action Week

Beach & Eco

Beach Week

Settle in and discover Thailand.

Easy arrival with an airport pickup. Make new friends as you meet other people in the group. Learn about Thailand its culture and history. Stay on the mainland and visit lots of different temples cultural heritage sites and cities.

Pick an adventure options in-country.

Do an awesome elephant week. Go trekking in the jungle. Explore Buddhism and meet monks with Temple stays. Have a night out in Bangkok and see the sites

Choose the perfect action week activity!

Get the perfect beach body with Crossfit. Learn Muay Thai, increase your well-being with a jungle yoga package. Learn free diving. Learn how to dive. PLUS: Take part in an action-packed adventure day!

Top off the tan with well-earned beach time.

Laze about on amazing tropical beaches. Hit the beach parties. Discover a paradise island by our discover scuba dive & stand up paddle day. Also you join our boat trip to a stunning island and help conservation efforts with the beach clean up and join the free Barbecue party night! Party on the beach and munch on some delicious Thai food.

Xtreme Thailand Experience Highlights Include:

  • Meeting monks & discovering Thai culture, temples & cuisine on a mind-blowing cultural and intro week
  • Trekking through national parks & discovering cool waterfalls are an exciting adventure week
  • Exploring historic Singburi to see life outside the cities and islands, meeting tribes
  • Volunteering with Elephants and Mahouts
  • First 2 weeks include all meals
  • Exploring exciting Bangkok and stay in a fun backpackers hostel in the backpacking Mecca Khao San Road
  • Adrenaline Adventures on Koh Tao like abseiling, snorkelling and diving and freediving, kickboxing or cross fit. If you prefer to chill out a little, you can with a yoga course.
  • Koh Tao adventure day with boats, snorkelling, paradise islands and view points.
  • Try Out Scuba with an Xtreme Trial Scuba Experience
  • SUP! Stand Up Paddle try out.
  • Become a conservation hero! We have partnered with the leading conservation organisation so you too can do your part. Beach clean ups and conservation talks included. Plus free sunset barbecue at the end of the day
  • Lots of Chill time on Koh Tao and beach parties to remember
  • Meet and chat to other Xtreme Gappers with an online Buddy list before you travel too!



Xtreme Thailand Experience (12)

Starting on the Sunday, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your new home in Singburi, a couple of hours from Bangkok, to embark upon a comprehensive introduction to Thailand.

The first week is all about getting to know everyone and doing lots of activities with The other members of the group. This is great if you have never travelled before, or you are travelling alone because you will be meeting other like-minded people and making friends very quickly and easily.

During the intro week you will learn more about Thailand, It will be an eye opening experience. With lots of day trips to get to know the local surrounding areas and places of interest. Emphasis will be placed on learning about Thai culture, Thai language and even try your hand at some Thai cooking.

You will also check out the famous Buddhist Temple: Wat Phranon Jaksi, the old capital of Ayutthaya (including a visit to the elephant village), Lopburi’s museum and pagoda, and even have a cruise along the river.


The second week you can choose from a range of activities depending on how adventurous your feeling.

Xtreme Thailand Experience




tempels thailand



If you do not know which option week you would like to be your second week do not worry, you can make that decision once you are out in Thailand. It might be that you want to hook up with some people if you have become friends with on the intro week and decide to join them on the trekking week, or maybe you rather join someone else who decided to do the Buddhism & Culture week. It is very easy to go with the flow! So let’s look at some of the options.

Elephant Week

With this adventure week option you will learn how to take care of the Elephants, head off through forests and around the camp with these majestic creatures (you even have a photo opportunity on the back of an elephant) , bath them and feed them. Even go swimming with them. This week is an unrivaled opportunity to learn about Elephants and connect with your very own. Just be warned you can ´t take it with you when your week is up!

Thai Elephant Experience in Umphang, Lak Province

Thailand Elephant Experience (7)

Umphang is about 8 hours from Bangkok, but the ride is worth it! From monolithic temple protrusions, to the living, breathing, legendary white elephant herds of the royal order, the faded beer vests of Khao San Road travellers, to the somewhat infamous, green and gold labels of ´Chang´, if there is one symbol that reverberates the mystical and multifarious character of this Eastern land more than any other, it is the Thai Elephant. Historically, the Thai people´s ally in work and war, at once both strong and placid, roaming the jungle smothered hills of a nation curiously similar in spirit and character to these colossal yet graceful beasts, the decline in wild elephant populations all over Southeast Asia has focused modern attention more vigorously than ever on the enduring character, survival and habitats of the Asian elephant.

We´re offering you the chance to really get stuck in; with our week-long Thai elephant experience package in Umphang, you´ll be surrounded by trunk and tree from begging to end, living and working ´at the coalface´ with these undeniably inspiring creatures. Nestled in the limestone valleys of Tak Province in North-central Thailand, amidst the low mists of rice paddies (the local labour staple), soaring Burmese mountain horizons to the west, and some of the most traditional, untouched, ´un-touristy´ Thai towns of yesteryear, where the local folk still cast curious glances at western visitors and sizzle up regional dishes from fiery track-side stalls.

Our elephant experience option runs from Monday to Saturday and aims to give you an encompassing introduction to what life is like working with these animals. We try to make sure you get the broadest possible experience by getting you working with elephants of all ages and genders, always in their natural habitat.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities necessary to providing good care, whilst helping to ensure the stability of the elephants´ lives here.

With rich, thick, natural jungle terrain and forested hills typical to this region of Thailand, we are lucky to be able to maintain an environment very similar to that enjoyed by the remaining few thousand wild elephants in Southeast Asia, and, with only a few elephant sanctuaries so indelibly surrounded by nature, our ability to do this is largely unique throughout the country.

The elephant care at our sanctuary is comprehensive, and we like to get participants involved with all aspects of this. Washing the elephants in the natural lake (one of many in the areas surrounding Umphang) on our grounds, or perhaps, simply socialising with these animals, so strangely human in their own way, your responsibilities are wide ranging and aim to give a broad cross-section of elephant care experience.

In addition, with a diet of up to 180kg of vegetation daily, you can see how preparing the elephants´ intake of greens (usually a mixture of locally sourced sugarcane, banana plant or grasses) could represent one of your main daily tasks, while the routine evening ´trek of the elephants´ back to their forest sleeping areas as the pink Thai sun drops behind the distant hill vistas, is something to always look forward to.

You will work directly with experienced native mahouts (elephant carers) who have grown up with these creatures, training them and ensuring their continued survival. Consequently, there are perhaps no people more readily in tune with the elephant mind than native Thai mahouts, and no better people with whom to experience what life with an elephant is like.

Every group will be assigned their own English speaking tour coordinator, who will be able to answer any practical questions you have about the structure of the experience or the practicalities of staying in Thailand.

Other Activities


Umphang is one of the few remaining untouched and remote, natural gems of Thailand. Like Kanchanaburi to the south, it retains the reputation as one of the ´jump-off points´ (no pun intended) for waterfall enthusiasts and, aside from the Thee Lor Sue on the Mae Klong (which is claimed to be Thailand´s biggest, a two day organised trek from Umphang), there are two local falls (Nam Tok Tharark and Nam Tok Pha), with fresh, cool water; a place to distress your post-work muscles and swap elephant stories with your fellow travellers.

You´ll also be able to tick off one of north Thailand´s must-do activities: Rafting. The local medium-speed rivers provide the perfect raft ride through remote jungle scenery, and it´s a great way to spend a day away from the project.

Accommodation during the week

Thailand just wouldn´t be Thailand without its bamboo, jungle shrouded cabins, looking like they´ve just popped up from the earth, just like the waxy banana plants and bending palms around them. During your stay here you´ll crash in one fully equipped with all the necessities of a rural Thai excursion: Mosquito nets, showers, and sun drenched decking for those cold Changs after a long day with the elephants.

You will receive three square meals a day, all healthy and packed full of the rich flavours Thai cuisine has become so famous for. We try and strike a nice balance between western styles and the spiced-up, aromatic local dishes of Umphang, to keep everything nice and varied.

Accommodation is shared with other experience participants, giving you a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded, elephant-loving people.

Elephant Experience Thailand (4)
During the second week you and other participants have the option to go trekking in the jungle and rainforest of the Phutoei National Park, a lush park not often visited by other tourists.

This again will be a unique experience. You will be roughing it, but in beautiful surroundings. After this experience, you will have a lot to boast about when you go home as you will be sleeping in tents and surviving with the basics – we´re sure you will have a lot of fun!

The trekking option is fully guided by trained national park rangers, so you will be in safe hands but it is certainly an adventure!

Please note this is not for the fainthearted, sorry roughing it and trekking is not for you do not pick this option!

Xtreme Thailand Experience (5)
It is quite a ride to get here from the location of the introduction week, but totally worth it! Your time will be spend in the Forest Resort, a luxury new resort and in a newly built dorm accommodation next to the ancient Thai temple.

If you choose the Buddhism & Culture week you will get to know a lot more about Buddhism and Thai culture. During this week you will visit temples, you have the opportunity to ask your questions about Buddhism to the monks, we will teach you about practising meditation and chanting in a quiet and spiritual environment. Our guide is very knowledgeable and will tell you all you need to know. If you have a real interest in Buddhism & Culture, this is the programme for you!

Remember you do not have to to decide which option you pick when you book, you can wait to see what takes your fancy when you are in Thailand.


At the end of the second week (Saturday) you head to Bangkok

In between heading to Koh Tao and finishing your option weeks you have 1 or 2 full day in Bangkok (One if you are on the elephant option as you will arrive back in Bangkok quite late).

You will arrive at the bus station on the Saturday (the elephant option arrives on the Sunday morning) and need to make your own way to the hotel.

This is a £4 taxi ride from the bus station. There is no set itinerary for Bangkok, but there is plenty to do you can see and do. You will be staying next to the Khao San Road in a nice hostel, so you can chill, or visit many of the sites Bangkok has to offer. Most of our gappers will take a river cruise to see all of the ancient temples, spend some time hunting for bargains in the markets and sample some of the amazing nightlife on the Khao San road. The nightlife there is legendary, so fortunately you are just literally on the doorstep so you can fall back into the hotel. Breakfast is included which will help soak up the hangover too.

Staying the Saturday night for one night in Bangkok you then transfer to Koh Tao by night bus and boat on Sunday night, you need to get yourself to the bus departure point by this is very easy as shown in the video below.

This means you will arrive in Koh Tao first thing on the Monday morning (about 9 am) where we will pick you up off the boat. Our rep will be waiting for you and we include a welcome breakfast for you!

Onto Paradise

Itinerary For Beach and Action Weeks:

With multiple options available to you on Koh Tao we have created the following brochure to help clarify some of the exciting activities you can do. All of these are exclusive to Xtreme Gap Year. Online Brochure with activities on Koh Tao.

IMG_1904The Koh Tao beach week and action itinerary is flexible because it depends on the option you choose for the action week and the weather, but in general you have 12 days to check out the amazing beaches, get involved in some cool adventures with your new friends and enjoy the epic sunsets and nightlife.

You will also have your Xtreme Adventure Day so there will be plenty to do and certainly never a dull moment!

On arrival you will have a full introduction from our resident rep who will settle you into the island life and it will go like this:

    • You arrive by night bus and boat on Monday morning where you will be picked up and taken to your accommodation.
    • Once you are checked in, you have time to relax, jump in the pool and freshen up.
    • In the afternoon around 4 our Rep Miss Jai will meet you and the rest of the group at the bar and give you an intro to Koh Tao. She will show you round, tell you the essentials, and show you where everything is like ATMs, pharmacies, beaches and activity locations. She is on hand through out the week if you need her too.
    • You will then go out for dinner (on us) with the rest of the group, expect a tasty Thai curry! The next day you will be taken by miss Jai to start your activity, depending on the option you have picked.
    • Your Koh Tao itinerary will be explained to you locally. Where and when you have to be will be put up on the Xtreme Gap notice board at the resort.


Koh Tao has some of the best beaches in Thailand, it is also one of the most popular backpacker hubs in South East Asia, but not ruined like some of the other islands, there is a great community and vibe to the place you are going to love spending time here.

We have many Xtreme Gappers resident on the Island as we run lots of different trips there so there is lots going on. It is also a great place to learn to dive as well, so you can take advantage of getting your PADI Open water while you are there as well.

This part of the trip is all about being social and having fun, you can take long tail boat trips round the island, enjoy amazing Thai food and stay up all night in some of the best beach clubs and bars in Asia. After a few days of chill, you will want to pick up the pace again, so we finish the trip with the action week! The Koh Tao adventure day is the perfect end to the week.


Please note we include 1 breakfast and 2 meals on Koh Tao. There are plenty of restaurants serving delicious and healthy Thai food as little as one pound per meal and there is a restaurant the resort also.

We do not include food because it’s such a sociable atmosphere with so many great places to eat and explore you will want to go off and eat out with lots of new friends. Including food would really limit your options and detract from the whole experience. Bear in mind though we do include food for the first two weeks of this programme (Most other gap year companies ´s Thailand programmes do not) so you have already saved over £250 worth of spending money by booking with Xtreme.

You will receive a welcome breakfast, a lovely Thai meal on your first evening in Koh Tao and a BBQ after the Beach Clean up day though.


The adventure day is just that an adventure, so sometimes we mix it up. But below is a summary of what you can expect.

Everyone meets at the Xtreme Gap Resort for a breakdown of the days activities.   Expect to be taken to a pretty amazing viewpoint on the neighbouring paradise island of Koh Nangyuan. Even the ride itself is a lot of fun, open air on a longtail boat with spectacular views of Sairee beach.

There will be plenty of time to explore the island, swim with tropical fish and chill on in this piece of perfection.

Beach For Sunset

On arrival at Sairee beach, we will pull up to a pool bar so you can grab a sundowner and watch a spectacular sun set into the ocean.

Want even more action? you can book the following speedboat adventure day locally for an additional fee, please talk to our rep:



We have lined up some really exciting activities for your final 12 days. This is one of the things that sets the Xtreme Thailand Experience apart from other gap year tours. With the sheer volume of inclusions you will never be bored. Pick one of the activities below for your final week.

Some are Xtreme and really get the blood pumping, others are devoted to health, fitness, and well-being and you can even be involved in a hands-on conservation project to try and help with the preservation of Koh Tao. There is truly something for everyone.

Available Included Xtreme Activities On Koh Tao

Unlike the adventure week you do need to choose which option you will take at the time of booking (some options are cheaper than others)  so please refer to the prices section to see how this influences the price of the trip.

Koh Tao cross that
So when you are lying on a dreamy white sandy beach, in a paradise setting wouldn’t it be nice to have the body to match. With our cross fit package you can! Four full on cross fit sessions, with professional accredited Cross fitness trainers will whip you into shape so you will not feel guilty about lazing on the beach, and dipping into the Gulf of Thailand will be so much more rewarding.

If you are not familiar with the concept of cross fit, you can join the 4 Foundation classes. These 4 classes will teach you all the basic movements and techniques for CrossFit, so that they are able to do the movements safely and effectively. These classes are similar to personal training as our coach will spend lots of time helping them with the movements.

We run the Foundation classes every day at 10.15am and so they can easily do the Foundation classes in a week.

Please also check out the video below it is the latest fitness craze that has become huge. It’s highly effective high-intensity WODS (work out of the day) mixes hundreds of different techniques and every day is always different. With this option is the perfect way to get into excellent physical shape and get that perfect beach body!

Thailand Muay thai Training (7)
The fit package is the most popular option. It includes 5 Muay Thai sessions taken over five days. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, learning the national sport of Thailand in a cool jungle gym is an awesome experience. It is a great way to try something new, get really fit and learn much more about the culture of Thailand.

You will under go a modified non-contact training regime in the camp that host monthly Muay Thai fights, a really authentic and cool experience!

Some like to do it in the morning and then hit the beach others like the cooler evening training times.

Koh Tao yoga option
Probably one of our most chilled out options, you have five sessions working on your well-being, and flexibility with a fantastic yoga package. Set in landscaped gardens surrounded by coconut groves there’s a special feeling about the place.

Just a short stroll from the ocean, you will find a gorgeous yoga Sala, where we have included five sessions are you to get into yoga spirituality and hopefully find Nirvana.

Even if you’ve never tried yoga before this is the perfect place to do it, as everyone is welcome to come and give it a go and it is the perfect activity to take if you want to turn your Koh Tao experience into the ultimate chilled out beach time.


This is a full blow open water course worth over £200. The course lasts 3/4 days and includes 4 dives in the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. Afterwards, you have your PADI Open Water license and can dive anywhere in the world! Not sure about this option? You can always add it on while you are out there with us in Thailand.

This is probably the most Xtreme option, and one of the most rewarding! Our professional freediver instructors will teach you the basics of Freediving, and accompany you down to depths of 12 metres!

The actual course itself lasts 2 days and included theory and water based instruction. Free diving is about breath holds diving, so no use scuba equipment. This means you are not limited by nitrogen in your blood or depth limits. It takes mental and physical training to become an expert free diver, but our course will certainly get you well on your way there. With beautiful Marine life, soft and hard corals it’s a great way to train yourself to experience the best that the underwater environment has to offer in Koh Tao.

If you’re really lucky you may even get a free diving the whale shark!




Koh Tao Adventure (6)
Koh Tao is not only famous for its great diving and beautiful beaches, there is quite a party scene there too! Picture cool beach bars, fire shows, awesome night clubs like Fizz bar within easily stumbling distance to your accommodation. If you want to have some serious fun after the sun sets, you will not be disappointed.

This is a great way to finish up on your trip, after experiencing the culture its time to party. Speaking of which…

Other Activities included? Yes, there are more…

Beach Clean up day

Ecodave Xtreme GapAt Xtreme gap year we strongly believe in leaving a positive impact on the locations we visit. Mass tourism does take its toll on the environment. This is especially true on small tropical islands like Koh Tao. We strongly feel  it is everyone’s responsibility to make a contribution to maintaining, and improving the places that we visit. We have partnered with Koh Tao’s leading conservation organisations and every trip we run makes a financial contribution to Eco-conservation efforts.

So as part of this trip, we co-host an eco-day. This is split into two parts. A lecture by leading conservationists, on marine conservation, and a hands-on beach clean-up so you can make a physical real difference during your trip. The aim is to provide you with information so you can make people aware of the issues. As well as physically helping out with marine conservation efforts.

It’s a fun day out, it’s a great way to see lots of out of the way beaches on Koh Tao, and feel good about yourself whilst making a positive difference on the island. In the evening we finish up with a barbecue, in one of Koh Tao’s hotspots by way of saying thanks for your efforts.

If you have completed your open water is part of this program, you can be involved in underwater clean-ups, if not its land-based conservation which is just as, or if not even more vital to marine conservation efforts. 80% of trash entering the waters comes from land-based sources.

Xtreme Discover Scuba Dive & Stand Up Paddling

With crystal clear waters, water sports on Koh Tao are amazing! Included as part of the programme you get to try out scuba diving! Safely guiding you in a swimming pool, in a controlled environment. We will let you try out breathing underwater from scuba gear. It’s a great way to get a feel for diving, and an incredible experience is never done it before. If you do like it, you can always upgrade to doing an open water course and take full advantage of the fact that Koh Tao is one of the best places to learn to dive in the world. If diving really is not your thing, don’t worry you don’t have to do it but most people who try and not going for a full-blown ought course afterwards. It’s an amazing experience to explore and breathe underwater. This is just one of many extra additional inclusions we throw into the trip, where other companies would leave you to go “snorkelling”.

You can upgrade locally to do a full diving course, or pre-book it with us.

End of your trip> Transfer Back to Bangkok

We do not include the transfer back in the price as there are a few options. Some of our travellers stay on the island or travel on in Thailand and Asia, some will take the boat and bus service back to Bangkok and some will prefer to go by plane from the next door island Koh Samui. read about the options in the frequently asked questions section below. Most will take the boat and bus option which our rep can arrange for you. Its super easy and will costs about 20 GBP.


Because you stay in various different locations throughout the trip accommodation does vary, however, expect to stay in comfortable and clean and secure accommodation. On the islands, you will stay in a luxury resort, with a swimming pool set in beautiful Thai Gardens just a short walk from the beach and bars and restaurants.

It’s the main resort Xtreme Gap uses in Thailand, Xtreme Gappers to hang out with and share adventures. Accommodation is shared on a twin share in a Fan Room. Upgrades to Aircon rooms are only possible on Koh Tao and only upon booking.

The accommodation in the resort in Koh Tao is the basic fan option at a great resort, perfect for your stay in paradise. A short stroll through a lovely street with little shops and some restaurants and just 5 min from the beach will get you to this perfectly located resort. A beautiful and laid back resort with a swimming pool, bar and restaurant set in tropical Thai gardens. The fan rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable, have an en-suite and there is a maid service twice a week and a laundry service (approx. £1.50 per big bag load) located next door.

During the Intro Week:

Your new home will be one of our 3 ”Eco Houses” in Singburi in central Thailand the Lemon House, the Twin House and the Brown House. Situated about 10 km from the town of Singburi and takes about 15 minutes from the eco- houses. In Singburi you will find all the amenities you could need i.e. internet, shops, swimming pool, hospital, pharmacy, banks and restaurants, and there are plenty of trips into Singburi or you can easily take a taxi.The houses sleep from 20 to 50 people.

All houses have single gender shared dorm rooms with the number of beds ranging from 3 to 12. All houses have western style toilets and one even as an Asian toilet! Each bathroom has a shower and the water is always cool nice and refreshing in the heat. All houses have a communal area where you can eat, relax and meet. Most of the houses are within walking distance of a local shop and a make shift bar provided by the friendly locals. The doors and windows are screened All food is included during your stay. The meals will be typical Thai fare, including plenty of rice dishes.

During the Elephant Week:

Thailand just would not be Thailand without its bamboo, jungle-shrouded cabins, looking like they´ve just popped up from the earth, just like the waxy banana plants and bending palms around them. During your stay here you´ll crash in one fully equipped with all the necessities of a rural Thai excursion: Mosquito nets, showers, and sun drenched decking for those cold Changs after a long day with the elephants.

You will receive three square meals a day, all healthy and packed full of the rich flavours Thai cuisine has become so famous for. We try and strike a nice balance between western styles and the spiced-up, aromatic local dishes of Umphang, to keep everything nice and varied.

Accommodation is shared with other experience participants, giving you a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded, elephant-loving people.


P1190125Wang Nam Khieow Accommodation

During the Buddhism and culture week you stay in another location called Wang Nam Khieow, it is a really beautiful area of Thailand. Cooler because it is further north and at high altitude, it is surrounded by national parks and beautiful scenery.


Frequently Asked Questions

One of the benefits of booking your trip on Koh Tao with Xtreme Gap Year is not only do you get to do this awesome activity, but you will become part of the Xtreme gap family on Koh Tao. We will pick you up from the pier and give you a warm welcome at our stunning resort. On your first night, our resident representative will take you out for a gorgeous Thai meal annual get to know all of the other members of the group. When you are booking a trip with us it is not just about the activity so please bear this in mind if you are comparing prices to other companies. No other company has such a big presence in Koh Tao, runs groups of like-minded travellers so booking a trip with us is as much about the friends you make as well as the experiences you will have.
Your arrival day is always the Sunday (but you can arrive Saturday if flight prices work out better for you). Make sure when arriving on the Sunday this is before 3pm.

The end day is always a Saturday. The trip end on Koh Tao. There are 2 ways to get back to Bangkok international airport.

1. Take a boat at 10 am to the neighbouring island Koh Samui. there is an airport here. Book a flight for after 2 PM to be save. The flight takes about an hours. make sure you have at least 2 hours before your international flight home departs. Its a big airport and you need to check in 2 hours before.

2. Take the boat and bus to Bangkok. You leave Koh Tao at 10 am and arrive in Bangkok at 8 pm. the you need about an hour to get to the airport by taxi, depending traffic. Again keep in mind you need about 2 hours before the plane leaves.

No, most of our travellers are solo travellers. You will meet lots of people on the different weeks. With group start dates and lots of group activities, you will make new friends really easy.

The trip ends in Koh Tao on Saturday, please note return transfer is not included in the price of the trip. This is because many people choose to travel onwards to other locations or stay in Koh Tao to do further programmes.

Returning back to Bangkok to meet your flight is very easy, transfers can be arranged on Koh Tao through rep and the cost is approximately £15. If you’re flying out straight after the trip ends, you have two options to meet your flight in Bangkok.

Our recommended option is to fly from Koh Samui directly to Bangkok airport, rep can organise your bus tickets to Samui airport, this will involve catching the boat late Saturday morning and arriving in Koh Samui at around three o’clock. Transfers are provided from the pier direct to the airport and are complimentary.

Please ensure that your flights are not booked any earlier than this and do allow for delays, so we would recommend not booking a flight back to Bangkok until the afternoon which also allows time to check in at the airport as well. Check Bangkok Airways the cheap flights booked ahead this should not cost you any more than £30 the flight time is approximately 40 min.

Option two would be to get the morning boat from Koh Tao back to Bangkok via bus and boat, the transfer time between six and eight hours typically you will get back into Bangkok about 10 o’clock in the evening. This would require an extra night stay in Bangkok, and if you are to pursue this option we do not recommend you do not organise your international flight until Sunday. Again the cost for this transfer is about £15.

If you are planning on travelling to Thailand for 28 days or less and you have British, Dutch or USA passport you can get a Visa exemption on arrival. This is valid for 28 days and cannot be extended in Thailand. If you are planning on being in Thailand longer than 28 days you will need to pre-arrange a Visa. You can prearrange a visa for 60 days which you can extend to 90 days in Thailand.

There are two ways of arranging your visa. When you are from the UK. You can either go in person to the Thai embassy in London, or you can post your passport along with the necessary documentation and fee to one of the Thai Consulates. In general this works the same for the other countries like The Netherlands and United States too, but please contact the nearest Thai Consulate for visa inquiries.

Some of our customers prefer a bigger room or an aircon room. We can arrange this, but it needs to be done at the time of booking, as the resort often fills up. If you are on the programme and still want to arrange it, you would have to arrange that with reception at the resort, and pay for accommodation again. So best to let us know at time of booking.

Singburi is a province in the centre of Thailand. It has got a very nice and chilled atmosphere. You stay in eco houses in the shade of banana palms trees by the Noi Nam river. Sing Buri is rich of cultural history. The province houses many temples, museums, and historical sites. You can easily say it is the epic centre for Thai history and a great place to get under the skin of the country.

Yes, if you arrive during the weekend we will pick you up. When you arrive during a weekday we can still pick up at any time, but there is a £50 extra payment. If you wish a few extra days in Bangkok beforehand you will have to make your own way on the Sunday to the meeting point at the Royal Hotel. Meeting time is at 1pm.

This is a hard question as age range does vary. On the groups that join the intro and culture weeks the average age is between 18 and 22. On Koh Tao with the Koh Tao Adventure (which are the last 2 weeks of this programme) the average age tends to be in the twenties.

Is this trip suitable for you? The average age on this trip is between 18 and 22. Although it is open to all. The makeup of the groups is usually 75% female to 25% male, just going to show, girls really are braver than boys! So come on lads, what are you waiting for? Prove us wrong!

The final week finishes on the Saturday morning, so you can arrange your transfer back to Bangkok with Miss Jai via boat and Bus (12 hours) or book a flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok (2 hour boat and 45 minute flight). This is the preferred option for most of our travellers as this gets you straight in to the international airport for a smooth flight connection back home.

Remember lots of details are in pre-departure pack you receive after booking. You will also be hooked up with your buddy lists then.


We can also send you loads of information on this trip and the locations so get trip notes for more details!

Full details on your options to get back to Bangkok are included in a very detailed pre-departure pack, which we send you after booking. You will also be set up with an online buddy list so you can chat to other members of the group in Koh Tao. The trip ends on the Saturday morning in Koh Tao. Check the FAQ section for details on how to get back to the airport.

Please do book early

This can be a very popular trip so make sure you get booked up ASAP! You can secure your spot for only £100 by submitting a booking form. Do it now! So now you have read about the trip, you might want to check out where you will be staying or a breakdown of everything included.


Duration Option Price  
4 (Week)X- Fit OptionUSD 1329Book Now
4 (Week)Freediving OptionUSD 1479Book Now
4 (Week)Diver Open WaterUSD 1629Book Now
4 (Week)Yoga OptionUSD 1299Book Now
4 (Week)Muay Thai OptionUSD 1299Book Now

Pricing Feedback

Great Value
Well Priced
Can´t Afford it right now

What makes this trip different from other companies tours in Thailand? A lot. Literally: we include way more in our trips than other companies. Take this programme for example we include all food for the first two weeks which if you had to add this on to your budget would come to over £300 more.

Xtreme Gap began on Koh Tao, and we are one of the only gap year companies to actually have a base and staff located there. We know the island we know the country and we know how to squeeze the most amount of fun out of 28 days. Compare this to other trips you will quickly discover that we have way more inclusions, and budget a lot more to make your trip as exciting and fun as possible. We can do this because we are an online company, we keep our overheads low enabling us to include more about trips without having to increase the price of our packages.


The fun stuff

  • Koh Tao adventure day which includes:
    • Boat around the island
    • Snorkelling in crystal clear waters round a tropical paradise island
    • Spectacular trek up to an incredible view point
  • Koh Tao Extra Activities Included
    • Beach BBQ after beach Clean up day
    • Beach Clean up day
    • Stand Up Paddling
    • Xtreme Discover Scuba Dive
  • Koh Tao activity option Week inclusions (pick one option):
    • Get fit pack: 5 Muay Thai Sessions (5 hours), all equipment (for rent included) and training one on one with a Muay Thai Trainer
    • Get ripped pack: 4 Crossfit sessions. These 4 classes will teach you all the basic movements and techniques for CrossFit
    • Xtreme Freediving Pack: a 2 day beginner free diving course
    • Relax With Yoga: 5 yoga sessions spread out over 5 days
    • The learn to dive course includes a full PADI open water course, course materials, instruction and 4 dives
  • Full moon party depending on start date

On The Intro And Option Weeks

  • Excursions as per itinerary
  • Thai Cooking lesson / Thai Language lessons
  • Tour of Ayutthaya Thailand historic second city
  • Dinner in a famous Thai BBQ restaurant
  • Tours of loads of temples and monuments and museums fully guided.
  • Visit to a Market
  • Temple Stay to meet Monks(If doing the cultural week)
  • Amazing five-day elephant experience (if the elephant option)
  • Trekking in Phutoei National Park, visits to waterfalls, caves, Hill tribes, (Trekking option)
  • 1 night in Bangkok luxury hotel before going to Koh Tao with breakfast right next to the Khao San Road

The Essentials

  • Personally met at the airport
  • All meals for the first two weeks – This will save you approximately £300 from your spending money budget!
  • Free Extra nights accommodation if arriving one day early (Saturday)
  • All Accommodation
  • All meals during the 1st 2 weeks
  • Breakfast on arrival on Koh Tao
  • Transport taking you to 4 different parts of Thailand.
  • Overnight Transfer to Koh Tao
  • 12 nights accommodation in standard fan room in Koh Tao at our luxury resort
  • Free Wi-Fi at our basic Koh Tao, and during your stay in the intro week and some option weeks.
  • Pick up from the boat and transfer to the resort in Koh Tao by taxi
  • Back up & support second to none. Services of our tour leaders and English-speaking reps who are available and based locally  24/7.


  • Flights
  • Visas (if staying longer than 30 days this will cost approx Euro 30 for a 60 day visa)
  • Insurance
  • Return transfer from Koh Tao (but can be arranged locally for approx Euro 15)
  • Meals on Koh Tao (Approx £6 – 15 per day)
  • Entrance Fee for Koh Nanguang (100 Baht approx £2)
  • Every extra option week on top of the standard 4 weeks £299.



2017 start dates

Sunday 01 January to Saturday 28th January 2017
Sunday 29 January to Saturday 25th February 2017
Sunday 26 February to Saturday 25th March 2017
Sunday 02 April to Saturday 29th April 2017
Sunday 30th April to Saturday 27t May 2017
Sunday 28th May to Saturday 24th June 2017
Sunday 02nd July to Saturday 29th July 2017
Sunday 30 July to Saturday 26th August 2017

New trip running from July 2017

Please contact us for dates after; combining trips and other travel ideas.

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