The Divemaster course in Roatan in the Caribbean brings you a slice of an amazing lifestyle, gaining more diving experience and thoroughly enjoying life. We will take you from beginner to a dive professional and we can be very flexible. So if you are already a diver we train you from your level up to Divemaster. This is a professional level qualification enabling you to earn a living in the Dive industry, and gives you a license to look good in a wetsuit.

 Divemaster Internship Honduras

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Training to become a Divemaster anywhere is a fantastic way to spend several months abroad. There are few other travel activities that can provide you with this much adventure and fun, and of course the excitement of being underwater in a completely different world totally different to everything your used to. It is highly addictive. On this course, it is particularly special because it is located in the Caribbean, on the world’s second-largest barrier Reef, with some superb dive sites so you will really enjoy your days diving in crystal clear seas.

Honduras has it all underwater, superb network of caves, canyons and underwater channels. Some first-class wreck dive sites, made even more special by the excellent visibility you find in the Caribbean, and of course the extremely diverse and special marine life that you find in Honduras. At one dive site in particular, named Texas, you will find plenty to harass barracuda, elusive Sargassum trigger fish and will no doubt be diving with Dolphins on several occasions.

Divemaster Internship Honduras  Highlights Include:

  • Spend your days and nights, enjoying scuba diving and living on a Caribbean Island
  • You can start at any level
  • This course enables you earn a living in the Dive industry
  • Dive the world’s second-largest barrier Reef
  • Honduras has it all underwater, superb network of caves, canyons and underwater channels
  • Dive with Dolphins
  • Get to spend time in the Caribbean. If you want to work, life and dive as a scuba dive professional on a tropical island in the Caribbean the Xtreme Gap Divemaster programme is the one to follow



Divemaster internship Honduras (14)There is no set itinerary during a Divemaster course, each day is different with different dive sites and different things to learn depending on which stage of your Divemaster internship you are at. Typically a day would involve waking up bright and early, packing equipment jumping on the boat and then going for a spectacular dive before breakfast, some days you will be shadowing instructors, other days taking clients the dive is leading them through the dive sites and giving them their pre-dive safety briefings, and of course there is some theory and study about the safety of diving and everything you need to learn to become a Divemaster.

PADI Dive master internship with Xtreme Gap

Students with no dive experience. 10 week programme

No diving necessary but we suggest that you have at least tried diving in a pool or have done a Discover Scuba Diving course to see that you enjoy the experience. We would take the you through Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, First Aid and Divemaster.

Students with Open Water Certification. 9 week programme.

We would take you through Advanced, Rescue, First Aid and Divemaster.

Students with Open Water and Advanced Certification. 8 week programme.

We would take the diver through Rescue, First Aid and Divemaster.

Students with Rescue Certification. 7 week programme.

We would take you through the Dive master course.

Dive and Learn Every Day

Divemaster internship Honduras (21)During your Divemaster training you will be able to dive and learn every day. You will discover a mix of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life from sharks to turtles and thousands of fish. The sites vary in depth from just a few meters down to 40 meters, there is little current and the water temperature is always warm, ranging from about 27 Celcius to 32 Celcius offering amazing conditions to dive everyday on your Divemaster course abroad!

Personal attention and superb dive training

You will never be alone unless you want to. We work together with small and very professional dive school and who are able to give you a lot of personal attention and training. You will be part of the crew once you have done your open water, advanced open water and rescue diving certificates as you then start the Divemaster internship.

From that moment on you will be assisting at dives and following your own personal instructor teaching you all you need to know as a Divemaster. You will meet divers from all over the world, some staying long term just like you and some just diving for a few weeks.


Divemaster internship Honduras (1)We use a variety of different accommodation options usually your own cosy apartment or a shared apartment close to the dive centre.

Please note that the included accommodation does not cover your utility bills, and there will be a local payment necessary to cover your bills at the end of the stay. On average this costs US$100 per month although this does depend on your own personal usage.

That means if you run your air conditioning all the time you will end up paying more however if you take care to turn your air conditioning off and your lights off when you go out that your bills will be next to nothing.



Below is an example of an apartment our Divemaster trainees frequently stay in.

Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Roatan is a small island that can be reached via bus and boat from the main Honduras airport of San Pedro Sula. The journey approximately 7 hours, alternatively you can fly to Roatan (budget approx $150). If you would like assistance with your flights, we can assist with sourcing the best value flight options, just indicate on your booking form.

The diving on Roatan is some of the best found on the planet, with over 40 dive sites, wreck dives, lots of marine life (including dolphins!), walls and shore dives. Why you should become a Divemaster and train in the Caribbean:

  • If you want to scuba dive every day in the Caribbean sea
  • If you would like to learn a new profession that you can practice all over the world
  • If you would like to be around like minded people who want to broaden their horizon and have FUN
  • If you want to dive beautiful dive sites
  • If you want to become a professional diver and learn all there is to know during a Divemaster internship
  • If you want to learn more and become a Dive instructor, you have to start with your Divemaster, and Roatan is a great place to do it.
You need to be a confident swimmer and at least 18 years old. Furthermore you have pass the check for the health requirements before arriving to make sure that you are OK to dive.
Officially you need 40 logged dives to start the DM course and 60 to get certified. As soon as you get here we will get you diving and once we know you are comfortable in the water you can start helping out on dives, staying shallower with less experienced divers, while the instructor goes deeper but within sight, or staying with divers who use a lot of air so you can take them up when they get low on air. If you are not studying or completing assignments you will be diving, probably 1 or 2 dives a day.
All diving equipment is included except for the dive computer. If you do not have a dive computer, we advise you to buy one before you go. They cost around £100 and can be bought on ebay for example. We have written a blog about it. Please use this link to read it.
You can do the Honduras Dive Master Course all year round, excluding June when our dive school is closed. March through to November is the dry season, but even in the rainy season you can come as we do not get much rain. You can expect busy times during Christmas and cheap flights in November.
Yes, the price includes accommodation. Please check the included section to see what is all included in the price.
For the course we quite often have 2 or 3 Dive Master trainees at the same time. If not, there are always other divers at the location. They are also very into diving and you will have lots of fun with them!
West End Village, where you are staying, is located at the western end on the north side of the beautiful Caribbean island of Roatan. It is a very lively place and there are lots of shops, restaurants and bars, everything in easy walking distance.

We suggest that you have at least $200 – $300 spending money a week for food, drink and personal expenses. Meals out are $5 – $30 depending on the restaurants. If you buy food and cook you can obviously live more cheaply.

First of all, we cannot be held responsible for information on vaccinations and visa ´s as rules do change. As far as we know today British nationals can get a 30-day visit (tourist) visa on arrival, which may be extended by 30 days on two further occasions (to a maximum of 90 days in total) if you apply to an Immigration Office. There is no fee payable for the initial arrival visa, nor for the extensions. Please check the website of the Foreign Commonwealth Office if you are from the UK as these rules change now and then. If you are from another country please contact the immigration office in your country.
First of all, we cannot be held responsible for information on vaccinations and visa ´s as rules do change. Before visiting Honduras, you need to get vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination: (Note: Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history, areas of the country you will be visiting, and planned activities.) To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to start taking medicine to prevent malaria, if you need it. Even if you have less than 4 weeks before you leave, you should still see a health-care provider for needed vaccines, anti-malaria drugs and other medications and information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while travelling.

Duration Option Price  
7 (Week)DivemasterUSD 2429Book Now
8 (Week)Rescue & EFR to DivemasterUSD 2899Book Now
9 (Week)Advanced Open Water to DivemasterUSD 4029Book Now
10 (Week)Open Water to DivemasterUSD 4429Book Now

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We Include all the training you need and offer different packages depending on what level diver you are.

  • Beginner to Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue & EFR to Divemaster – (10 weeks)
  • Advanced Open Water, Rescue & EFR to Divemaster – (9 weeks)
  • Rescue & EFR to Divemaster – (8 weeks)
  • Divemaster – (7 weeks)

We also include:

  • Travel advice prior to departure
  • Help with your 3 month Visa
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation close to the dive resort
  • Island introduction and orientation and dinner party on arrival
  • Dedicated dive instructor
  • Use of dive equipment during the full duration of the Divemaster course
  • Qualification certificates for all courses
  • All teaching materials (except the Divemaster crew pack to be paid locally, 152 €)
  • Substantial discounts of retail prices for all diving equipment.



  • Flights
  • Food and drinks
  • Costs for visa’s
  • Utility Bills (electric and water) in your apartment (approx $100 per month)
  • PADI DIVEMASTER registration and annual subscription fee
  • Divemaster crew pack to be paid locally, around 150 GBP
  • Travel insurance and diving insurance
  • Dive computer, safety sausage



Flexible start dates

Contact us with your questions below & Get a personalised response.