ConneXion Trips

Xtreme ´s ConneXion Trips are short arrival packages to offer assistance and fun activities in the most popular destination entry points.

These are usually trips exclusive to Xtreme Gap and are designed to give you the most fun while settling you in to the travel mood. These trips are always guided and can really make the difference to having a smooth arrival in a foreign country. A safe easy arrival into the country a warm welcome off the plane.

ConneXion Trips – because they are Xtreme you know they’re going to Frickin Rock!

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      Join us for a wicked party weekend in Barcelona. Beaches, sun and city tripping. Discounted club entry, cooking classes in the Gothic quarter or beer tasting. Wicked walking tour through this stunning city, great accommodation by the beach, breakfast and dinner sorted!

      Tell me... Have you ever blown up a polar bear with M-16 assult rifle? Well with this awesome Vietnam arrival pack, the Ho Chi Minh conneXion you can. Not only do you get two nights private accommodation plus a visit to the water puppet Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City. You also get an airport pickup plus entrance and transport to the Chu Chi tunnels, built by the Vietcong to fight the Americans and French.

      A fun arrival pack in Peru with a difference, you get to hang out with our English-speaking surfer dude guides and see Perus capital city through the eyes of the local. Normal run-of-the-mill city tours this is not, this is about discovering the exciting underbelly of Lima and definitely not following the usual tourist trail. Choose two out of four day trips, take a surflessons and enjoy a friendly warm welcome with a homestay on your first night, with airport pickup included.

      Dubai is the land of Xtremes. The world's highest building, the world's largest shopping more and even an indoor ski slope in the desert. On this awesome stopover program you can rip through the Arabian desert powering 1600 cc Dune buggy and sampling the best that Dubai has to offer. This is perfect if you are travelling and Emirates where you can take advantage of a free stopover en route to Asia or perhaps on the way home.

      What a cool city. If you want to get under the skin of Cape Town a little then this 5 day Intro is for you. Staying at our 4* backpackers, you can explore the city on a group, do some cool Xtreme activities, check out Table Mountain, Cape Point, see the penguins and experience the sublime Cape Town nightlife. A great option prior to starting in Africa overland truck tour.

      This is the ultimate beginning to an epic adventure in Australia. The Sydney ConneXion is all about having an amazing first week, meeting new friends and doing some incredible adventures fully guided in one of the coolest cities in the world. Whilst you're out having fun we take care of all the hassle enabling you to get set up with a job with a 12 month membership access of the best backpacker job network in Australia. Everything is taken care for you so no worries about arriving in Australia this can turn into one of the most daunting yet exciting things you will ever do!

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