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      Superbly comprehensive  South American backpacking itinerary starting in Quito Ecuador. From the equator to the Amazon jungle, taking on the Inca Trail and lost cities of the Incas you travel through Peru. Then onto Bolivia! Salt flats and cycling the death road (optional) before heading through the Atacama dessert, along the Pacific Ocean Road to Santiago [...]

      Buenos Aires to Rio Travel Pass All you need to travel between two of South America's most exciting cities: Buenos Aires in Argentina and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and covering a lot of exciting locations between. It's a fair distance, and if you speak little Spanish or Portuguese it takes a lot of the hassle out of finding your way on this ultra-popular South America backpacking route.

      Our Learn Spanish Programme takes you to South America and the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. This is not the kind of holiday where you return to a lonely bedroom after class and a solitary meal in the hotel dining room. Xtreme Gap students benefit from cultural integration by either living with a local family or sharing student accommodation. Work hard and play hard is a good rule, but don’t miss your class the next day!

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