Be lucky become an organiser! Organise a trip with your friends, and you get loads of benefits including discounted or free travel you can even make money as an organiser if you book over 10 people. So get ready to celebrate graduation with your friends, and start planning a trip you will never forget.

The following trips are available


How it works

Xtreme Gap Year has one role available in every school, college or university for an organiser. The role of an organiser involves you arranging a trip for your mates in your graduation year and getting set to have an amazing holiday after you graduate.

As organiser, your responsibility is to tell people about the trip, get them excited and get them signed up. You will have full backup and support from Xtreme Gap Year during the planning stage but it’s up to you to be as creative as possible to spread the word and get the trip running. It’s a great way to build work experience on your CV, but the best part is you can actually travel for free! Depending on how many people you bring on the trip you can even get paid!

You need to apply on the web form below, and we will check to see that there is not another organiser currently assigned to your academic institution. If there is a space available, pending approval you will be given all the tools you need to build your own trip. You then have two weeks to confirm your place is an organiser, by confirming the first couple of spots on your trip.

If you get 10 people to sign up to the trip you go for free. For every additional person over 10 you get £25 per trip member.